Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Celebrations for Non-Party People

Que the most last minute post I've done in SO long! Many of you may have noticed my tweets etc on how far advance I have posts scheduled for - it helps my anxiety to be organized but as time has drawn ever nearer for Halloween I (at the time of writing this on the 20th) am yet to see any posts for us anti-social beings this spooky season!

So this, is for you, my fellow tee total Halloween fans whose best friends are animals!
As much as I'd love to dress up and sharpen my scary make up skills, I feel a little silly being a zombie sitting stuffing my face with sweets so here's a list of alternative activities that you can enjoy whether alone, with your partner, best friend or dog!

To Do List
Carve Pumpkins - duh!! Although if you're like me you probably couldn't wait until All Hallows Eve itself to do this. You can get them for as little as 50p though and most likely even less today when the supermarkets are trying to get rid of them so it's the perfect time to get creative! Of course once you are done with them you can use the insides to cook something pumpkin-y or make a homemade face mask and after Halloween is over you can compost the 'shell', break it up to feed to birds or eat the innards of the shell yourself.

Bobbing for Apples - (and carrots in this house) - This is something I can do with Baker! He loves to eat both and loves playing in water, so that combined with it being a traditional Halloween party game (that not many people seem to do anymore) made it a must to include.

Get cosy with blankets in front of the fire - We're very lucky to have a a wood burner in our back living room so to set the mood for a movie watching I think it'll definitely have to be lit! For extra coziness, comfort and something to hide behind for scary scenes :P

What is any Holiday without movies?! I've been watching 'Halloween' movies all month just as I watch Christmas movies through the whole of December but of course the best way to do Halloween while having a quiet night in is with a host of good flicks! I may end up being alone in my viewing this year due to the shift Jake is on at work so it's best to keep them as tame as possible.

My Possible To-Watch List includes:
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween Episodes.
Hocus Pocus
The Addams Family
(and those in the photo!)

Okay, so we've had some fun, gotten cosy and have the evenings viewing all sorted...what are we going to eat?? Well Halloween only happens once a year so I'm going all out for my dinner and movie treats. I'm a super fussy eater so pumpkin pie, toffee apples and anything with meat is off the table but I've been scratching my head and came up with a few ideas that might be cool!

To Eat List:
Spider Web Pizza - Any plain pizza with thin slices of cheese (or vegan alternative) placed in the pattern of a web. I used dried parsley and thin slivers of baguette to form the spider though olives etc would also be good if you like them

Ghost Brownies - Chocolate brownie base with a marshmallow, then topped with white icing and a black icing pen to create a face.

Skull 'n' Bone Fries - Potatoes cut into shapes, par boiled and cooked in the oven with a tiny bit of spray 'oil'. I also flavor mine with certain herbs.

Graveyard Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate mousse mixed with a little black food colouring for the 'soil'. Gravestone created with a custard cream, covered in grey icing and a black icing pen to write on it.

Jack O Lantern Tortillas - Two tortilla wraps cut into the shape of pumpkins. Cut a Jack O Lantern face into one, place cheese or filling of your choice on the other then replace the face and grill for a few minutes until desired texture.

Chewy Chocolate Mice - Chocolate brownie and marshmallow melted together. Mix with a little icing sugar to take away stickiness and mold into a mouse shape!

'Witches Hair' Black Spaghetti - Spaghetti pasta with black food colouring!

Surprise Filled Jelly - Your choosing flavor of jelly - green is usually the best for this but red is what I had. Pour a little into a glass and pop in a couple of Halloween shaped jelly sweets, let it set. Repeat step until your glasses or containers are full and all jelly is used.

I'm sure all of the above would be suitable for any Halloween parties where food is needed too...though maybe a little better presented haha. These were just all for my own consumption over the past week (actually I shared the mallow ghosts and have yet to eat the jelly)!

So yes, that's the plan for Baker and I's spooky evening in together this October 31st. Now I wanna know what you are gonna get up to! Leave your Halloween post links in the comments and if anyone else is gonna be home alone and fancies having a movie watching session together while chatting online - let me know!! :D

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Disney on Ice: Worlds of Enchantment!

My 25th birthday gift from my wonderful (Disney hating) other half, was tickets to the famous tour that I haven't been to for years! When I saw that Disney on Ice was at our nearest arena the week of my birthday I had to go! I would not have been able to afford to go had Jake not been kind enough to order the tickets for my Birthday weeks and weeks in advance so thank you poopy pants!

When the 11th of October finally arrived I had a long, fun time before I even made it to the show - work, drive down to Woodhorn where we saw the Poppies from the Tower of London (separate post coming soon), shopping and lunch with Laura and then finally World of Enchantment time!

The waiting time beforehand only made the anticipation grow and I am sure I was more excited than any of the children sitting nearby so when it started and I was wooping and cheering it was no surprise that people looked at me as if I were crazy...

We had great seats! Just behind the wheelchair area which I found to be not too close so I couldn't see everything in one go and not so far back I couldn't see the skaters faces.
I was petrified that I was going to cry though. I'm a big cryer and don't only leak from the eye holes when I'm sad but when I'm happy, excited, overwhelmed and when meeting Mickey Mouse haha. Luckily I managed to keep my composure for once, but each story was so well done that sitting there as a 24 (&364 days) year old watching some stories from my childhood come to life was very emotional.
Obviously Cars and Frozen aren't that close to my heart - I enjoy Frozen as much as any true Disney fan but it really has gotten out of hand now...though that's another issue. Anyways, despite those two not exactly being my faves, I really enjoyed them and was more amazed at the cars than many of the kids.
I have to say Toy Story was my favorite of course and not only because the story line, props and skaters were amazing but also because I know Woody! Yeah, you know Woody too, but I know Woody as I went to college with him. It was pretty insane to watch someone I know doing what he loves and is amazing at. My claim to fame there eh lol.

