Monday, 29 June 2015

The Big Summer Giveaway!!

Hello there guys. How are you all? I never really ask that on here. Let's take a second just to talk about you. YOU guys. All FIVE HUNDRED of you!

Yes, after 3 years and 7 months of ranting, rambling and documenting our journey through life - I've finally reached an amazing amount of people, hopefully having made a lot of you smile during that time too. 
If you know me to talk to on the likes of twitter and my facebook page (which you should, I love talking to you all) there have been a few moments when I have let this number get to me. I've wondered what I'm doing wrong and why do people not like me as much as others, when I've been blogging so long but blogs that are only months old are racking up a following of thousands.  

The long and short of it is it sooo doesn't bloomin' matter one iota! The main thing to me is interaction and so this giveaway is for those of you who actually spend your precious time to read, comment and support my little online diary. 
Thank you. 

I'm just gonna get straight into it because that sentimental ramble went on long enough, don't you think?
My first giveaway in January of this year, although it didn't have many entries, seemed to be responded to well and I had good feedback about the contents and style of the giveaway so wanted to do something similar this time around.
Like I said in the post for that one, with this being such a personal blog I wanted to include things that represent it in a way, this time also coupled with the theme of summer! Below is a complete list of each item and why I chose it.
To enter use the rafflecopter widget below but make sure to follow the directions closely. Please DO NOT enter if you are going to follow and then unfollow as that will take a chance away from my true blog friends who I have spent my time and money to personally select each item to thank. Thanks! :)

- A picnic blanket for you to get outside, sit amongst the greenery and appreciate mother nature.
- A mason jar cup to sip your juice from, keeping you hydrated and looking cool.
- Ice lolly moulds so you can make you (or your dog!) special homemade treats. [I have some cool recipes coming up soon :P]
- This super cute crochet Octopus keyring made by the talented and lovely Inked Hibiscus Designs, in a beautiful coral pink to brighten up your keys or bag.

- Seeing as last time I included one of my wildlife calendars, this time there is a set of my photographic cards. (It doesn't have to be the ones pictured, it can be 4 of any photos you've seen and liked on my blog!)
- Everyone needs a Bird identifying guide so when you're sat out on your picnic blanket, you can name those pretty birds you spot.
- Of course there had to be a Disney dvd. Big Hero 6!! I pre-ordered this and hoped this post would be going up sorry it's not still super new, but I hope you don't have it yet!

- Of course we had to have some of my favorite, cruelty free, Montagne Jeunesse Face masks again!
- Staying on the cruelty free train and adding a little mermaid sparkle to your life here's some Barry M Aquarium Collection Nail Varnish in Treasure Chest.
- This Deathly Hallows Necklace was one of the most popular items in the last giveaway, This time I went for one in an antique gold know, to match your nails? haha

- A Minnie Mouse Pez Dispenser because sweeties & Disney.
- Monsters University Popping Candy because sweeties & Disney.
-  Some special Lindisfarne Liqueur Fudge from the famous St Aidens Winery of Lindisfarne Mead on Holy Island just down the road from my town and hand selected by my Dad :P

- A Princess themed 'My Story Book' Paperchase Journal to write up all about your summer memories.
- The matching Paperchase Princess Multi Colour Pen.
- And finally a super cute Owl Post it and List set with a pen so you can plan and organize everything from daily jobs to blogging (like me :P)!

Phew! There we have it. All of the little bits and bobs that I've picked up for you over the past couple weeks. I hope that you like everything and the reasons behind it all. Here is a quick low down of the rules and such and then you can enter via the Rafflecopter widget.
Thank you all again, I really do appreciate all of your constant support and kind words <3

Who can Enter? 
This time around the giveaway is open WORLDWIDE! As I have so many fantastic followers from across the sea. Postage will be paid by me. 
I apologise but due to the Liqueur Fudge the winner must be OVER 18. If the winner drawn is under 18 that prize will be omitted from the complete prize package.

Again, please do NOT enter if you are not a genuine follower as it is not fair for those who are. This is a giveaway to thank people who enjoy my blog, not an excuse to follow and then unfollow just to get some free stuff ;)

How to Enter?
Using the Rafflecopter widget below complete the mandatory fields.
You must be a follower via BlogLovin'.
You must take a photo of your favorite bird from your area and tweet it to @UnderToWonder with a sentence explaining why you like it using the hashtag #WonderGiveaway.

