Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Celebrations for Non-Party People

Que the most last minute post I've done in SO long! Many of you may have noticed my tweets etc on how far advance I have posts scheduled for - it helps my anxiety to be organized but as time has drawn ever nearer for Halloween I (at the time of writing this on the 20th) am yet to see any posts for us anti-social beings this spooky season!

So this, is for you, my fellow tee total Halloween fans whose best friends are animals!
As much as I'd love to dress up and sharpen my scary make up skills, I feel a little silly being a zombie sitting stuffing my face with sweets so here's a list of alternative activities that you can enjoy whether alone, with your partner, best friend or dog!

To Do List
Carve Pumpkins - duh!! Although if you're like me you probably couldn't wait until All Hallows Eve itself to do this. You can get them for as little as 50p though and most likely even less today when the supermarkets are trying to get rid of them so it's the perfect time to get creative! Of course once you are done with them you can use the insides to cook something pumpkin-y or make a homemade face mask and after Halloween is over you can compost the 'shell', break it up to feed to birds or eat the innards of the shell yourself.

Bobbing for Apples - (and carrots in this house) - This is something I can do with Baker! He loves to eat both and loves playing in water, so that combined with it being a traditional Halloween party game (that not many people seem to do anymore) made it a must to include.

Get cosy with blankets in front of the fire - We're very lucky to have a a wood burner in our back living room so to set the mood for a movie watching I think it'll definitely have to be lit! For extra coziness, comfort and something to hide behind for scary scenes :P

What is any Holiday without movies?! I've been watching 'Halloween' movies all month just as I watch Christmas movies through the whole of December but of course the best way to do Halloween while having a quiet night in is with a host of good flicks! I may end up being alone in my viewing this year due to the shift Jake is on at work so it's best to keep them as tame as possible.

My Possible To-Watch List includes:
Sabrina the Teenage Witch Halloween Episodes.
Hocus Pocus
The Addams Family
(and those in the photo!)

Okay, so we've had some fun, gotten cosy and have the evenings viewing all sorted...what are we going to eat?? Well Halloween only happens once a year so I'm going all out for my dinner and movie treats. I'm a super fussy eater so pumpkin pie, toffee apples and anything with meat is off the table but I've been scratching my head and came up with a few ideas that might be cool!

To Eat List:
Spider Web Pizza - Any plain pizza with thin slices of cheese (or vegan alternative) placed in the pattern of a web. I used dried parsley and thin slivers of baguette to form the spider though olives etc would also be good if you like them

Ghost Brownies - Chocolate brownie base with a marshmallow, then topped with white icing and a black icing pen to create a face.

Skull 'n' Bone Fries - Potatoes cut into shapes, par boiled and cooked in the oven with a tiny bit of spray 'oil'. I also flavor mine with certain herbs.

Graveyard Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate mousse mixed with a little black food colouring for the 'soil'. Gravestone created with a custard cream, covered in grey icing and a black icing pen to write on it.

Jack O Lantern Tortillas - Two tortilla wraps cut into the shape of pumpkins. Cut a Jack O Lantern face into one, place cheese or filling of your choice on the other then replace the face and grill for a few minutes until desired texture.

Chewy Chocolate Mice - Chocolate brownie and marshmallow melted together. Mix with a little icing sugar to take away stickiness and mold into a mouse shape!

'Witches Hair' Black Spaghetti - Spaghetti pasta with black food colouring!

Surprise Filled Jelly - Your choosing flavor of jelly - green is usually the best for this but red is what I had. Pour a little into a glass and pop in a couple of Halloween shaped jelly sweets, let it set. Repeat step until your glasses or containers are full and all jelly is used.

I'm sure all of the above would be suitable for any Halloween parties where food is needed too...though maybe a little better presented haha. These were just all for my own consumption over the past week (actually I shared the mallow ghosts and have yet to eat the jelly)!

So yes, that's the plan for Baker and I's spooky evening in together this October 31st. Now I wanna know what you are gonna get up to! Leave your Halloween post links in the comments and if anyone else is gonna be home alone and fancies having a movie watching session together while chatting online - let me know!! :D


  1. Oh this post is so cool Danielle! I absolutely love all of the cool, spooky food you made - the marshmallow brownie ghosts are probably my favourites, but the skull and bones fries are genius! I love it. Will try to make something similar tomorrow, if I get the chance, for Halloween tomorrow. - Tasha

    1. Thanks!! I swear I haven't eaten as much rubbish as I did last week lol The fries were the best but sooo time consuming to do :P


  2. Oh my god this is all so so amazing haha! I wish I was as inventive as you!! xx

    1. Thank you very much!! Are you kidding? You're like Miss Creativity! haha


  3. This is so up my street! I'm not a massive party animal and much prefer a cosy night in. This food looks so good! You're so creative - I love the pizza web! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Ah so cool to hear that!! I know I wouldn't be the only one ;)
      Thank you so much!


  4. You know, I might just start cutting my chips into shapes for the fun of it all year round!

    1. I wouldn't recommend skulls and bones for daily consumption as it was very time consuming :P