It was unclear whether or not I was going to be able to take any photos so to get so many, I was chuffed! What great tokens to aid amazing memories <3 Overall I have to say from beginning to end the night was truly full of Disney magic and the performers, as expected, were talented beyond belief too! I can't wait to hear what next years show will be!
Did you or are you seeing this Disney on Ice tour? What was your favorite part/who are you most excited to see?

Monday, 26 October 2015

My 2015 Halloween Decor!

Happy Halloweeeen!!

Today I have just a super quick photo post of this years decor! I had big hopes for this year but what with a busy October birthday and getting ready to go away to London in December I really had neither the funds nor time to do much more. 
As I've mentioned before Halloween isn't a time to party in my eyes (I never party anyways...) but a time to celebrate the end of summer, remember lost loved ones and more, so my decor isn't a spooky setting for visitors but rather just an expression of creativity and my own little harvest celebration :) 

Anyways, enough with the blah, blah, blah-ing! Here is what our backroom looks like this Halloween!

Pumpkin Paper Lanterns - Poundland, last year.
Beware Witch Casting Spells Sign - Home Bargains, 99p.
Cobwebs with Spiders - Poundland, last year.

Trick or Treat Sign - B&M, £1.49.
Plastic Skulls - Home Bargains, last year.
Glass Jars - Re-purposed candles.

Plastic Bats - Morrisons, last year (in the 3 for £1).
Halloween Banner - Morrisons, £1.99.
Sparkly Skull - Home Bargains, last year. 

Set of 3 Orange & Black Candles - B&M, £1.99.
Boo! Sign - Poundland, last year.
Skull Confetti - Asda, last year.

Glow in the Dark Ghosts - Morrisons, last year (in the 3 for £1)
Tin Can Candle Holders - Homemade! Painted Bean Tins with holes hammered in to create shapes!
Orange Glass Candle Tealight Holder - B&M, £1.49.

Trick or Treat Sign - Home Bargains, last year.
Green Ghost LED Lights - No idea they were just in my Halloween Decorations box haha!

That's all folks! Hope you liked this quick little peek at my decorations for this year. You can check out my previous years Halloweeny posts by clicking the links below:
Oh and as always, please do link your Halloween posts in the comments so I can check them out! :)

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 55

October 18th - 24th 

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Kerri's News!
♥ Being included in Nic's 'Blog Love' post.
♥ Having Roadside Assistance/Recovery insurance.
♥ Having my Mam with me, so not having to be alone while waiting for the above.
♥ Baker being so excited to see me that I had to get him out of bed at 10.30pm.
♥ Sweet people on Twitter caring about me.
♥ Going to the opticians and finding out that my vision is perfect - wehay.
♥ So many more birdys singing recently.
♥ Baker wanting to join in when I was taking blog photos (see photo above)
♥ Getting my ironing done.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
11 Things Tag by More About Cat
[!] Downton Abbey
[!] 3rd Rock From The Sun S3
[!] Sabrina he Teenage Witch S4 & 5
[!] The Addams Family
[!] Return to Neverland
[!Mickey's House of Villains

Other Articles etc of Interest.
I've had such a busy week (despite being off from work!) that this post is already 4.5 hours late so no talking points this week :P

Friday, 23 October 2015

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #21

You know what this is by now, enjoy my recent Favorited videos and let me know one of yours in the comments below!

This struck a major cord with me with alot of Disney enthusiasts I've encountered... Your collection doesn't prove your love for something, only how much money you have. 

Just a puppy and hedgehog being cute. No big deal. 

This little Angel is the future of our World. Let's make more of them like this please!

This is touching, beautiful, magical and sad all at the same time.
Unfortunately the reality is they have lived a rubbish life until this point and not all that live their lives will get to have this ending. Please consider signing this petition to disallow the breeding and use of Beagles in testing. 

I love Penn & Teller, but this really didn't help much! haha

The Amazing Koko has some new babies in her life!

Think about the person inside before tarring a particular individual with the same brush as others.

At least it's an actually thing and not just 'me being silly' as I'm told :P

92 Years!!! :')

No words for this one.  Back to the Future Day done right <3

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

My Life in Photos // Sunny September!

Each month is passing faster than the next, I'm convinced the older you get the faster it goes :(  However it makes me extra thankful for this blog and these little types of post that freeze a day of my life in time so I can look back on it exactly, forever.
This was just another randomly chosen day - nothing special. Though judging by the activities it was a Friday. 

1 // Home from work at 8am and cracking on printing and packaging up some orders!
2 // Ready, packed up and dog at my side, time to walk up to Mam and Dads house.
3 // A quick turn around at the parents and back out for more walking with Mam and little man. 
4 // No matter where I am. I'm always looking out for birds. A Curlew was amongst the spottings this morning. 

5 // A different view of our towns iconic Town Hall. 
6 // At our secret playtime spot and Baker is glued to his Granny as per usual :P
7 // Foraging for fresh pine cones ready for the 2015 seasonal decor DIYs!
8 // Wheres Wally?! No, it's where's Granny. She only popped in to get a drink of juice, but you'd think Baker had been abandoned and left with a stranger not his Mammy.

9 // Back home to spend an afternoon watching YouTube and doing blog work <3
10 // ...that is until a certain male comes home from work and evicts me from the Xbox One!
11 // I told you there have been some spectacular skies of late, tonight was no exception. 
12 // And because I am still poorly my accompaniments to an early bedtime were juice, a nasal inhaler and more blog work. 

And then I went to sleep. I know there seems to be a lot of screens in this post but I do spend an unhealthy amount of time doing blog work and photo editing! Leave links to your day in photos posts below.