Monday, 8 June 2015

Tag // Four Things

You may of already seen this post, especially if you are loyal followers to 3 of my favorite blogs, Crumbs in the Bed, Life Outside London and Dib Dab Debs as they did this post a short while ago.
Ever feeling like you need to know more about me, I thought it a super fun thing to share with you.
I hope you enjoy and if you have done it, or do do it, stick the links in the comments!

Four places I've lived:
Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland.
Heaton, Newcastle.
Blyth, Northumberland.
Fawdon, Newcastle.

Four jobs I've had:
Interior Design Wallpaper and Fabric Consultant.
Quality Control/Process Control Technician.
Retail Assistant.
Holiday Camp Studio and Venue Photographer.

Four things I don't eat:
Meat or fish (minus chicken and bacon)

Four of my favourite foods:
Lentil Soup.

Four movies I've watched more than once:
(Not counting Disney and Harry Potter as that's a given)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Shutter Island.
Billy Madison.
Legally Blonde.

Four TV shows I watch:
(Still running)
Game of Thrones.
Downton Abbey.
Person of Interest.
Big Bang Theory.

Saved by the Bell.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
Putting together this years Calendars.
Going to see the Lion King in London.
Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour eventually.
Hopefully getting a mini caravan break with Jake.

Four things I can't live without:
Comfortable shoes.

Four things about Jake:
Has a beard.
Used to be a sponsored skateboarder.
Xbox addict.
Really doesn't like Disney.

Four places I've visited:
Kos, Greece.
Courmayeur, Italy.
All over Mainland Spain.
The Balearic islands and the Canary Islands.

Four pet peeves:
Drivers who don't indicate.
People who stop in the middle of a path to talk.
Switches being left on when nothing is plugged in.
Noisy/cheeky/rude/horrible children.

Four Things I Wish I Could Do:
Earn money full time from my photography.
Be liked by people.
Control my anger.

Four Subjects I Studied at School:
Business Studies
Applied Art and Fashion Design
English Literature.

Four Things Near Me Right Now:
Empty Cereal Bowl.
My Glasses.
An External Hard Drive.
Baker's Octopus Toy.


  1. I knew we were kindred spirits - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIES! So good it needed caps. And the switch thing is incredibly annoying.
    So glad you did this, a bit of Monday fun.
    M x

    1. Yay us! It is a pretty epic movie...I wish it were real to a certain extent :P
      Thanks for being an inspiration :)


  2. Love reading posts like this! So fun learning more about a blogger! People stopping to talk in the middle of the path is one of my biggest pet peeves also!! Me and my mom walk everyday around a walking track and sometimes there's big groups of people just standing there! And won't move!! It drives me insane haha

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. Well I really enjoyed the other 3 ladies posts so thought I'd try it myself :) Oh thank goodness it's not just me being unreasonable!! I don't understand why they don't just step to one side to stay out of the way!


  3. This is a really fun tag, never seen it before. Good taste in films and tv shows btw ;) Also we have the same pet peeves haha, nothing grates on me more! Also I LOVED seeing the lion king in London, was sooo good! Would love to see it again :)


    1. I hadn't either! (Obviously until the 3 ladies mentioned did it lol) Super fun eh?
      Yay! I'm glad you approve haha!
      Oh everyone I've heard mention The Lion King has either seen it multiple times or wants to, so that's gotta be a good thing.


  4. Yay! Great answers :) I couldn't live without chocolate either. In fact, I'm craving some right now!! I'm very jealous that you are going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I feel like I'm the only person who has never been!!
    Debi x

    1. Thanks!! And thank you for inspiring me :) Oh I totally don't get these people who don't like chocolate! I literally need it everyday.
      That's exactly how I've been feeling haha so it's pretty amazing to finally be going :D


  5. Lovely post - I always enjoy finding out a little more about my favourite bloggers! I love that shot of the boat too! - Tasha

    1. Thank you! I'd love to see you do it too!! Thanks!! That was actually taken on my old, old camera haha the D60 in Ibiza!


  6. "Switches being left on when nothing is plugged in." this this this!!! I've even been known to turn them off in other people's houses!

    Also mightily surprised that Jake really doesn't like Disney, bless him for living with your obsession :)

    I'm coming back to this & pinching it by the way :) xox

    1. haha! ME TOO. I did it in the waiting room of the train station recently haha.
      Yup, he really can't stand it and won't even watch a movie with me let alone go to Disneyland :/ I'm very lucky to be allowed so much Disney in the house and he even drinks out of Disney mugs!


  7. Never forget Sabrina the teenage witch. I freakin loved that show.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  8. You've lived in so many lovely places! I totally agree with mushrooms and tomatoes. :x I could comment on so much, but I want to really thank you for the controlling your anger part. I have anger issues of my own, and I'm trying to work through them! I wish you lots of luck on your own journey!

    1. I dunno about lovely but I've definitely lived in many places haha! My hometown (and currently place of residence) is very lovely indeed!
      Aw really? It's nice to hear of others going through the same. I wish you lots of luck too :)


  9. I loooooved Sabrina the teenage witch! I think I might have to carry out this tag cause it's pretty fun!
    Kloe xx

    1. I don't trust anyone who doesnt love Sabrina :P haha
      Yes! You have to!!


  10. I love each of those movies you mentioned, and every one of the old watched shows!! <3 ^__^ Jemma xx

  11. I really liked reading this blog post and I did my own: (it was but I changed it :)

  12. I like you! But I know what you mean. Oh well, people have yet to realise how great we are, their loss :)
    I reckon we'd make great friends, we can hang out in nature and take photos and then eat pasta for tea!

    1. I had to re-read the post to understand what you were referring to, but yeah their loss!!! :P
      I 100% agree with that. Trust you to live hundreds of miles away pft!


  13. Still can't believe Jake hates Disney XD Oooh you'd love the Harry Potter Studio Tour I hope you get to go soon! xx

    1. Yup! haha Really, really does. We're going in December for my Mam's birthday :)!


  14. I got a heads up to visit your blog from Jenny in Neverland!

    Great post, I am so nosey about people so this is right up my street!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings

    1. Aww awesome! Thanks for stopping by - Jenny's blog is awessommee!!
      Thanks so much, I hope you do it too!



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