Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My Life in Photos // Working Hard in November

1 more of these and I'll have been doing this series for a full year! Woah. No word of a lie and not being cliche at all, but this year has been the fastest one in a long time. It's flown by and that is madness. I'm not a fan of time going fast, people wishing the days away and life disappearing - it's so short as it is and I don't want it to whizz past. 
A lot of people do the 'Photo an Hour' posts and I'd love to join in on that but because I do so much of certain things the photos would be boring. For example, in this post I edited photos for about 4 hours in the you see what I mean?
I enjoy my way of doing it anyways haha I hope you're still enjoying them too.

1// You know winter is coming when the sun hasn't even fully risen and you've already been to and come home from work! 
2// Most day's morning routine begins with blog work of some sort. Today I got some photos edited while catching up on YouTube and having dog snuggles.
3// Better get at least some house work done...popping the laundry on.
4// Back onto the laptop and getting some photo editing from a recent shoot done, ready to send them to the family.
5// Are there any other dinner options in this weather than soup?!

6// I always find it amazing when someone from another country buys one of my prints. It's amazing to write out the different addresses.
7// Off to meet Mam to walk to the Post Office in the pouring rain! She then came back to mine to see Baker. He sits on everyone's knee but you'd think he was magnetized to my Mam.
8// Football is not my favorite, though Jake loves it, but as it was England v France I wanted to see the start and obviously cried a lot.
9// Smile!
10// Most nights I go into the spare room just to look out at the sky and bridge. I love that I'm so close to it and seeing this after the football was pretty special.

Dark mornings, even darker nights. It should be normal going to bed when it's dark but I'm so used to it still being light at my bedtime haha. Obviously this was from back in November but it was a Monday, so I wanna know all about how your Mondays look! Send links or tell me about it in the comments :)


  1. Oh Baker! Pete sits on people's knees too, whether he's invited or not!
    My Mondays start with a dog walk, obvs. That first walk of the day has made me sort of love Mondays, it gets me going for the week. Plus, the shortest day of the year was this Monday just gone so it's all good from here on out!
    M x

  2. Baker is adorable! Congrats on keeping up the series for the whole year thats amazing, lifestyle posts like this and vlogs are always my favourites- I love seeing the types of things people get up to in their daily life :) xx

  3. Awww that first shot of the skies is beautiful Danielle and Baker is always the cutest. I love these posts and well done on keeping it up for a whole year that's brilliant! This year has whizzed by for me too, sometimes I wish I could slow things down a little. Merry Christmas to you! - Tasha

  4. I know I'm really late to comment on here, actually I was just catching up and having a little read - but I just wanted to chime in say that I love the way you do these posts and sometimes I think about doing mine the same way, when I'm being particularly boring some Saturdays :)