All other entry methods are not mandatory but will give you extra points.
The giveaway will run for 1 month from today, ending on the 26th of July.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 38

June 21st - 27th.

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Paying my dental bill so I don't have to pay it after getting my root canal done in a couple months.

♥ Pretty wild flowers in unusual places.
♥ Baker with his belly flop swim at the beach.
♥ Being included in Sian's My Favorite Blogs post.
♥ Fledglings everywhere!
♥ Actually seeing a sunset before I was in bed.
♥ Clearing out my wardrobe.
♥ Chloe being happy with the photos I took of Max.
♥ Breakfast with Mam. 
♥ Having such amazingly, super nice things said about me in a very special spotlight post by my friend Kerri.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Otters, Owls & Deer by The Peppermint Pencil
Photo An Hour: 18 June 2015 by Catsfika
Belgium || The Fortress Town Of Diest by Crumbs in the Bed
Nantes || Le Château by Amber Love
Pets are Friends, Not Food by Wild Bear
The Harry Potter Studio Tour by A Million Gingerisms 

Bloggers Group Hug.

Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is -  WORTHWHILE
Whether something is worthwhile or not is decided in your head. It may be worthwhile, worth my time, money and effort to do something that you regard as a complete waste of your energy. I personally find it worthwhile to try and make others smile, to make any animals I come in to contact with as happy as possible, to write this blog and my 2nd blog so in years to come I can look back and with fondness on wonderful memories and lovely experiences.
What do you find worthwhile?

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Man Buys 10.000 Undeveloped Negatives At a Local Auction And Discovers One of the Most Important Street Photographers of the Mid 20th Century
Cursed Child: JK Rowling confirms new Harry Potter story for the theatre
Steve Irwin’s Daughter Is All Grown Up And Keeping Her Father’s Legacy Alive
This Teen Got His Dying Wish To Marry His Girlfriend Three Days Before His Death

What I've Watched.

[!] Good Morning Miss Bliss S1
[!] Saved by the Bell S1
[!] Wish I Was Here 

Question of the Week.
Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving? 
Well I think the obvious answer would be sky diving seeing as I've done it, however I wouldn't do it again and I have actually been looking into doing a shark dive. Bungee jumping is pretty much a definite no from me though! What about you?

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Netflix Tag

A mini while ago (well a month exactly) the lovely Claire of Hey Claire Bear tagged me to do the Netflix tag! Seeing as I spend a majority of my time watching either Netflix or YouTube I thought it'd be cool to do.
Let's jump in.

All Time Favourite
Now, I'm not sure if this one counts because it wasn't on Netflix where I first saw watched it but it is available on there now. Lost. It's literally one of my favorite shows of all time and it's a good thing to go back and watch if you want to watch a heck load of episodes in one go.
I obviously also adore how many Disney movies are on there, despite having the majority of them on DVD anyways.

Current Addiction
For the first time in forever, There'll be magic, there'll be fun...I mean, for the first time in the longest while I am not actually watching anything. I feel stuck in a mini Netflix rut as it seems the majority of things I'd be interested in, I've actually already watched haha.
My latest addiction was when Friends got released and within 2 weeks of it being up I had completed all 10 seasons again - it never gets old and although I've seen them all multiple times, it's good to pop on when you've nothing else to watch and want some background noise. 

Hmm, just more movies really as I've watched pretty much everything I want to watch on there :P
Also, if I could have anything, I'd like all the old Disney and Nickelodeon series like Sister Sister, Lizzie McGuire, Clarissa Explains it All and so on.

Pet Peeve
The main thing that annoys me is that the UK version doesn't have as many titles as the US does, however I do realise that it's because of the licensing and blah, blah, blah. 
I'm also not keen on the it recommending things that it thinks I'll like to watch, no matter how many things I rate, that have nothing to do with my viewing habits! (And actually, now I've checked, just seems to be the same titles in the popular/trending section!)

Marathon Essentials
I'm gonna be a total weirdo and say a pile of ironing! Usually when I'm blogging etc I'm watching something that doesn't need much concentration, like Sabrina (which I have the full series on my laptop) or Friends on Netflix, but if it's a movie or show I haven't seen I still like to keep my hands busy and be productive so ironing is a good bet.
If not I'll say the dog for snuggles and my sippy cup of juice!

