Wednesday, 3 February 2016

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #24

Eeek, I've been struggling to put these posts together as of late so I must apologize for older videos that I have included. I watch YouTube via the Xbox One on the TV and sometimes forget to go onto the website and add them to my favorites list (that's the way I keep track of the video I want to share!).
Anyway, here is this month's handful of videos that I hope make you smile!

A Touching Moment for this Inspirational Fighter <3 

Cutest Climbing Lesson!

A Fabulous Lady Get's a Fabulous Award!

Could This Be the Best Birthday for Your Dog?!

The Amazing Lengths People Go To, To Help Animals. (RIP Lucky <3)

What Makes Minnie More Magic Than Usual? A Minnie Than Can Comunicate With Everyone!

Fancy a Wander Around The Queens Crib? 

I Already Loved Lily James, But This is Super Cool!

I always want to see more inspirational, funny, cute and awesome videos so if you see one you think I'd like, send it to my on Facebook or Twitter and maybe I'll include it (with credit to you of course) in my next YVYNTS!


  1. Ooh the dog birthday ball pit video was just what I needed to cheer me up! I love watching cute/funny animal videos on youtube to help with anxiety and depression - science says funny cat videos are good for us :P

    1. Isn't it sweet?! I realllly want to do it with Baker haha. Aw I hope you're okay. Glad it made you smile though, that is the whole point of these posts!


  2. Awww, the sloth climbing lesson video is so sweet! I love it, and the horse rescue - amazing! - Tasha