Monday, 30 November 2015

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #22

The monthly peek into my YouTube favorites list! I hope you enjoy...

My Childhood Summed Up in One Video

A Simple Act of Kindness, Remembered Years Later. Amazing Story.

An Act of Strength for His Daughters Special Day. So Beautiful.

This Poor Deer Was Left Behind by It's Mother, But a Kind Man Nursed it and Then Reunited Them!

Pure Awe On The Faces of Children As They Meet Their Football Heroes.

[Apologies for Bad Language..] ..but Just Because We Are Tattooed, Does Not Mean We Are Dangerous.

A True Story of Going Under Preventative Surgery for BRCA.

I Obviously Get Excited For Every New Disney Trailer But..This!!!

An Old Video, But Very Relevant of Recent Times I Think.

This is the Perfect Combination Of Cute and Funny!

'They Might Have Guns, But We Have Flowers!' Awesome French Father Comforts Son.

... Let me know which video you enjoyed most as well as what you have been loving to watch lately!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 60

November 22nd - 28th

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ The super lovely nurse and doctor at A&E.
♥ Getting 2 new prints up in the store! (Check them out here and here)
♥ Counting 12 species of bird just on my walk to work.
♥ Going straight back out after work to photograph a pretty awesome sunrise.
♥ Being able to buy much needed materials for my Etsy due to sales!
♥ The blog turning 4 years old! 
♥ Laura coming to visit.
♥ Getting home safe from Edinburgh despite the terrible crowds and weather.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
[!] How I Met Your Mother S3
[!] Bedknobs and Broomsticks
[!] 12 Dates of Christmas
[!] Tomorrowland 

Other Articles etc of Interest.
Talking Points.
Nothing to report this week, mainly because although I have weekday posts scheduled until February I obviously have to do my Sunday posts during the week and complete them on a Saturday - this week I haven't had the time and therefore this is late as well as boring haha.

Friday, 27 November 2015

4 Years of Underland to Wonderland!

On the 27th of November 2011 I apparently sat down and created this space, after having deleted the previous one due to too many bad memories. This was actually my 4th attempt at a blog with others lasting between a week - a one dedicated to my first trip abroad alone (Disneyland Paris Feb/March 2010) which I updated each night while away for my parents to see - and a year (my first ever Project 365 in around 2007). Who knew that Underland to Wonderland, originally 'Once Upon A Time They Lived Happily Ever After', would be the one to stick.
Massive thank you to the beautiful Sian, who was overly sweet and sent my blog/me a card! :)
In the beginning this was purely an online diary where I blogged about days out and could express my opinions, my parents being the only readers I knew of. Back then I only followed a few American bloggers and exchanged comments but knew nothing of a community more than a blogging forum site, of which I can't even remember the name.
Not only did my blog change name, but the design has changed multiple times and I've become more aware of what I post (and by that I mean I stopped having as much of an opinion haha).
I've probably said all of this over and over again over the past years already, so instead of reminiscing I'm gonna choose some posts from the past year to re-share in celebration of my 4th blogiversary.

Most Fun to Write

Most Memorable

Most Viewed

Most Commented On

I'd love to know if you enjoyed any of these posts or what post you enjoyed that I haven't listed! Also - how long have you been reading Underland to Wonderland? Is anyone still here from the 'Once Upon A Time They Lived Happily Ever After' days? I bet it's obvious as to why I changed names eh?

Huge big thanks again to everyone who comes to this magical place. I hope you will continue to visit us on our journey of appreciation, inspiration and happiness <3

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Who Do You Think They Are #16

You know, when I started this series I had people tell me how shallow and narrow minded I was to be judging people by their 'cover'.  However during the past 2 years more people have gotten on board and understood the point of this so called social experiment and I haven't had to ask anyone to take part as I always have people offering to be 'judged'!
Thank you to all who have taken part so far and I hope you continue to enjoy it! 