What's On Your Watch List
I'll have to check. Hold on. Okay don't judge...
The First Wives Club
What's the Worst That Could Happen?
Private Resort
Son In Law
Mars Needs Moms (watched ages ago but forgot to remove it from the list)
Wish I Was Here
The Bible
Life of Crime
Marcy X

You Should Watch
TV Show Wise - Person of Interest, Prison Break, Lost (if you've magically avoided it's brilliance this long). Movie wise - Saved!, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Wish I Was Here and lots more that I just can't think of at the moment haha. Those 3 don't look like much but are some of the best movies I've ever seen. 

And that's the Netflix tag! Make sure to pop over to Claire's blog and read her post. Also, if you've done this link it in the comments so I can have a nosey!! I tag everyone that loves Netflix and hasn't yet done this post :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Collective Haul // April - June 2015

Little purchase in Ponden Mill. It's something I sing to Baker and we like sheep. Yep :)

It's slightly crazy that it's been quarter of a year since I was sat here hauling my last purchases. Before I know it it'll be 2016!
This time around, after finally putting this all together, it looks like I've had a win at the bookies or something with some big buys. I did actually start working again at the very end of March though and have afforded everything myself (or will do. Explanations below!).

Oh and before I start I put up a separate HobbyCraft Haul at the end of April to save cluttering this post even more! :P

My first major spend of this quarter was something I've been thinking about for a little while. I've always had a photo printer but usually gotten my work for customers printed elsewhere. When I decided that I wanted to start producing something with my wildlife photography to sell, the most viable method of printing was to own my own large format printer.
I'm not a Canon fan but after a lot (a lot!!) of research this one seemed the best value for its price. It only took a couple weeks wages - bare in mind I only work 8 hours a week - and so it was fully paid outright for by me.

I finished reading the Harry Potter series for the 9th time or something recently and decided that the reading rut I was stuck in needed a little nudge along. I decided on the Mr Walt Disney biography and The Cuckoos Calling after I'd wanted them for a while, Half Bad was a recommendation via twitter and Labyrinth I scored for only £2.00 at a second hand book market in town. I strongly believe in buying pre-loved books and so rather than paying £35 odd I got all these awesome books for less than £20.
(After writing this and actually the day before this goes up I actually picked up Blacklands and The First Patient in Asda as they were only £1 each!)

I'm not the biggest clothing buyer but obviously can't pass up a Disney tee if I see one. All of the above is from Primark. The overalls have hidden Mickeys all over them and the coat was a gift from my parents - it'll be good for London in December and DLP next year. 

Just as I was in my 'new book' kick, I ended up winning these fab books from Claire!! 

It's been a while since I've been able to top up on my Lush day to day products so while Mam and I were in Newcastle to see Tomorrowland, we popped in and I grabbed a new shampoo bar, some tea tree toner tabs and, as my foundation/bb cream supply was dwindling, the Jackie Oates colour supplement to try out. 
As I had a little spending money that day, I was on the hunt for a few more dvd's for my classics collection. I never pay full price for a DVD that isn't a new realese as I just can't justify spending that kind of money on a movie, but I managed to grab Lady and the Tramp and The Jungle Book, as well as Greyfriars Bobby after another recent post of mine reminded me of it. Of course I grabbed Big Hero 6 a few days later online after it was released.
The latest (and last for a long while!) buy was my Disney x Vans stuff. I've been waiting since this was announced for it to be released and although I wasn't a fan of any of the shoes I knew the backpack had to be mine. I'm a backpack type of girl. And of course, it'll be perfect with my little camera bag inside for Disneyland.

Last but obviously not least is the most expensive thing I have bought in probably 5 years. My camera had been going down hill for quite a while, and fair enough as it had been used a heck of a lot since I bought it to replace my D60 in 2010. If it had just been for blog use I would of put up with it, but because I need it for 'work' I wanted to upgrade as soon as possible.
I didn't trade in my old one (I actually took the photo of the new one on the old one) and I can't sell it as it's in such bad shape, so this one should have been £750 with the 18-105mm lens though was eventually a little less with promo codes etc.
My Dad lent me the money to pay it outright and I am paying him back each month over the next 9 months. Thank goodness for having the worlds best Dad eh?
By now my comparison post is up and you may of seen it, but if not you can have a peek at it here.

