Friday, 28 August 2015

Baker's 3 Year Update!

To say this is overdue is an understatement.
On Wednesday Baker turned exactly 36 months old! That's how parents of children say it isn't it? In months. I've never understood that just say 3 haha.

I wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you who wished Baker a Happy Birthday. Some people don't understand the way I treat him and the fact that he is my version of a child. So when people took the time to tweet and say Happy Birthday to Baker, my dog, it meant an awful lot!

Until the video of his birthday goes up on Saturday (tomorrow), I thought I'd share a few photos of him from the past few months as well as an up to date account of everything to do with, well, him! Mannerisms, likes and dislikes and more. Have a read and get to know my babyman :)

Peanut Butter
Soft Toys
The Beach
Playing 'gotcha paw'(You know the game slaps? Kinda like that but gently, on the floor and touching the other ones paw/hand or moving it out of the way before the other does it.)
Chasing his tail
Sleeping in late
His Daddy patting his head
New toys
Going in the car
Raw carrots
To sit on the window sill and watch trains

Being told he is an owl or frog
Getting called Charles
Cats coming near his house
When you say he is 'Prince Charming' (He prefers Princess Baker)
Not having his cage when in comes to na-nights time
Dogs running up to him
Getting his nails clipped
Being asked if he wants a knuckle sandwich
The Argos Advert

Paw/Hand Shake
Other Paw
High Five
Roll over
Can get a particular toy that you name
Knows his left and right
Talks on the phone
Is great at jumping and catching his toy
Finds you and barks for attention when you shout 'help!'

'Huffs' (Like a sigh but usually when you tell him he can't have something and stuff)
Glares at you if you sneeze or burp...
...Though he burps louder than a person
Walks over to his treat tin, then looks from it to you until you say no or get him one
Sucks/licks his blanket to fall asleep
Brings you his toy if you pretend to cry
Always goes for the biggest stick even when it's too heavy to carry
Will chase the sun around the house even when he's too hot
Belly flops into the sea/river
No matter how many toys he has, he always wants the one that you are holding
Won't sit on the ground outdoors, has to sit on my knee

So the past two years I've put together a post all about little mans birthday, which as you may of realized is on National Dog Day! You can find photos and video from Baker's 1st birthday here and although I apparently didn't do a haul of his gifts last year, there was a special Dog Day post with photos for his 2nd birthday here. Of course I had to document this year too!
So it's a long story but because of everyone's work commitments (snore!!) we had to do the gift opening etc on Friday the 21st so that Granny, Granda and Daddy could all be there. Here is what he got!

Whenever an occasion arises I use it to order from our favorite place ever - Barks and Bunnies (are you sick of hearing about them yet haha) . They are amazing. From the sweetest ever, most personal and caring customer service to an ever expanding range of everything I could need for little man, all from great brands that are good for him and reputable. Oh and not to mention that as soon as the box arrives Baker knows it's a forage box and can't wait to delve into it.
What was in his box?
Red Dingo Star Lead to match the collar he got for Easter.
Kong Cuteseas Whale
Pet Stages Orka Triple Dental Links
Anco Chew Roots
Antos Cerea Hedgehog x 2 (he ate one as soon as he opened his gift haha)

And we were very grateful to be gifted an extra lovely box of Lily's Kitchen Organic Bedtime Biscuits which are perfect as Mr has a treat every night  when he gets into bed. Baker say's thank you very much Albie, Kizzie, Libby, Chuzzlewit, Amy and Leigh!

As for his extra bag of treats, these we're things that I couldn't help but grab when in town and at the garden center. It included -
Wagg Dog Gravy
Chicken (Raw hide) Crisps
Tippin Treats Interactive Feeder Toy
Super Flyer
Giraffe Ball
Hessian Dog Face Flyer
Bakers Jumbo Meaty Twist

And finally, that's it! I hope this wasn't too much dog talk for you and that you're still actually reading ;) I'll leave you with a video of him opening his gifts! Thank you again to all who sent birthday wishes <3


  1. Happy Birthday Little Man! (I don't know why I call him Little Man, I call Choppy Little Man, so it's just seems right). Sounds like you all had a lovely day and I love hearing you talk about Baker - I'm a little sad he won't be coming to Disneyland!

    1. I call him little man too :)
      If I win the lotto before we go I'll hire the whole park for one day and bring him too ;)

      Thank you!