A 23 year old female had this to say -
Name: Allison
Age: 25
Location: That looks like Greece to me, but judging by her appearance I'd say she's from Dorset.
Occupation: Teacher, or something with children. She looks very friendly!
Hobbies include: Blogging, beach-combing, scrap-booking and travel.
Musical taste: Chart music and a secret love of 90s cheese.
Other: l think she might be married, she has that look about her of being very contented. I also reckon she has a pet - possibly a dog, maybe a spaniel.

A 20-something year old female thought this -
Name: Mona Fuller
Age: 22-24 yrs old
Occupation: Office job at the local council
Location: small town, maybe Midlands

About Mona: Mona is an easy-going, very down-to-earth council lady from the Midlands area. She is a homey person, so she loves cosy evenings and snuggling up with her cat(s) after work. She appreciates a glass of wine and is generally a gregarious person who cares for her friends and loves people. Friendship is very important to her and she cares deeply for her friends and family. Mona is in a relationship and enjoys cooking and baking for her partner. In general, Mona is a very family orientated person and needs support and security from her loved ones.

Mona is friendly and open, but she seems shy and not too outgoing. I think she feels more comfy at home and in her own world. She isn't very spontaneous, hence why she can't cope well with changes as she loves routine. Because she needs her loved ones around her, she is also very deeply rooted with her local area and probably still lives where she has grown up. I would describe her as a settled woman who is a bit disinterested in the big adventures that await in the world.
She most likely drives a small car, something like a Ford KA.

A female guessed the following - 
Name: Claire Age: 27 Location: West Anglia Occupation: Student nurse Hobbies include: Travelling, cooking, reading Musical taste: Lots of pop or top 40 stuff Other: She looks very happy and smiley in her picture!

And the correct answers are -
Name: Monique aka Mona
Age: 26
Occupation: Book keeper
Location: George, Western Cape, South Africa
Hobbies include: Reading, Watching series, playing with my dogs and trying my hand at blogging.(is making lists of things a hobby? I enjoy that too. haha)
Musical Taste: Indie Rock, Alternative - bands like Fall out Boy, My chemical Romance
Other: Shy person. Dreams of Travelling. Animal lover. Wish I could adopt all the stray dogs in the world. Give me chocolate and I'm happy. Good sense of humor.

What do you think? Who was closest? Some super fun guessing this week :P 
Huge thank you to Mona for taking part! You can pop over and find out more about here on her blog - Wife of a Gamer!
I'd love to know if you guessed anything correctly and as always if you'd like to take part by either being 'judged' or being an anonymous 'judge' feel free to pop me an email to with 'Strangers' in the subject line.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Early Autumn Walkies!

As it's nearing winter and the colours are disappearing, I thought we'd take a flash back to the beginning of Autumn and bring you along on a dog walk to our special park where we captured the little things that to me sums up Autumn. 
I'll let the photos do the talking and if you'd like to see a similar post from last year, you can check it out here > Autumn. Up Close.

In the comments let me know what one thing to you is the epitome of this season for you?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 59

November 15th - 21st

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Baker perking up a bit though hes poorly.
♥ All of the birds that trust me on my way to work.
♥ A bowl of pasta and broccoli while watching movies.
♥ Warm dog naps under fluffy blankets.
♥ The first of the Xmas gift purchases.
♥ Selling a few calendars meaning we can afford to put the heating on.
♥ My ear muffs.
♥ Changing into dry PJs after being soaked in the rain.
♥ Seeing Nana.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

What I've Watched.
[!] How I Met Your Mother S2
[!] Saved by the Bell S2
[!] Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
[!] Hick
[!] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Other Articles etc of Interest.
Talking Points.
I didn't get to mention this last week what with more important talking points but I just wanted to do a little self promo of my 2016 photographic calendars for anyone who'd like to know more. 
Last year I put together my 1st annual North East nature and wildlife calendar and it was pretty well received, though it wasn't really financially viable for me. However, after not planning on doing one this year due to the previous point, I had quite a few requests and so ended up putting one together.
Below is a quick peek of it and I have 6 left for sale. If you'd like to see the full photo line up give me a shout on twitter or facebook and I'll show you where you can see it. They are £10 each + postage for those who can't collect. Let me know if you fancy one :)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Exploring Edinburgh // The Museum of Childhood

Welcome to November 2014 and March 2015! Indeed, these photos are that old - I told you when I go for a day out I take enough photos to last a year. These were obviously taken on two separate occasions and on my old camera hence the quality. 