So yep, the debit card is well and truly hidden for the next few months while I am paying off my camera as well as saving up for both London and Disneyland because not only have I splashed out on all of the above but I have spent £50+ on my summer competition for you all!!!
It will go up as soon as I hit 500 followers so if you are a reader but haven't clicked that follow button, please do pop over and join our BL family :)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Youtube Videos You NEED To See #18

Monthly dose of inspiration, cuteness and amazing people and animals is here!
I hope it makes you smile, laugh and cry (in a good way of course).

If This Doesn't Motivate You, I Dunno What Will!

Just A Little Cuteness Overload For You...

If It Isn't Acceptable To Treat Children This Way, Then Why Are Animals Any Different? [Via Lose the Road]

Two Heroes Reunited.

The World Is Changing. 

It Really Is Fascinating How Intelligent These Animals Are. I'm Very Happy To Of Never Eaten One.

I Don't Even Know Them & I Cried. Lovely Moment.

One Of The Best Bad Lip Reading Video's EVER!

The Most Emotional Trailer I've Ever Watched.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 37

June 14th - 20th.

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Fledgling Swallows learning to fly getting so close I thought they were going to land on Baker!

♥ The feeling when getting blog posts complete and housework done.
♥ Getting a physical copy of my teeth Xray.
♥ The Goose that thinks it's a Swan. 
♥ Always getting Jakes last cookie...or 3...
♥ A super fun morning paddling at the beach with Baker and my Mam.
♥ Baker carrying his new Orca teddy around town.
♥ Getting Dad's father's day gift sorted.
♥ Cleaning.
♥ The sun re-appearing!

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Creativity by Qthee
4 Things To Do With Non-Cruelty Free Beauty Products by The Bell Jar
5 Reasons Why I Love Running by All Things Beautiful
10 Habits to Make You Happier by Damzel in This Dress
Feel Good Friday 17 by Tartanmouth
The Disneyland Paris Tag by Cakey Dreamer

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is -  Message
A message is usually referred to as a method of communication, though can also be a particular moral point of view/opinion you want to convey to other. 
Years ago when talking of a message it would usually mean a telegram or letter but now, how strange is it that a message, most of the time, means via social media or text? 

Other Articles etc of Interest.
He Saw A Giant Bear In The Water. What He Did Next Is The Manliest Thing In History
Norwegian Guy Plunges Into Frozen Lake To Rescue Drowning Duck
Firefighters Shoot Calendar To Help Rescue Pups
7 Times Game of Thrones Drew on History This Season
Woman posts candid video of loyal dog saving her from Asperger's 'meltdown'
Left behind, boy's stuffed tiger goes on big adventure at Tampa International Airport
Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington leads disability campaign with help of his cousin
Lad Anonymously Posted Kind Messages About Classmates On Instagram For A Year

What I've Watched.
[!] Jurassic Park
[!] Sabrina the Teenage Witch S1 & 2
[!] Game of Thrones
[!] Life of Crime

Question of the Week.
What is the weirdest scar you have and how did you get it?
Probably the one on my bottom lip. It's just a white line in the centre of my bottom lip and I got it as a baby when I put a coat hanger through it! haha

Friday, 19 June 2015

Exploring Edinburgh // National Museum of Scotland [Part 2]

Continuing on from this post (the Natural World sections of the National Museum of Scotland), these are some of my favorite photos from the World Cultures galleries. I found these areas pretty hard to photograph in without getting lots of other visitors photo bombing due to the glass cases. Conversely this is actually an aspect that I liked about the World Cultures displays. The 360 degree glass cases allow you to get a good look at the exhibits for many angles as well as casting interesting light and shadows.

[FYI - all photos were taken on my old/broken camera]

Due to the difficulty in photographing, upon looking back at the images I took I wasn't happy enough with a lot of them to post them but I'm sure you can see from those I have included the diversity and interactivity is appealing and interesting to many different people including children. While we were there they even had a big quilt laid out beneath the totem pole and were having a 'storytime' kind of thing for lots of toddlers. Though I'm not a fan of having to dodge past running toddlers or listening to screams echo, I do like how they specifically try to include the children in an environment that more kids should get to experience and learn in.

