Monday, 11 January 2016

My Non-Resolutions, Resolutions // Take 3!

Here we are again. A start of another new year and hopefully the stream of 'lose weight', 'perfect my eyeliner technique' and other equally as legit but sooo not me goal posts have trickled away by now.
Like all posts I don't like to follow the grain (I said this last year) mainly because I don't like to read lots of versions the same post so assume others must feel similar, hence waiting until now and having my own spin on a 'Resolutions' post.
If you'd like to check out the past two years versions of this post you can do here [2014] and here [2015]! 


My Proudest Moment in 2015.
My goodness, I'm only on the first point and I'm already struggling. Hmm. It's not that there isn't any, it's that there wasn't anything too significant. I guess I'll choose the fact I have finally, completely cut out all meat of my diet. I have only ever eaten small amounts of chicken and very occasionally bacon anyway, so as I started taking supplements I got rid of the unnecessary 100%.
As someone who only uses cruelty-free products, does stuff for animal causes etc and has always loved animals so much, it's something I should have done long ago but have never had the support about. It's a big step.
I'm also proud of my mini rescue mission when I 'saved' this baby pigeon

A Time When I Disappointed Myself in 2015.
Well this is gonna sound weird unless you know the story of everything that happened, but getting my car. The past two years in these very posts it's been my goal to be in the position to have a car again but when Dad and I finally got it, it was just a whole heck load of fail haha. We had it a total of 7 weeks and within that time had 5 different things go wrong with it...yeah, I'm disappointed that we weren't smarter about it all and how we were tret by the seller, but that won't happen again.

General Happy Highlights from 2015.
Good family friends of ours coming to visit and getting to explore with them, Baker and his friend (their dog) Bell.
People actually requesting me to do a 2016 calendar after liking last years.
Getting to do two awesome shoots for some lovely people that I know and actually being pretty happy with some of the photos. Due to my fear of strangers/social anxiety (I hate to use that term as it seems now that it's a trend to have) I rarely take on shoots now but I really enjoyed both of these - you can check them out here and here
Having a lovely time at Alnwick Gardens for our 4th anniversary! 4 years man. How mad is that?! And our 5th Christmas together has just passed. It feels a lot longer to tell you the truth, but I'm still no further forward with the Disney converting :P

What I Am Most Thankful for Last Year.
Where I live. The safety of where you live while some horrific events have happened in this country and around the world is something you can't not be thankful for.
Not only involving terrorism or natural disasters but just crime in general as since we moved away from the city there have been 3 murders near where we lived. Murders. How completely terrifying and so terribly sad for those effected.
There is obviously crime everywhere, and things still happen in my town but where we live now is a lot better, closer to my parents and generally a nicer feeling to be in.

Favorite Blog Posts from Last Year.


Looking forward to this year.
A few things, but I suppose the main thing I have to say (seeing as I've been counting down since it was a year and like 5 months to go) is Disneyland Paris! Yay. I'm coming home :) We're going while the Christmas celebrations are on and it'll be my first time during that season so I can't wait to photograph it all haha - though I am hoping soo badly that Frozen will have magically disappeared finally. Oh and not only that but I get to meet Kerri too which is gonna be pretty awesome. 

Am going to do differently.
In short - blog. I really need to just forget about the 'community' and remember why I started. When I started I had no idea there were other people doing the same, nor that it was a 'career'. The blogging world has vastly changed and I have fallen victim to the incessant comparisons, number watching and taking it to heart when people unfollow (though it's usually because I haven't followed back I assume). That will change though. This year I don't care anymore - it's back to blogging for me and no one else.

Strive to achieve.
A particular fundraising event I had planned fell through last year. It's a pretty big thing for me to do, so my main goal is to get it done this year. I am really excited about it and just hope that all goes to plan and it can go ahead in 2016! Not just that but I want to do more for others in general.
I have a few ideas so far but most of them take money to start with so perhaps if sales increase with the Etsy I'll do lots more. Keep an eye out as I'll be sharing a few ideas you can do too!

Other goals.
- After Disney is all paid and spending money sorted, get saving for a bloomin' house deposit!
- Hopefully find a 2nd part time job.
- Make more time for Jake and I to spend together. I made this a goal last year and we failed. I hope that once a month we can do something together, even just watch a movie while eating tea! (We don't hate each other or anything, just have conflicting shifts haha)
- Try to reach 1000 followers before the blog turns 5 years old. (I know that sounds slightly contradictory after my above point, but I mean real followers. Not f4f-ers etc)
- Read more. 
- Fill in the scrapbooks I bought for 2013, 14 & 15 which are still sitting empty...

