Friday, 4 September 2015

Who Do They Think You Are? #14

Hello again strangers! To find out more about this series please click here.

A female thought this -

Name: Jessica
Age: 24
Location: Manchester
Occupation: Something in the beauty trade (beautician, hair dresser?)
Hobbies include: dancing, shopping, social media.
Musical taste: 90's/00's pop throw back!
Other: friendly, animal lover, kind, funny, outgoing.

A 25 year old female had this to say -

Name: Sarah... maybe Emma?
Age: 26-ish
Location: Northern England – that's a totally wild card guess!
Occupation: Oooh, there are so many options. Maybe a mature student? Teacher? Carer?
Hobbies include: Going to the cinema, reading, a bit of Netflix... I'm clearly just picking the most common hobbies I can think of. Umm, baking, or a sport?
Musical taste: Some Hip Hop, Pop Rock... something like that?
Other: (eg. Personality traits. What type of person are you? Shy and kind, loud and friendly. Anything else you'd like to add.)
She seems like a kind and genuine person, good sense of humour, maybe a little introverted. Seems like someone that would have a pet maybe? Umm I'm not sure.  

This was a 20 year old females guess -
Name:  Emma
Age: 23
Location: Yorkshire
Occupation: Teaching Assistant
Hobbies include: Dancing, Drawing, Playing an Instrument
Musical taste: Varied, likes chart music but also enjoys listening to things such as Mumford and Sons.
Other: Looks like a lovely and bubbly person who is  quite quiet until she gets to know you. Is someone I would imagine would be quite creative.

And the lady herself tells you the truth...

Name: Jade Danielle Beckett
Age: 24
Location: Staffordshire 
Occupation: Nursing Assistant 
Hobbies: Blogging, bike riding, shopping, reading, baking, gym 
Musical taste: Pop, rock, dance 
Other: At first I'm very shy and quiet, I don't like big groups of people as I get anxious. I love weightlifting and powerlifting. I laugh a lot :) 

It's always super spooky when different 'judges' say similar things don't you think?! Huge thank you to Jade Danielle for asking to take part. Find her at her lovely little blogging land by clicking here!
For the background behind this series click here. And to take part by either being judged or judging a photo please email me at underlandtowonderland[@] with 'STRANGERS' in the subject line!


  1. Wow! Pretty spot on with most of it. :) Thank you xx

    1. It's so funny how people can get bits right eh?! Thanks so much for taking part!


  2. I know I always say this whenever I read this series of posts but I love how a single photo can give so many impressions and it's always interesting to see all of the main thoughts before the truth - I love it! - Tasha

    1. Haha bless you Tasha - thank you. I'm glad your enjoy it!


  3. Replies
    1. You were rather close with a few things to be fair, yeah! Spooky eh?