Lastly are just a couple images from the main gallery but I thought they were fun so wanted to include them!
Have you been to the National Museum of Scotland?  If not do you think it's somewhere you'd like to go on your next visit to Edinburgh? 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Camera Comparison // Nikon D5000 vs D7100

It's been a few weeks since I've had my new camera and after having gotten used to it then switching back to the old camera, I saw a huge difference!!!
I get so many wonderful comments complimenting my photograph on this blog and a lot of the time the photos do not justify the comments. I've been so frustrated and disappointed in my work over the past 6 months to a year so am much happier having a camera that actually focuses and doesn't have a hard time in lower light. 

So, in this post I've put together a few images that I have taken on both cameras to show the difference. To make it fair I left the cameras on auto (something I very rarely do as it the photos usually suck compared to those when you manually set it to the proper settings). Let me know if you can see a difference. To me it is very drastic!! I'd also like to point out that because I re-size the images to fit my blog the quality difference isn't noticeable but it is a mad difference.

A quick lowdown of the features etc of each -
Model: Nikon D5000
Lens: 18-55mm  (standard)
Bought in:  February 2010
Cost at the time: £600
Worth Now: £280 (approx)
Megapixels: 12.3
ISO: 200 - 3200
Monitor: 2.7 inch flip out screen

Model: Nikon D7100
Lens: 18-105mm 
Bought in: May 2015
Cost at the time: £750
Worth now: £580
Megapixels: 24.1
ISO: 100 - 6400
Monitor: 3.2 inch
Extra: 2 memory card slots

And now some comparison photos...

As you will hopefully be able to see from the images above, overall the old camera (D5000) makes the images alot darker/duller and, although it's not obvious on the blog, the quality of the D5000 is ridiculously bad and pixelated compared to the D7000. I hope that once posts start going up using photos taken on the new camera you will be able to see the difference and understand that I haven't been being ungrateful for your praise but that the photos really, truly did not deserve it.

Let me know what you thought of this post and whether you'd like to see a similar thing comparing photos taken on auto as opposed to taken with manual settings!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Inked and Awesome || Julie of Julie And The Knits

Name: Julie Picard
Age: 32
Occupation: Corporate job by day/freelance knitting designer by night

Tell me about your very first tattoo. 
I've always known I'd get tattooed but only got my first one done at the age of 24. I just wanted to be certain that I'd love it forever! My very first tattoo was the voodoo heart illustration from Tim Burton's Voodoo Girl poem on my lower back, to which I added a few skulls. I grew up watching Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands and instantly fell in love with his work from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories. I still have it, however I wish I'd got it done on a part of my body where I can actually look at it, especially as it was my first and I was so excited!

Do your tattoos effect your job, have they in the past? 
Working for a global corporate company, I'd say it definitely effects people's perception, but I really don't care. I'm the only woman who has big, visible tattoos in my department. I got my half sleeve done last year and had no idea how this was going to go down - I can definitely feel the stares from certain people. I'm happy to answer the question 'what about when you get older?' time and time again.

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed?
None really. I've been into punk/stoner/metal since I was 13 or 14 so I suppose I've always surrounded myself with open-minded people with a lot of tattoos!

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours?
My friends and I share the same interests and have similar styles - most of them have tattoos. My family however are not into body modification but I'm pretty sure they always knew I would get tattoos so they aren't that shocked when I come back home every year with new body art. I'm from France and tattoos - especially visible ones on women - are not as common as in the UK, so when I'm back home I can't get used to all the looks!

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it.
It has to be my new custom half sleeve. I am obsessed with Japan and already had a few cherry blossoms tattooed on my foot a few years ago. My sleeve is inspired by traditional Japanese tattoo and includes blossoms, a fan, chrysanthemums and kawaii bunnies. I asked my awesome tattoo artist, Andrew Mcnally, to incorporate bunnies from the Bunny Blossom art by Kozyndan and the result is just perfect.

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it? Do you think all tattoos should have meaning?
That's easy: NONE. My tattoos have absolutely no meaning. I pick my designs based on how visually appealing I find them. I have very specific taste and always go for custom designs.

