Monday, 28 December 2015

The 30 Disney Q's (in 5 minutes) Tag!!

Soo this was originally bookmarked as a video idea to film but as I'm no longer filming I decided I still wanted to answer the questions and that it'd convert into a written post no bother.
Although I cannot prove how long it took me to originally answer these questions I will say I didn't do it in under 5 minutes as my memory is rubbish and I go 'umm' a lot, but it wasn't much longer haha. 
It was all a bit of fun for me anyways to actually try and be fully decisive for a change so here we go, 30 Disney questions in (just over*) 5 minutes.

1.) Favorite Character
Mickey (and Minnie!)

2.) Favorite Princess
Snow White

3.) Favorite Heroine
Merida - also technically a Princess, I know! But she's from my neck of the woods, a fellow red head and her whole story and movie is just fab.

4.) Favorite Prince
Eric as he was the only Prince who had a dog...I think.

5.) Favorite Hero
Most recently I'd have to say Bing Bong, from Inside out, bless him.

6.) Favorite Animal

7.) Favorite Sidekick

8.) Favorite Villain
Uh, none! They're all baddies! For the sake of this I'll say the Queen of Hearts though, she's sweet if you stay on her right side.

9.) Favorite Original Character (Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, etc)
Donald. He is pretty underrated if you ask me. I really like Oswald too.

10.) Favorite Love Song
I'm not a big one for the lovey dovey songs so I'll go for 'Can you feel the love tonight?' from the Lion King!

11.) Favorite Song
Oh gosh! I probably say a different song every time for this as there are so many but right at this moment I'll say When You Wish Upon A Star.

12.) Favorite Villain Song
'Friends on the other side'. So much soul in that whole movie!

13.) Least Favorite Song
'Let it Go' , please, can we just let it go for real now?

14.) Favorite Kiss
Lady and the Tramp <3

15.) The First Movie You Saw
I was far to young to remember so I've no idea but I think it was The Little Mermaid.

16.) Favorite Classic
Alice in Wonderland

17.) Song that always gets stuck in your head
Prince Ali! haha I sing it to Baker and Jake and Jake get's so annoyed by it :P

18.) Favorite Pixar Film
Toy Story as it reminds me of when I was little and had to make sure all my toys and teddies had a 'friend' so they didn't get lonely.

19.) Least Favorite Pixar Film

20.) Favorite Sequel
The Rescuers Down Under. Or if we are including live action movies too, National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

21.) Overrated Movie
Frozen!! Anyone that doesn't agree obviously hasn't seen many Disney films.

22.) Underrated Movie

23.) Movie That Makes You Laugh
All of them, but in particular Cool Runnings, College Road Trip and A Bugs Life.

24.) Movie That Makes You Cry
All of them, but in particular anything where an animal dies and Saving Mr Banks.

25.) The Saddest Scene From Your Favorite Movie
This one -

26.) Saddest Death
Bing Bong! Bambi's mother. Mufasa. Can't choose.

27.) Favorite Quote
'In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun'

28.) Favorite Theme Park
There is only the one for me, Disneyland Paris.

29.) Favorite Theme Attraction
Mark twain river boat, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast, Ratatouille. One from each land (and the WDS park) for you 'cause ain't no body got time to choose just one!

30.) Favorite Theme Park Show
I have special memories from Main Street Electrical Parade as a child, though that closed in 2003 or something at DLP. Stars in cars also gives me good memories and I feel is pretty underrated. Dreams also has to have a mention as I love the all round use of projections, pyrotechnics, fireworks etc through it.

*I only timed from start to finish the initial choosing and typing of the answers. Editing of spelling, layout and images not included.


  1. Oh I love this tag!! Definitely going to have to do it myself! ps. I am SO with you- Frozen is terribly over-rated!!

    Renee | Lose the Road

    1. Yes! I'd love to read yours :)
      Thank goodness you agree ;)


  2. How fun is this! I'm going to have to jump on this one...

    1. Super fun eh? Make sure to come back and link your post here so we can all read it :)


  3. Ooh, this is a great tag, I totally believe you did it in just over 5 minutes as you are a Disney buff :) it's terrible but I've never seen Tomorrowland. Frozen is very much overrated, to think it came out about 2 years ago and it's still the main thing in gifts and accessories and things x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. Aww haha a Disney buff, I don't know but I'll take that as a major compliment! <3 Thank you!!
      Oh you really need to check out Tomorrowland, the message behind it was absolutely amazing and more people need to see it.
      Right?! It's about time we were able to get so much merch for other movies too not just frozen.


  4. Ah this is such a good tag post! I love reading about people's favourite Disney choices - pikcing songs is always a hard one for me but when it comes to villians I think Hades will always be my favourite - it's the sassy attitude, it's just so perfectly voiced by James Woods too, and I love the fact you love Friends on the Other Side as Dr Facilier was one of my favourites - I wish he'd been in the film more! Love Merida too, the film is so sweet. - Tasha

    1. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it. To be honest these answers will all probably be different if I were to do it again today haha. There's too much to love with Disney that it's pretty hard to settle on faves...

  5. I love this, I may just have to try it out myself haha! I watched a programme today on "the nation's favourite Disney songs" and Let It Go was No. 4. I wasn't happy, but I was glad it wasn't No. 1 like I originally was dreading! xx

    1. Oh you really must!!
      Urrgh, I guess #4 is better than #1 but I still wouldn't even place it at all.


  6. I am officially taking this tag and doing it in the New Year! Amazing post! Aw Bing Bong, just thinking about that scene in Inside Out makes me choke up a little!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I'll look forward to seeing it! Oh I know right, he's such a lovely character.


  7. Oh god, that scene from Alice in Wonderland! It gets me every single time!

    1. I'm glad it isn't just me!! I think it's all the sad 'animals' that get me lol


  8. Love this! I love your blog as I am a disney girl forever, I can no get enough disney, especialy the classics!


    1. Thanks so much! Oh that's for sure...never enough Disney!!


  9. Love this! Sophie xx

  10. Just finished doing this tag! It was so much fun - thank you for this! I love Disney, so your blog is certainly a wonderland for me to explore! <3