  2. Oh my gosh I missed his birthday! I hope he had a good day, he is so photogenic oh my gosh! I totally get how you treat him, dogs are little people with such funny personalities! The dog of the host family I stayed with this summer was so cute and a little shit too haha, he would always beg for food, but then would pretend he wasn't and would look away if I looked at him :'D he also pretended he wanted snuggles and instead would wipe his gooky hayfever eyes on my clean clothes! That's so many tricks that he knows, he's so clever wow, I love how dogs know when you're sad and will try to comfort you :') xo

    1. Thank you very much Amber!
      They really are so funny, intelligent and human like with some of their personality traits!
      I missed so much off of these lists after looking back too!


  3. This is the most adorable post! Happy Birthday Baker!! Hope he had a lovely day :) xx

  4. I absolutely adore dogs. I can't wait to get one when me and Ed find a house. It makes me so happy to see how well cared for and loved Baker is, what a lucky pup!

    Happy belated birthday Princess Baker ;)

    Oh and my Dad's dog sighs too, it's hilarious. You can definitely tell when he's had enough. xx

    1. They really are 'mans best friend'. When you get one you'll wonder what you ever did without it!

      Thanks so much!


  5. Happy birthday to Baker! Such lovely photographs too, love the one with Timone haha!
    Been watching your videos lately and really enjoying them. I think it's so cute when Baker makes a little appearance too :)

    Have a great day!


    1. Thank you!! He loves his Timon! I brought it back from DLP for him :)
      That means a lot - thanks so much!!!

      You too :D


  6. Aww Happy Birthday Baker!! He's just adorable. Love that photo of him with his "stick" (log haha)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  7. Happy Birthday Baker! He is so cute - and knows so many tricks! I cannot get over his adorableness.

    Rachael at

  8. Awww! This post is too much cuteness Danielle! I really hope Baker had a wonderful birthday. It looks like he got some great treats and the photo of you and him together is the sweetest thing. Such a cute post! Happy Birthday Baker! - Tasha

  9. OMG this is too cute!! I think I sighed and said "aaawww" out loud about 10 times ;D he's such an awesome dog!! and oh my sweet potatoes, he really knows his tricks, ha? :)
    I'm planning on doing something to nice to my doggy on her birthday too :) We'll see what I'll come up with!

    Baker's awesome!! And you are too :)


    1. Aw bless you, thanks so much! When is you dogs birthday?? How old will she be? It's nice to appreciate them and let them have a special day too :)

      You are so sweet - as are YOU!


  10. Happy Birthday Baker! He is such a gorgeous dog, I have two kids but my cocker spaniel Fern is definitely my third baby!

  11. Aw bless him, he's so cute, happy birthday Baker :) <3
    x GNAR MOSH x

  12. Happy belated birthday, Baker! He is such a gorgeous dog. I hope he had a fantastic birthday week and loved his incredible gifts from Barks and Bunnies!


    p.s. I love that he loves raw carrots - I've never heard of a dog liking them before!

    1. Thanks so much Charlene!
      He does! They're good for them, especially cleaning their teeth and if I have one you can bet he wants one lol


  13. "Hates getting called Charles" aha oh my goodness I shouldn't laugh so much at that! :')
    This is SO CUTE. The banner, the bag, the presents just aw everything! Thanks for sharing with us :)
    Hannah x

    1. Its a long story but yeah, it's pretty funny...he growls at you if you call him it! haha I'll try catch it on video.
      Thank you very much! I try to make it special for him each year - he is our kid afterall.


  14. Happy belated birthday Baker! What a cutie pie. I don't really celebrate my cat's birthday since she was an adopted stray and we don't know her birth month, but she does get wrapped presents and her own treat tins at Christmas. Sometimes I think she likes the wrapping paper and ribbon more than the gifts though! :P

    1. Thank you very much indeed Martha! Ah yes, Christmas is always fun with animals too!! A box full of used wrapping paper would make a fabulous toy I expect ;)



    Sarah | <3

  16. So glad that I finally got the chance to read this post! We love hearing about other people's pets as we love our Jessie to the moon and back! Baker is so cute, I hope he had a lovely birthday! Jessie also loves peanut butter, it's one of her favourite things too!

    Lauren (1/2 of

    1. Aw thank you!! Me too :) I need to see more of Jessie! Peanut butter is pretty awesome to be fair :P


  17. Oh I love Baker and how smart he is! looks like his birthday was allot of fun :D
    Jade xo
    Happy birthday again Bakerr!!!!!!!!!!