Monday, 30 November 2015

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #22

The monthly peek into my YouTube favorites list! I hope you enjoy...

My Childhood Summed Up in One Video

A Simple Act of Kindness, Remembered Years Later. Amazing Story.

An Act of Strength for His Daughters Special Day. So Beautiful.

This Poor Deer Was Left Behind by It's Mother, But a Kind Man Nursed it and Then Reunited Them!

Pure Awe On The Faces of Children As They Meet Their Football Heroes.

[Apologies for Bad Language..] ..but Just Because We Are Tattooed, Does Not Mean We Are Dangerous.

A True Story of Going Under Preventative Surgery for BRCA.

I Obviously Get Excited For Every New Disney Trailer But..This!!!

An Old Video, But Very Relevant of Recent Times I Think.

This is the Perfect Combination Of Cute and Funny!

'They Might Have Guns, But We Have Flowers!' Awesome French Father Comforts Son.

... Let me know which video you enjoyed most as well as what you have been loving to watch lately!


  1. Oh gosh.. I get teary eyed every time about that little boy & his dad in Paris. What a good dad.
    The hugs for the Muslim guy got me in the choky place in my throat too!
    I could watch that Disney 90's over & over & over & over

    1. I'm with you! I've cried every watch. He's amazing - such a fabulous way of teaching him how to cope.