Friday, 23 October 2015

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #21

You know what this is by now, enjoy my recent Favorited videos and let me know one of yours in the comments below!

This struck a major cord with me with alot of Disney enthusiasts I've encountered... Your collection doesn't prove your love for something, only how much money you have. 

Just a puppy and hedgehog being cute. No big deal. 

This little Angel is the future of our World. Let's make more of them like this please!

This is touching, beautiful, magical and sad all at the same time.
Unfortunately the reality is they have lived a rubbish life until this point and not all that live their lives will get to have this ending. Please consider signing this petition to disallow the breeding and use of Beagles in testing. 

I love Penn & Teller, but this really didn't help much! haha

The Amazing Koko has some new babies in her life!

Think about the person inside before tarring a particular individual with the same brush as others.

At least it's an actually thing and not just 'me being silly' as I'm told :P

92 Years!!! :')

No words for this one.  Back to the Future Day done right <3


  1. I saw that back to the future clip on your blog facebook last night, I LOVED it ^_^
    Saved all those other links to my watch later list and will be catching up after work.
    Love these posts, it's always fun to find new things to watch through each other :)
    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

    1. It was a lovely dedication wasn't it?
      I hope you had fun watching them all!


  2. Oh I love Amy McLean's videos - she's one of my favourites, and her blog is amazing too. The Back to the Future video gave me all of the nostalgia! - Tasha

    1. Aww do you know her too?! Thats awesome.
      I'll admit I cried :P lol


  3. Omg phone anxiety is a thing! We'll who knew, glad I'm not alone. I always look forward to these posts keep them coming!

    1. Yes! I always though I just had issues lol. Thank you!!



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