Friday, 13 November 2015

Inked & Awesome // Kyle Lockwood

Name: Kyle Lockwood
Age: 19
Occupation: Lifeguard/Gym instructor

Tell me about your very first tattoo.
I was about 13/14 and my friend had an Indian needle and some ink, he drew the worst cross I have ever seen just above my wrist, of course I had it covered up.

Do your tattoos effect your job, have they in the past?
They haven't effected any of my jobs so far, although as a lifeguard you have to prey you won't have to jump in during the healing process!

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed?
I have received some so called "banter" from my friends about the cross tattoo as when it got covered up you can still see the bottom of it, so I call it the thorn as its right underneath the rose tattoo. I also had some problems with work colleagues about the Lego tattoo as its "childish" but that doesn't really bother me.

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours?
My mum and sister love tattoos and art so for them it was fine and they didn't have a problem, but my nan isn't a fan and I always get a lecture when I get a new one.

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it.
My favourite piece is the joker, I love the detail and the effort the artist put into the tattoo as he was constantly reminding me how excited he was to compete it!

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it? Do you think all tattoos should have meaning?
The Lego Joker tattoo, some may say it looks childish and I'm too old but it means a lot more than people think. I'm nearly 20 and my best memories are of my childhood when I used to play pokemòn and play with my Lego. I am also a huge fan of the Joker franchise as no joker in a batman film has ever had the Same storyline or the same personality and that's what attracts me most as I feel as if I can relate, so why not put them both together?!! Tattoos are art and if you are a fan of art then you should consider a tattoo, they don't have to mean anything but it's all about personal preference.

Are you planning anymore?
Of course! I'm planning to get my left arm covered in a kind of strange patterned animal sleeve, and I'm thinking about getting my left leg done but that'll have to wait for now.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?' ?
I'd say "imagine having 5/6 needles constantly digging into your skin, that's what it feels like"

Tattoos are perfectly safe and a beautiful way to express yourself in a strangely stress relieving way, just remember if you are getting tattoos to impress your friends then you aren't getting a tattoo for the right reasons.

Thank you very much Kyle for obliging to take part!
If you are interested in participating in this feature, feel free to pop me and email over to with INKED AND AWESOME in the subject line! I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Great post and love the joker tattoo! Thanks for sharing :)

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  2. Love these posts, seeing the designs is always so cool! I love the sun and moon one. - Tasha