To begin I should introduce you to where you'll be touring with me today. This is the Museum of Childhood, located on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. It houses a vast collection of toys, games and other childhood items from around the 1950s to the 1990s serving as a cool blast from the past for adults as well as learning tool to show children what kiddies played with before Ipads and Wiis existed.
Spread out over 4 floors, there are 5 galleries, below is a few snaps from throughout them all.

You see the snap of the doll room?! Very creepy I'm sure you'll agree! Though there are so many from all over the world and from different time periods that it is rather fascinating to see the similarities and differences. My favorite part of that room is the teddy bears! They have one that I had as a child, a collection of Steiff bears and a set up of them having a teddy bears picnic - so cute and one of the odd items that has stood the test of time being a popular choice of toy these days as well as way back when.

Being 24 (at the time of visiting) and going with my parents made it a much more special than I can imagine it being with young children, as not only were there lots of things I could remember from my own childhood, but so much that my Mam and Dad pointed out too making it fun to see in person toys and games they've spoken about having in the past.

Another section that was close to my heart were the books. They have a range of stunning old children's stories from Hans Christian Andersen to the amazing Brothers Grimm and of course something right out of my early years - Beatrix Potter. Give me one of those stunning covers in replacement of an iPad or Kindle or whatever anyday!
I think I have now visited this particular Edinburgh Museum 3 times and I have found something new to look at every time. The collection is so vast that you could easily while away a few hours without even knowing it.
When you do leave you have the opportunity to take something home with you from your visit to the past from their fab little gift shop. Ask Jake, I love a gift shop haha.

Let me know if you've ever been to the Museum of Childhood and what your favorite part was. Is it something you'd like to visit if you haven't?

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

No Post On Sundays!

...But there is on Thursdays, eeek!!

Finally! The post you have all been waiting for! 
Well the fellow Potter fans...that saw my Facebook and twitter posts on this...I think? Well whether you've been waiting on it or not it's here and I am excited! 

Yes, this is indeed my acceptance letter to Hogwarts - only 14 years late :)
See, I always knew I was different. People at school told me so, I believed so and I always had a strange connection to all magical worlds I experienced. Through the terrible bullying, mental and physical illness, to deaths, domestic abuse and low living, the one place I have always belonged was in a fantasy land. 

A few years ago while searching a particularly creative magical world (Etsy), I came across the most wonderful lady. She had an office (store) that provided a service of finding peoples missing letters! Well the years came and went with her store favorited to remember on a day when I had some money to treat myself, and so as my 25th birthday approached I decided it was time. I got in touch and for a small fee her postal office (store) relocated (created and sent out) my Hogwarts letter that had never made it to it's final destination!
Just in time for my trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in December!

It felt like forever from the day of ordering until this dropped through my letter box. In fact it was only 9 days which is pretty darn magical when it was handmade and shipped all the way from Hawaii!
Unfortunately there was a typo on my envelope* - I don't blame the wizard who addressed it, muggle addresses can be pretty weird - and I am only bringing this up because I have to mention and commend the immensely helpful customer service I received. I messaged right away and politely stated the discrepancy, only to be replied to within the hour. I was overwhelmed by such a fantastic and understanding response. Hoping for maybe a replacement envelope so that I can frame it all together, Niki insisted on sending a whole new letter and when I mentioned my excitement to blog about it she offered a coupon code for you all to use too! How lovely is that?!

But before I give you it I must run through the facts first.
Described as the 'LOST Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Acceptance Lettertance Letter', this fantastic item comes wrapped up in an envelope covered in 'lost' stamps proving that the owls just couldn't find you, addressed to you as specifically, as it was Harry, and sealed with a (faux) wax seal in either red or gold (I chose the gold/yellow to go with my sorting into Hufflepuff ;P).
Inside is your official acceptance letter signed in emerald ink by Professor McGonagall herself, alongside your list of everything first years require and a one way ticket on the Hogwarts express.

