Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Who Do You Think They Are #16

You know, when I started this series I had people tell me how shallow and narrow minded I was to be judging people by their 'cover'.  However during the past 2 years more people have gotten on board and understood the point of this so called social experiment and I haven't had to ask anyone to take part as I always have people offering to be 'judged'!
Thank you to all who have taken part so far and I hope you continue to enjoy it! 

A 23 year old female had this to say -
Name: Allison
Age: 25
Location: That looks like Greece to me, but judging by her appearance I'd say she's from Dorset.
Occupation: Teacher, or something with children. She looks very friendly!
Hobbies include: Blogging, beach-combing, scrap-booking and travel.
Musical taste: Chart music and a secret love of 90s cheese.
Other: l think she might be married, she has that look about her of being very contented. I also reckon she has a pet - possibly a dog, maybe a spaniel.

A 20-something year old female thought this -
Name: Mona Fuller
Age: 22-24 yrs old
Occupation: Office job at the local council
Location: small town, maybe Midlands

About Mona: Mona is an easy-going, very down-to-earth council lady from the Midlands area. She is a homey person, so she loves cosy evenings and snuggling up with her cat(s) after work. She appreciates a glass of wine and is generally a gregarious person who cares for her friends and loves people. Friendship is very important to her and she cares deeply for her friends and family. Mona is in a relationship and enjoys cooking and baking for her partner. In general, Mona is a very family orientated person and needs support and security from her loved ones.

Mona is friendly and open, but she seems shy and not too outgoing. I think she feels more comfy at home and in her own world. She isn't very spontaneous, hence why she can't cope well with changes as she loves routine. Because she needs her loved ones around her, she is also very deeply rooted with her local area and probably still lives where she has grown up. I would describe her as a settled woman who is a bit disinterested in the big adventures that await in the world.
She most likely drives a small car, something like a Ford KA.

A female guessed the following - 
Name: Claire Age: 27 Location: West Anglia Occupation: Student nurse Hobbies include: Travelling, cooking, reading Musical taste: Lots of pop or top 40 stuff Other: She looks very happy and smiley in her picture!

And the correct answers are -
Name: Monique aka Mona
Age: 26
Occupation: Book keeper
Location: George, Western Cape, South Africa
Hobbies include: Reading, Watching series, playing with my dogs and trying my hand at blogging.(is making lists of things a hobby? I enjoy that too. haha)
Musical Taste: Indie Rock, Alternative - bands like Fall out Boy, My chemical Romance
Other: Shy person. Dreams of Travelling. Animal lover. Wish I could adopt all the stray dogs in the world. Give me chocolate and I'm happy. Good sense of humor.

What do you think? Who was closest? Some super fun guessing this week :P 
Huge thank you to Mona for taking part! You can pop over and find out more about here on her blog - Wife of a Gamer!
I'd love to know if you guessed anything correctly and as always if you'd like to take part by either being 'judged' or being an anonymous 'judge' feel free to pop me an email to with 'Strangers' in the subject line.


  1. Thank you for featuring me :)
    Can't believe somebody guessed my name right, so random. I do drive a small car too, a Hyundai Atos thou.

    1. Thank you for taking part!! I know, so weird right?!


  2. The second guesser was really into Mona's life story! They definitely thought a lot into this :)