Monday, 4 January 2016

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #23

The monthly peek into my YouTube favorites list! I hope you enjoy...

A Beautiful Short Film About My Home Town, Shot by an Old School Buddy of Mine.

If Only Dog's Voices Stayed This Way :P

'You Have Succeeded in Life When All You Really Want is Only What You Really Need.'

Not Only An Awesome Teacher, But An Inspirational Man In General.

'If We Loose Hope, There Is No Hope.' ... 'There's Still A Lot Left That's Worth Fighting For.'

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover...

What IS The Number?

Another Amazing Rescue from the Wonderful Eldad.

Family is the Greatest Gift

Please. Adopt - Don't Shop. This Shows That Store Pets Are No Different To Shelter Pets.

... Let me know which video you enjoyed most as well as what you have been loving to watch lately!


  1. That special education teacher is truly incredible! Warmed my heart to see that video <3 And the cute little puppy howling!! Adorable. Thanks for the pick-me-up before work :)

    Renee | Lose the Road

    1. Isn't he amazing. I've been following his Facebook page for a while now and he's pretty awesome.
      Hope work goes/went well!


  2. I always enjoy your YouTube round-up, the Berwick video was lovely! So good - will definitely be bookmarking that one, and the Racing Extinction video is both inspirational and sad, it always hits so close to home for me those videos. Love these, so many good ones! - Tasha

    1. I'm glad you like them! They are one of the ones I mainly do for myself as they don't get a lot of views etc but at least someone else is getting something from them :)
      The extinction one is something similar to what needs to be shown in schools. I have no idea why kids aren't taught more about wildlife and environment etc.


  3. 'If We Loose Hope, There Is No Hope.' ... 'There's Still A Lot Left That's Worth Fighting For.' TRUE, I loved how the make went back to hug the woman <3
    and omg to the money suit!!!! that's crazy!
    Jade xo

    1. Very true :) More people need to watch that.
      Isnt it fab?!



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