Letters and envelope being 'written' on such quality fine parchment paper you would assume that it would cost so much more, so I'll let you guess....go on....guess now....before telling you that your Hogwarts acceptance letter is only £9.54 minus P&P away from you!
Hold on, actually scratch that, as you guys can get 10% off a letter from Niki's Curiosity Emporium right away by entering 'THANKYOU10' at the checkout!! :O Awesome much?! Yup, you're welcome haha.

Hopefully you are as in awe and as enthusiastic about being able to finally get your hands on your Hogwarts letter as I am. I cannot wait to get a box frame and get this displayed proudly on my living room wall for all witches, wizards and muggles alike to see. Huge apologies for the amount of exclamation points in this post, evidently I'm rather obsessed with my special birthday gift to myself.
Just as a heads up too, I didn't actually get my 'real' address on the front as the house we live in is rented and I wanted it to be relevant for years to come. Instead I used mine (and Harry's coincidentally) real door number with a made up street name that describes my area with my real town and county.
What I want to know is if your letter finally arrived, what would the first line state?? Under the stairs like the original Mr Potter, In the Basement, The Door at the Bottom of the Hall or something else? Please let me know in the comments!! I'd love to know.

I want to finish this post by saying that I actually bought and paid for this all of my own accord as it is something I've longed for for years. The only reason I got a coupon code for you all to use was because Niki was extra kind when dealing with the typo and offered it to me. Of course these, as always, are all my own opinions and lastly, if you decide to order yours too I hope you love it as much as I do mine.

*this was why I was able to include a photo of the back and front of the envelope in the same photo above. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

My Life In Photos // October Celebrations!

Oooh a special 2 day edition of 'My Life in Photos'?! Yes, indeed. Seeing as my birthday was on the Monday and most of my celebrating happened on the Sunday I thought it'd be nice for me to double up the memories so I can look back on this and remember it all. The first 8 photos are from Sunday the 11th of October and the following 6 from my actual Birthday - the 12th!

1// Work done, got dressed and straight in the car to drive South!
2// I've been here before with Jake when we lived down near by, but today I had fun exploring Woodhorn Colliery Museum with Mam.
3// When I found out that the famous ceramic Poppies from London were going on tour I was excited that the North East was actually getting something for a change and had to make the time to see them. Very pretty.
4// Afterwards we made our way to my friend Laura's house where we swapped into her car and headed to town to drop off Mam!

5// At the Metrocentre we spent a little time shopping, then I got treated to a birthday lunch at Pizza hut! :)
6// It seems we were too busy (window) shopping again after lunch to take any photos, so here's us having a quick glass of juice with Mam and Dad before going to our next destination...
7// DISNEY ON ICE, yo!!!
8// Just waving goodbye to my Homeboy Mickey after an awesome couple of hours <3

9// I didn't get to see this boy allll day yesterday so, after work, getting him up from bed and having lots of hugs made my birthday morning extra special.
10// Baker's Granda came round after he finished work to sit with him so that Jake and I could get out by ourselves for an extra a rare mini 'date' day at Eyemouth.
11// A nice walk along the harbor. Bird watching and seal hunting.

12// Such beautiful weather and scenery on our drive home.
13// Once we got home we bundled everyone in the car, picked up Mam from work and headed to their house for a bit. Claire popped round too with the most thoughtful and very me gifts <3
14// Finally back home again and getting the fire lit to take away this autumn chill until bedtime. 
(ps. I took the glass tealight holder off the top of the fire after I took this photo - I'm not that silly :P)

Ahh, a very busy but very lovely couple of days. This may not be everyone's idea of celebrating a 25th birthday but it was pretty darn perfect for me. The people I care about, museums, Disney, walking = everything to me. There will also be separate posts on Woodhorn and Eyemouth to come at some point and you can see my birthday haul here, part one of my photos from Woodhorn here and Disney on Ice photography here!!