Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Inked & Awesome // Sarah-Louise Walker

Name: Sarah-Louise Walker
Age: 21
Occupation: Fashion Student

Tell me about your very first tattoo. 
My first tattoo was the compass on my right thigh with some lyrics in a scroll which say "A Journey that I just don't have a map for", which is from the song 'To the Moon and Back' from Savage Garden. This was the only tattoo I properly "designed" and put a lot of thought into, however, as you can see it didn't come out as well as I had hoped because I didn't do enough research into the tattoo artist. Put it this way, a few months after I had my tattoo done, his tattoo shop got shut down because he was caught having sex with a minor... so yeah, major regret there.

Do your tattoos effect your job, have they in the past? 
I've only worked in one job before which when I only had my thigh back when I was 18 and I worked in the high schools library, although I wore shorts all the time (even during winter lol) no one said anything although I was around the ages of 12-16. I think it's sad that tattoos are still looked down, especially in more "professional" settings such as a teacher or a doctor (I can understand if it is offensive) however employers seem to think that tattoos = bad worker and is still often a reason why they won't hire someone.

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed?
None really. I've had the odd passing comment (the usual ones that most tattooed people get - what about when you're older? will you regret it? etc) but apart from that nothing so far which is quite fortunate.

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours?
My friends don't care and want some of their own and course mates have some of their own or they don't want any of their own but aren't bothered by others who do have it. In terms of family, - both of my parents have at least one tattoo - mum doesn't care what I get but she did say that my sleeve looked a bit "manly" which annoyed me and my dad seems to have this thing where he doesn't like tattoos on women but he doesn't stop me (he's not a fan of my septum piercing either haha.) I usually get the most comments from my boyfriend’s Mam, she’s against big tattoos so usually I have to not tell her until afterwards (too late then heheh) or get a small tattoo to go with the big ones I get haha hence why I now have a mini heart and moon on my ankles.

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it.
My favourite piece is probably my sleeve. It was the least planned on my behalf and I literally went into the shop to see Sonny (my artist) and said, "I want a floral sleeve" and this is what I ended up with and I am in love with it. Sonny did an amazing job as I had expected because I did proper research this time, haha.

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it? Do you think all tattoos should have meaning?
The only one with a meaning is my thigh tattoo which is a shame because it was ruined. It's a lyric from a song which I grew up listening to and I felt that it related to my life quite a lot. I don't think all tattoos should be deep and meaningful with a major back story, if you like something enough then to me that is a reason to get it!

Are you planning any more?
Of course! I am planning on starting on my next arm and I want a "woodland" theme sleeve, I would also quite like something on my back but unsure what yet.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?'
"of course it bloody hurts" ...
But seriously, it's quite an annoying pain and depending on where you get inked it will hurt more than others but usually you can put up with it (apart from when I had my sternum done, I cried LOL)

Leave us with some words of wisdom regarding body modification.
Please do your research, don't end up like me where you hate looking at your art because you didn't take the time to do proper research. Instagram is a great place to look for local artists! Also, just have fun with your art.. I'm quite impulsive which has ended up with my sleeve and that is my favourite pieces.

Thank you so much to the beautiful Sarah for such a lovely interview and sharing her fab body art with us! Please do pop over to Sarah's blog and send her love.

I am now recruiting heavily/visibly tattooed beauts for the following months so get in touch via email - underlandtowonderland[@] - with INKED AND AWESOME in the subject. I look forward to hearing from you. 


  1. I always love reading these inked and awesome posts! The artwork is beautiful. I especially love the floral sleeve that Sarah has. I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo soon so ingesting all the advice and other people's stories.
    Kate xx

    1. So cool to see so many peoples different artwork eh? I love putting together this series! You should!! What are you thinking of?


  2. These are always so interesting. It was sad to hear the story behind the compass tattoo as it's such a pretty one but I think Sarah gave good advice about researching. I currently want to get one on my wrist so posts like these are brilliant for that. I love Sarah's floral sleeve too, so pretty! - Tasha

    1. My first tattoo was on my wrist! It's now covered though haha Glad you enjoy reading them :)


  3. That sleeve is awesome. So colourful and pretty!

    Tea in the Tub