Thanks for reading guys. If you managed to make it through all of my slavvering, congratulations haha. Let me know some of your goals, hopes and things you're looking forward to in 2016 and feel free to leave your posts in the comments!


  1. YES! I just checked, I can finally book DLP! I will look into it this week - and maybe wait until payday to book something :)

    I think one of my proudest moments has to be taking the plunge to go vegan and watching my life come together because of it, also making steps to look for a new job, despite it all falling through, it was nice to be proactive about it.

    I hope you get to do your fundraising event! I want to hear all about it :) I'd love to join in if possible too - donate or something :)

    1. Ooooh how exciting!!! :D We still can't book the Eurostar but obviously the whole holiday apart from that has been sorted.

      100% an awesome thing to be proud of - I'm proud of you for it.

      Thank you. Already it has had to be pushed back which is pretty rubbish but for safety reasons I can't do it alone and it's hard for people to get that amount of time off work :/


  2. Scrapbooking is about the most satisfying thing in the world - I hope you find the time for that. I made one for the husband in our first year of togetherness (bleurgh) and it's turned into something lush. DO IT! Sending you lots of luck for your other goals too - I'm well jel you and Kerri will be hanging around Disneyland together and at Chrimbo! I've LOVED reading your blog this year (last year? All the years!) and really hope 2016 brings you good things.
    M x

    1. I'll definitely have to make the time for it if you recommend it! I have an overflowing memory box that would be easier to look back on if they were in the books and in order.
      As if DLP wasn't good enough there will be Kerri (and Kris) too, yipee! Those blog posts will be fun.
      Thank you so much for your continued support and encougement Michelle.You taking time out of your day to visit my little blog means a whole lot!!


  3. I like this style of resolution making way more than the usual stuff. I'm not sure I could identify my proudest moment of last year after it was so tough on me but what I am taking away from 2015 is that I'm a lot stronger than I thought.
    I need to get scrapbooking too. That and filling my photo albums, especially the ones for my wedding and honeymoon. That's the only thing I dislike about digital cameras - I never print out actual photos!
    Hope 2016 gives you everything you would like!
    Debi x

    1. Thank you! :) I think that in itself should be a proud moment - your strength. You're a wonderful person.
      We're almost into February and I still haven't started the scrapbooks...oops! I'm lucky to have my big photo printer so I can do my own cause the costs can add up these days!
      Thank you Debi - you too.


  4. I wish you all the best this year lovely! I hope you achieve your goals!
    So proud of you for cutting meat out of your diet!I tried it once but it didn't work. It's hard when being surrounded by people who do eat it. I am trying again to atleast eat less meat. It'sva start right
    Jade xo

    1. Thank you Jade and I, you <3
      My Dad used to be a butcher! So I know exactly what you mean being surrounded by others who eat it.
      I find it easier now I have my own house.


  5. greeat post! sounds lie some really good goals for the year! Wishing you an amazing one!


  6. Totally loved this post. So differently beautiful!!

    New Post@

  7. Oh wow, Disneyland Paris! I'm jealous! I went about 12-14 years ago and I remember loving it, and being so in awe. It was fantastic. I want to take my OH one day, but in order to do that he needs to stop spending money on smart gadgets and saving it for holidays! Haha. Also, I hate the idea of leaving my little cat, so I'd have to get over that! Anyway, hope you have a fab time in Disneyland Paris, and I hope you have a great 2016. Loved this post, love your blog :) x x

    1. Haha! Bless you, I'm sure you'll make it there soon - it's a lot more affordable than people think.
      The good thing about my OH hating Disney is that he stays at home with our dog. It's the only holiday I'd go on where Baker doesn't go too and he would if Disney allowed dogs haha.
      Thanks so much Aimee.


  8. Love this post Danielle - can relate to a lot of what you said especially the points about blogging and not feeling pressured by the 'community' as it should be fun and you deserve more followers because you always post something interesting and different! This year I'm starting to phase out and head towards vegetarianism too - it's something I want to at least get back into again as when I was a vegetarian I felt great all round. Lovely photos and of course that Edinburgh Zoo birds blog post was one of my favourites too! - Tasha

    1. Great minds think alike ;)
      Ah you're too kind <3 Wishing you all the luck for a wonderful year - I'm sure you'll do amazing at anything you wish to achieve.
      Thanks so much for your constant support.