Monday, 31 August 2015

My Bucket List 2015 Update

Well this post is far more than overdue... I put my first ever bucket list post up in April of 2012, then an update of it in April 2013 where I changed some things that I didn't want to do anymore, but since then there has been nothing! Oops!
Inevitably I have changed in the past two years and so I am, yet again, writing an updated bucket list!
Here are 50 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, as well as the things I've already done.

Top 5
In Progress

1 - Skydive. 
2 - Be employed by the Walt Disney Company in some way.
3 - Get all of the tattoos I've had planned.
4 - Own a house in the country.
5 - Raise and train a Border Collie. 
6 - Walk the length of Hadrian's Wall.
7-  Get Jake to go abroad.
8 - Travel First Class.
9 - Ride a horse.
10 - Go on a super long road trip.

11 - Travel to all 7 continents.
12 - Have more of my photography published / sell my work. 
13 - Be the best housewife ever.
14 - Stay alcohol free for the rest of my life.
15 - Learn to cook properly.
16 - Work on a farm, if even for a day.
17 - Become semi self-sufficient. Solar/wind power, grow own food etc. 
18 - Go on a Snowboarding holiday.
19 - Get back into a good fitness routine.
20 - Find out more of my family tree. 

21 - Walk over hot coals.
22 - Do some proper rock climbing.
23 - Attend a UFC event. 
24 – Uncover a historical artifact with a metal detector.
25 – See one of the Wonders of the World.
26 – See animals in their natural habitat on a Safari.
27 – Upload a 'Vlog' to my YouTube.
28 – Be an extra in a film.
29 – Feed a Lamb.
30 – Test Drive a Bugatti.

31 – Get a reading from a physic medium.
32 – Ride in a Hot Air Balloon.
33 – Go on a proper camping trip.
34 – Visit Alcatraz.
35 – Have a 'Lost' style experience on a desert island. (Maybe minus the actual plane crash though.)
36 – Improve my skin.
37 – Climb a massive tree.
38 – Travel on a boat to the US.
39 – Save a life.
40 – Meet a real life pirate.

41 – Make my own homemade ice cream and bread.
42 – Visit the Harry Potter attraction in London.
43 – Stay with that one special person forever. 
44 – Fire a gun.
45 – See Animal Testing abolished completely worldwide.
46 – Get my teeth straightened.
47 – Keep updating this blog regularly with interesting posts.
48 – Climb one of the Worlds Top 10 mountains.
49 – Stay overnight in a haunted house.
50 – Organize my own charity event. 

I'm quite surprised to see how many I've actually been able to 'tick off' so far! What makes putting this together harder for me is remembering that I can't (won't) fly on an aeroplane again...which makes getting to some of the places I want to go pretty hard. I hope I'll be able to make maybe one trip to the US in my lifetime and if I do it will be via boat. That means I'll have to be there for like a month so I can fit in all the places I want to go :P

Do you share any of the points in my bucket list? Share you lists in the comments below so I can be nosy and steal your ideas :)


  1. I love this bucket list. Some really ambitious (in a good way) ideas on here. I've always wanted to be alcohol free and meat free but I never make it.
    Keep us updated over the years! x

    1. Thank you! I've been alcohol free for around 3.5 years now :) and although I only eat chicken, I'd love to be 100% meat free too but I don't think I ever will.
      I will! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I looove seeing other peoples goals/wishes/ambitions! And its pretty impressive how many you've already ticked off :) I still feel a bit sick seeing your sky diving video haha, WAY too scary for me haha! <3 Well done you!! xx

    1. Me too! :) Thank you! Ah bless you, my Mam was the same. I don't think I'd ever do it again to be fair :P


  3. This is a really great bucket list!! I definitely share a lot of these with you! Especially owning a home in the country!!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  4. I love reading other people's bucket lists as it gives me ideas for my own. Haha. It's awesome being able to tick things off. I get so excited. Lol.

    Sara Bloo xo

    1. Exactly! Me too! lol And I know right?! Big sense of accomplishment!


  5. Oh wow, this is so cool Danielle, I love the fact that saving a life was on your list and it's been ticked off - I wanna hear more about that story! The skydive is awesome as well, you're just too cool. - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Ah not a human life haha but a life all the same! Its nothing major but it still counts to me. You can tell we have never met too because I am the opposite of cool lol!!


  6. You're doing so well! I cannot imagine staying overnight in a haunted mansion but then I'm a huge wimp- the other day I was at a friends and she was watching a zombie film and I haven't slept properly since. It's bad, I'm nearly 23 hahaha!
    I'd love to write a bucket list, ticking things off of a list is probably one of the most satisfying feelings haha!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. Ah I'd be pooping myself but I still want to do it lol
      You should write one!!


  7. I love bucket lists, I did mine on my blog a couple of months back, well it was a forty before I turn forty (in many, many years time!).

    I'd totally love to work for Disney, I keep trying to become a Disney Mom but no luck yet.

    First class is a must, I'd love to fly with those fully flat beds and fluffy pjs - oh and the food and drink would be nice too!

    I have fed a lamb when I was wee and it was lovely, lived by a farm so would go all the time.

    I hope you managed to get these all done!

    1. Oh I'll have to go and hunt yours down..I don't think I can remember reading it!
      Ah I'll never fly at all again let alone first class haha
      Thank you :)


  8. I love this! This is brilliant. It's great to see the things you've already ticked off your list but also it's good for you to see how far you've come. I always have the problem of looking at something and being overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to do but colour coding it puts it into perspective. Congratulations on your achievements and good luck with the ones you have planned!!


    1. Thank you very much RebeccaJane! It is pretty cool to say I have completed some of them. We'll just have to wait and see what life brings but I'd love to one day when I'm old look back on this and say I've done the majority!