Are you planning anymore?
Of course! I'd like to get a Palm desert/stoner inspired tattoo on my thigh and maybe something knitting-related on my ankle.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?' ?
I'd say from my experience - I have very low tolerance to pain - it really hurts. I'd never get my foot done again.

Leave us with some words of wisdom regarding body modification.
Brody Dalle once said, tattoos are like a timeline. I couldn't describe it any better. Each timeline is unique, full of memories and regrets, but it's all YOURS.

PS I'd like to thank my friend Shivani for the amazing pictures (exc. terrible palm tree pic which I took myself in a hurry).
Also if you live in the NE and are looking to get inked, visit Cock a snook and Northside Tattooz :)

A huge thanks to Julie for taking part and telling us the story of her awesome ink! Pop on over to her website here to see her store full of knitted goodness as well as her blog! :)
If you are interested in participating in this feature, feel free to pop me and email over to with INKED AND AWESOME in the subject line! I look forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 36

June 7th - 13th.

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Moving from our 'Winter' living room to our 'Summer' living room.

♥ Being included in one of the lovely Hannah's What I'm Reading posts!
♥ The fantastic sunshine!
♥ A Liebster Award Nomination from the beautiful Angie!
♥ The moments that our poop internet actually works.
♥ My Disney x Vans order getting here! (And fitting despite the websites size guide)
♥ Baker being a good boy and keeping cool with his special 'ice lollys' that I make him.
♥ Being able to sit on my sofa but still enjoy the weather with our bifold doors.
♥ The penultimate gift for my summer competition arriving.
♥ Breakfast with Mam at our fav little Cafe.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Four Things by Lisa's Life
The love story | Razeen Adams by A Girl With A Camera
Three Reasons You Should Worry Less by The Glitter Diaries
Levitating Puppy by Farm Girl
Meet My New Puppy by Fizzy Peaches

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is - Footprints

Other Articles etc of Interest.
Expressive Animal Portraits Reveal Their Strong ‘Human’ Emotions
A 9-year-old girl is building shelters for the homeless because she thinks 'everyone should have a place to live'
Dustbin Baby Michelle Rooney FINALLY tracks her mother down after 46 years
This 20-Year-Old Lad May Have Figured Out How To Save The World’s Oceans
New York Dog Lunges in Front of Bus, Saves Blind Owner's Life
Dinosaur Welsh cousin of T-Rex found on a beach in Penarth around 201 million years after it roamed the area
This Girl Met Her Real-Life Doppelgänger And It’s So Spot-On
World's smallest deer species is born at New York City's Queens Zoo.
A Tattoo Artist Found The Most Genius Way To Cover Up A Rubbish Pokémon Tattoo

What I've Watched.
[!] The Tribe

Question of the Week.
Why is this post up 5 hours late?
Because unlike my Monday - Friday posts, I put this together through out the week and complete it all on a Saturday night ready to go up at 9am on Sunday.  Last night I had a migraine though and 1- couldn't face staring at the laptop screen & 2 - totally forgot. Sorry! :)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Exploring Edinburgh // National Museum of Scotland [Part 1]

In my 20 odd years of visiting Edinburgh not once have I come across or heard of the National Museum of Scotland. The way I described it to Jake when I got home was the Hancock Museum but better, so if you're a fellow North Easterner you'll know what I mean (hopefully) and it's located on Chambers Street!

I took a heck of a lot of photos when I visited all the way back in March for Claire's birthday day out , so I'll keep this a predominantly photo based post. Enjoy! Oh, and let me know in the comments if you've been here before!!
[All photos were also taken on my old camera so of course the quality sucks] 

Sooo, I've gotten to this point in photo editing and realized that even with cutting out 3/4's of the photos I took, there are still a few too many. Therefore this is to become a two part post haha.

As you can see from the photos above their 'animal hall' as I dubbed it, is so awesome. There was so much to see and so many stunning species represented. This section of the museum, alongside the main hall (shown in the third photo) for sure have the wow factor when you first walk in and I just didn't know where to look!

I'm gonna quickly include some photos of the other 'Natural World' galleries, Earth in Space and Restless earth which sit right next to the Animal World - both of which are equally as beautiful and interesting.