Monday, 26 October 2015

My 2015 Halloween Decor!

Happy Halloweeeen!!

Today I have just a super quick photo post of this years decor! I had big hopes for this year but what with a busy October birthday and getting ready to go away to London in December I really had neither the funds nor time to do much more. 
As I've mentioned before Halloween isn't a time to party in my eyes (I never party anyways...) but a time to celebrate the end of summer, remember lost loved ones and more, so my decor isn't a spooky setting for visitors but rather just an expression of creativity and my own little harvest celebration :) 

Anyways, enough with the blah, blah, blah-ing! Here is what our backroom looks like this Halloween!

Pumpkin Paper Lanterns - Poundland, last year.
Beware Witch Casting Spells Sign - Home Bargains, 99p.
Cobwebs with Spiders - Poundland, last year.

Trick or Treat Sign - B&M, £1.49.
Plastic Skulls - Home Bargains, last year.
Glass Jars - Re-purposed candles.

Plastic Bats - Morrisons, last year (in the 3 for £1).
Halloween Banner - Morrisons, £1.99.
Sparkly Skull - Home Bargains, last year. 

Set of 3 Orange & Black Candles - B&M, £1.99.
Boo! Sign - Poundland, last year.
Skull Confetti - Asda, last year.

Glow in the Dark Ghosts - Morrisons, last year (in the 3 for £1)
Tin Can Candle Holders - Homemade! Painted Bean Tins with holes hammered in to create shapes!
Orange Glass Candle Tealight Holder - B&M, £1.49.

Trick or Treat Sign - Home Bargains, last year.
Green Ghost LED Lights - No idea they were just in my Halloween Decorations box haha!

That's all folks! Hope you liked this quick little peek at my decorations for this year. You can check out my previous years Halloweeny posts by clicking the links below:
Oh and as always, please do link your Halloween posts in the comments so I can check them out! :)


  1. Your decor is lovely! Love your tin can simple to make and cute! I didn't do too much this year I'd like to go all out but we stick to a pretty tight budget and I just didn't set enough time aside for a lot of DIYing decorations this year. Someday! :)

    1. Thank you! Yes! I made those last year and really liked how they turned out :)
      I really wish I had the time/ could afford to have a really classy Autumn like decor like in the US. Maybe on day :P


  2. I really love those ghosty lights, I wouldn't say no to some of them in my house :)

    1. Thank you! It's pretty weird but I didn't have them last year and didn't buy them this year...I just found them in my Halloween Decor box...


  3. Ooh! I like the decorations! The orange candles are my favorites!!!!!!!!
    Happy Halloween!
    Jade xo

  4. I absolutely adore the cobwebs on the chandelier and the little ghost lights, so cute! I love decorating for both Halloween and Christmas, I wish there were more time throughout the year I could add little things to the place. Love your decor posts for Halloween, and the origins one was really interesting! - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately so do the real spiders ;) haha
      I agree. The place always looks so bare when the decorations come down. Though there is only a month until the Xmas ones come out :P


  5. I love these decorations! I love putting stuff up for Halloween too :)


    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

  6. Ahh, I love how you decorated! I particularly like that black glittery sign - it's a nice, glamorous addition!

    I also giggled when I saw your tweet about cleaning your decorations away - while I loved having mine out, there is something quite satisfying about tidying them up after October 31st.


    1. Thank you! :)

      I know eh? I love taking decs down as much as putting them up :P