Sunday, 24 January 2016

Weekly Reflections // Week 68

January 17th - 23rd.

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Having my Mam on a Monday! (Her day off changed)
♥ Finding stunning antique furniture when I least expected it.
♥ Doctors visits that settle your mind.
♥ Having Amanda mention me in her Blogger Recognition Award post <3
♥ Dad. 
♥ Getting all comments on this here blog answered!
♥ Clearing my 6 memory cards fully (for the first time since about 2013), transferring into folders on the external hard drive.
♥ Making up a 'recipe' and home making some cheesy dough balls!
♥ Seeing this year's Panto with Mam - though missing Nana for the 1st year.
♥ The best, squeeziest, cosiest sofa nap with Baker.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
Snapshots from a Cold, Winter Morning Walk by My Return Ticket
So… I Was a Little Bit Irritated… by Jenny In Neverland
Vintage Disneyland Paris by Dollies Buttons
The Lost in a Book Tag by Wife of a Gamer
My Disney Trip Haul! by Lottie Does Disney
Highlights: 2015 Edition by Bloo N Stuff
A Little Announcement by Tiny Bird Heart
Vegan Leather Jacket by Ancas Lifestyle
That's A Sirius Amount of Selfies! WB Studio Tour Pt 1 by Sweet is Always in Style
To Inverness & Beyond! by Life After LDN
Styling Summer Dresses for Winter by G is for Gingers
The Lost in a Book Tag by Shout John
That one time I visited Hogwarts! by A Spoonful of Sugar
The Uk’s BEST Big Cat Experience by The Lucky Truth
Vanilla Sponge Cake || Baking Basics by Cakey Dreamer
Vintage Disneyland Paris by Dollies Buttons
Candy Cane Brownies by Cake + Whisky

What I've Watched.
[!] One Hundred and One Dalmatians
[!] The Sword in the Stone
[!] Jungle Book
[!] The AristoCats
[!] Robin Hood
[!] Winnie the Pooh
[!] The Rescuers

Other Articles etc of Interest.
Talking Points.
Health is so important guys. Until you have a scare you don't pay attention to the little things but seriously, look after yourself. My biggest fear in life is getting seriously ill, having to have surgery and the like so when I get something wrong with me my anxiety and stress make me even worse.
Stay hydrated, eat plenty fruit, veg and fibre, get outside and walk lots and stay on top of everything - please!

Posts from the Past.
Favorite post from the past week - Exploring Berwick // Walled Defenses
This week in 2015 - Project 52 || Summary 2014
This week in 2014 - News That Made Me Happy #3
This week in 2013 - Walking In A Winter Wonderland


  1. I absolutely love your favourite photo this week - the ceiling looks like a galaxy! I love the fact that Bowie had a constellation named after him too, so sweet and the piece about the truth behind what J.K Rowling told Snape was too much. - Tasha

    1. Thanks! It's a really pretty room. Sadly it's a bar! haha We were only in there as we were so early for the Panto that they wouldn't let us go anywhere else...

  2. I have to say I love your new profile photo at top! Your eyebrows are amazing!!!

    1. Oh goodness haha, I wish you could see them up close...I barely have any :P Thank you though :)


  3. Thank you for including my post. xx I agree with you, health is very important and we should take care of us. x

  4. Aww thanks for including me ... the post was lots of fun to do :) xx

  5. To start with, I'm totally confused at how your photo is orientated! I moved my head around, but I'm lost, so I'm just going to enjoy the colours :)

    Yay for antiques :) They are always so much more interesting than regular furniture.

    1. haha Really? The sky painted bit is the ceiling and the mirror is hung from the wall but at the top and on like 'arms' suspending it away from the wall. It's all a bit weird but very 'Wonderland-y'.

      It makes me cry when people paint antiques - this trend needs to stop!


  6. Super jealous of you managing to sort your photos in that way! I desperately need to do mine!

    1. Man, it has taken me SO long to get around to!! I still have like 3 folders on the hard drive that need sorted as they are all mixed and just named 'to sort'...oops!


  7. I feel your 'talking point' here. I had a bad cough and, because anxiety, I convinced myself that I had lung cancer. I started envisioning all kinds of scenarios; from dying to surgery to chemo etc. Got myself in such a state, I barely slept. When I eventually went to the doctor, they told me it was just a chesty cough, BUT that they think I might have asthma. Such relief. Asthma isn't great, but it's so much better than lung cancer. And as a result of this scare I'm going to be so much healthier. I'm eating better, exercising a little more etc. Also, that favourite photo of yours is fab! And kinda trippy! Haha. x x

    1. Bless your heart. I can 100% relate to being super 'paranoid' or extra careful, especially with people in the family with different health issues. I'm glad you're okay <3