Wednesday, 4 November 2015

2015 Project 365 // October

Hold the phone! As of today we only have 58 days until 2016 :O...
Not only that but this October marked 1 full year since our last Disney trip as well as my 25th birthday! There have been ups and downs, awesome days and lots of illness but overall it was a good one. I don't know why but October is one of my favorite months - no, it's not because of my birthday lol. 
Let's check out my month in photo overview! To see the photos in full size & read about them, click here.

Highlights From This Month Were -
- Disney Movie Rewards!
- The first fire of the year.
- Seeing the Poppies at Woodhorn. (Blog post up on Friday!)
- My Hogwarts letter arriving. (Post coming soon!)

There we have it another 31 photos closer to completing Project 365 again. Leave the links to your photo projects in the comments and feel free to pop over to my second blog to keep up with my project in real time (I upload a weeks worth of photos every Thursday over there!).


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    1. Thank you! I really do love having such a large photo diary of the past few years.