Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Who Do They Think You Are? #12

Hello again strangers! To find out more about this series please click here.
And let the guessing begin...

This is what a 20 year old female thought - 
Name: Nadia
Age: 22
Location: Sat in front of a big window.. haha ummmmm, Germany?
Occupation: Student
Hobbies include: Photography, reading, horse riding.
Musical taste: Likes Paramore and Muse, but also loves a cheeky bit of Abba
Other: Looks like someone who cares a lot about their family, and seeks to grab any opportunity to travel and explore. She looks like the type of person that would love to travel with nothing more than a backpack, but might get a bit stressy if she can't access a shower to wash that GORGEOUS hair of hers. Also likes to drink and go a bit wild, but only in a moderate, balanced way. 

A 27 year old Male had this to say -
Name: Sarah
Age: 21
Location: Canada or America
Occupation: Veterinary Nurse or Student
Hobbies include: Hiking/Walking, working out, writing.
Musical Taste: Mainstream Pop etc. Rihanna and that sort of thing.
Other: I think she would be a kind and caring person, but quiet and sticks to a close knit group of friends and family. She looks like she takes an interest in staying healthy with the water bottles in the background and perhaps likes to mix creativity with nature so maybe likes to paint landscapes and animals and stuff. 

A 22 year old Female guessed -

Name: Charlotte
Age: 21
Location: North of England
Occupation: Student, Blogger
Hobbies: Crafts, Singing, Cooking
Musical Taste: Musicals or Pop music
Other: A happy, outgoing person who likes meeting up with friends. She looks like she would be quite creative/artistic. 

The beautiful lady herself is here to tell you the truth!
Name: Renee
Age: 24 (soon 25)
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Occupation: I work in a pie shop!
Hobbies include: Reading, Blogging, Hiking
Musical taste: I truly like everything, except rap 
Other: I'm very shy when I first meet someone. I am probably the most stubborn person on Earth. 
I love exploring and discovering new places. Someday I want to have my own business. 

I want to take this opportunity to send huge thank yous to the absolutely amazing lady, Renee. Over the last few months she has overwhelmed me with her constant comments and support for my blog, as well as running an awesome blog of her own of which I love!! 

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  1. This is such a unique & unusual blog post! I love how people are basically being all psychological with their answers! She looks like a beautiful girl :)
    Bee xxx

    1. Thank you! I was rather pleased with the idea when I first started it back in 2013, but it's only recently that more people have been reading and enjoying it too which is cool.
      Doesn't she?! She's beautiful on the inside too.


  2. This was so cool to read!! I can't believe how spot on a lot of their answers were!! Especially the first lady who guessed haha! Thanks for letting me participate Danielle! :D

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. I know huh?! I was laughing away reading the answers! They've knocked a couple years off your age too which can only be a good thing for the future lol. Thank YOU for taking part!!


  3. This series is so interesting - it's amazing what people can get from just looking at a photo and the different answers always interest me. - Tasha

    1. Thanks! I love putting it together and seeing peoples theories. I hope to do a re-visit of the first post where I got judged soon!


  4. This is such a unique idea! So smart :)

  5. I'm always fascinated by what the other people come up with, especially if they come up with the same ideas, makes you wander how we make our assumptions and how we've learnt to make the same assumptions as other people.

    1. Yeah, that definitely freaks me out a little when people guess such similar things.


  6. Ahhhh I loved this!
    I always look forward to seeing these posts from you, so so interesting! :)
    Hannah x