Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 55

October 18th - 24th 

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Kerri's News!
♥ Being included in Nic's 'Blog Love' post.
♥ Having Roadside Assistance/Recovery insurance.
♥ Having my Mam with me, so not having to be alone while waiting for the above.
♥ Baker being so excited to see me that I had to get him out of bed at 10.30pm.
♥ Sweet people on Twitter caring about me.
♥ Going to the opticians and finding out that my vision is perfect - wehay.
♥ So many more birdys singing recently.
♥ Baker wanting to join in when I was taking blog photos (see photo above)
♥ Getting my ironing done.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
11 Things Tag by More About Cat
[!] Downton Abbey
[!] 3rd Rock From The Sun S3
[!] Sabrina he Teenage Witch S4 & 5
[!] The Addams Family
[!] Return to Neverland
[!Mickey's House of Villains

Other Articles etc of Interest.
I've had such a busy week (despite being off from work!) that this post is already 4.5 hours late so no talking points this week :P


  1. I hope everything is OK with your car now in regards to the roadside assistance/recovery - that's never fun. Such an adorable photo of Baker too, he's such a cutie and thank you so much for including me twice in this post! You're an inspiration to me Danielle and your posts always makes me smile and that's why people on Twitter and here in the blogosphere love and care about you so much and how exciting was Kerri's news?! Lovely post! - Tasha

    1. Unfortunately it's leaving the family...after not even 2 months. Never mind! It mustn't have been meant to be. :P
      Thank you and you a very welcome. Ah Tasha - you really are always far too lovely to me - I don't know how to thank you.


  2. OMG people whining about 5p bags is winding me up so much! I've been waiting for this to happen for YEARS! Ireland brought it in as law when I was a tiny kid, it just makes sense! Baker is so cute, bless :'D and I was thrilled to hear Kerri's news too! Will have to read that blog post as I haven't yet...

    amber love

    1. I know eh? I've never understood why it didn't already exist or whatever...the people stealing baskets etc are pathetic!
      Yay! I'm chuffed for her and super jealous too lol


  3. Oh no, I hope you were ok after the car break down-where were you?? Thank God did roadside assistance. Baker is so cute-he almost blends in!!!
    The 5p bag whinge is so annoying, I don't know why people are annoyed-Germany they've done that for well over 16years!!
    P.s. I just realised you are from Newcastle (sorry, I'm dense!) Ha, I'm up in Northumberland later thus week-my favourite place!x

    1. Yeah I was fine thank you :) Even if the car isn't haha. We were on the Edinburgh City Bypass at rush hour...!
      haha Thank you - doesn't he :P
      Oh really I had no idea?! That's probably why Germany seems such a clean country as they respect the planet more than fools here ;)
      I'm from Berwick Upon Tweed (right on the border of England and Scotland) but I have lived in Newcastle. Where are you going to be? I love my home country <3 Hope you have a fab time!


  4. I already replied to your comment to thank you for including me, but I'll say it again, thank you for including my post and me in your happy things of the week! I'm smiling a lot from the other people talking about my news in the comments! You people!! I need to come back to the UK soon so I can make a little blogger road trip I think :)

    Oh the 5p bag thing... let's not get me started on that! People be crazy, just carry a bag with you people. Problem solved.

    1. You're very welcome. haha I know eh, we're all so chuffed for you! And I know! You're gonna have to do a Kerri and Kris tour lol!


  5. Oh no a breakdown, I had two punctures in a matter of months and I was by myself it was horrible!

    We have had the bag charge in Scotland for a while, I don't mind and I now have a collection of lovely reusable bags!

    1. Oh bless you!! That must have been awful :( I was so lucky to be with my Mam.
      I know eh?! It's a good excuse to get pretty bags :)