Wednesday, 2 March 2016

YouTube Videos You Need To See #25

Woohoo! 25 posts of beautiful people, inspirational stories and of course, cute animals! Here's to 25 more! :D

Even Toward the End, Alan Rickman Was Doing Good Things.

You've Probably Already Seen This (& I shared it on my FB page Jan 23rd) But This Is How To Raise A Child haha. Just Listen To How Articulate and Animated She Is! 

What Could Be Better Than The Lion King Live on Stage? A 360deg Video of it of Course!

If Roles Were Reversed, Then Would You Change Your Mind?

These Wearable Disney Inspired Fashion Looks Are Awesome. I Think She Suit Jasmine So Well!

And This Is Why Organ Donation Is Amazing. Please Register if You Aren't Already.

That Was Easy! Anyone With Young Children, Give This A Shot and Let Me Know if it Works!

Sharing Wisdom From Both the Old and Young

If Everyone Gave 1 Day of Their Time to Help Others, the Difference it Made Would be Amazing.

''If Everyone Could Look Past the Physical Appearance...This World Would be a Better Place.''

I always want to see more inspirational, funny, cute and awesome videos so if you see one you think I'd like, send it to my on Facebook or Twitter and maybe I'll include it (with credit to you of course) in my next YVYNTS!


  1. Oh my gosh. These are amazing.
    Alan Rickman was amazing. <3
    That animal one is quite freaky, but it makes a point and people will take notice!
    That little girl is adorable! just so cute.
    I've seen that disney makeover one before, really good. You're right, Jasmine does suit her!
    The heartbeat one, oh my gosh, i cant watch it again. It's so overwhelming lovely. Makes me emotional.
    And the baby lullaby, awwwwww. xxxx

  2. Oh man, these are such beautiful videos. The last two are my favorites. They just touched me a lot. That old man and the boy talking? That's the sweetest things. These videos deliver strong messages that everyone should hear. Great list, I will share it on Twitter, right now. <3

    XX Hailey - //

    1. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed them :)
      Thanks so much for sharing!