Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Q&A Spring 2016

The last question and answer 'post' I did was in video form and 3 quarters of a year ago! What with having a few new followers recently and the odd question every now and again I thought it time to do another. It took a while to gather enough questions to warrant a post so apologies to those who submitted them a few weeks back and thank you to all who did ask things :) I hope you enjoy this post.

Meg(z)han. @gotmeghan
What keeps you grounded as a blogger? If you could give newbies one piece of advice what would it be?
I think I look at the whole 'blogging' thing completely differently to most people. I started my first blog way back in 2006 and then, it was nothing like it is now. When I got into it being a 'full-time blogger' wasn't really a thing and I am lucky enough to have the passion to do this full time, without the motivation of money, and purely doing it because I like to do it. I've also had this particular blog for coming up on 5 years but have very few followers compared to some so I guess that's a good way of staying grounded haha. Anyways, linking into my comments above, my advice would be two-fold - 1, do not get into blogging purely in the hopes that you'll make money from it and/or get free things sent to you and 2, don't expect to become the queen of blogland over-night. I see SO many newbies blog for a month or two and then disappear off the face of the Earth because they don't realize how much time and effort it actually takes.

Wife of a Gamer @wife_gamer

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
The main 3 places I'd live to visit in the world are New Zeland to stay in a cabin in the woods, South Africa to go on safari or volunteer at a conservation charity and the US for a few different reasons dotted around the place. Including seeing Mt Rushmore and the Lincoln Memorial, visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Fransisco, going to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and (although it's technically on the border of Canada too) Niagara Falls!

Tasha @thatmadhatter_
How did you come up with Underland to Wonderland for your blog name? 
Well originally, I chose the name based on one of my tattoos, 'Once Upon a Time they Lived Happily Ever After' though soon realized it was far too long, not too memorable and just all around unsuitable for a blog name. Sooo..I had to sit with my thinking cap on. I wanted somthing to do with 'Wonderland' as Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories/books/movies of all time and this is my little land, but I needed it to be something unique - not just 'Danielle in Wonderland' which doesn't have a ring to it at all anyway.
Evidentally, I also like Tim Burton and his 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland in which Wonderland is actually called Underland. At the time of re-naming my blog we we'e going through a bad time in life and so I thought it really fitting for my journey to be 'Underland to Wonderland'!

Tasha @thatmadhatter_
Did you make any resolutions for this year and if you did have you stuck to them so far?
I've actually done a blog post for the past 3 years titled 'My Non-Resolutions, Resolutions', you can check out this year's here, and looking back at it I have actually done pretty well with my goals so far considering it's only April!

Tasha @thatmadhatter_
What's been your blogging highlight?
I really don't have one I don't think. I don't go to events or make money. If I have to say something (without sounding too cliche, sentimental and sappy) it would be making a really good friend. Or a couple I guess. People I can properly refer to as friends, which is weird as I don't even have many of those in 'real life'.

Aimee Julia @aimeeraindrop
If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why? :)
Some type of bird. Like an owl or something? I'd love to be able to fly and just go wherever, whenever but not be a species that is part of a big flock.

Aimee Julia @aimeeraindrop
What would you do if you had an infinite amount of money? 
Donate at least 50% of it to my favorite charities and live as normal, down to earth life as possible. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you need to live beyond your means. For example Jake and I wouldn't need a 10 bed mansion, it would just be wasteful.
I'd get my dream little detached cottage in the countryside of Northumberland, not far from where we are now and open a little animal sanctuary for any animals that needed a home.
If it was infinite money I'd maybe invest in a boat too so that I could travel seeing as I'll never fly again.

Florence Grace @flomatthews_
In a battle of Disney Villains, who do you think would defeat EVERYONE?
Okay so let's list the proper 'main' main ones and work it out...
Evil Queen - Has dark magical powers
Lady Tremaine - No magic, just a nasty piece of work. Out of this round.
Queen of Hearts - Angry and Insane. No magic, out of this round.
Captain Hook - Probably the least dangerous and slightly pitiful of all the villains, with no magic. Out of this round.
Maleficent - Evil and has dark magical powers.
Cruella De Vil - Just a horrible person, with no specific power or talent. Out of this round!
Ursula - Describe in the book as a Sea Witch, she definitely has magic powers.
Gaston - An idiot with no power other than his physical strength. Out of this round.
Jafar - As far as I realize, Jafar doesn't have any magic as such of his own, only that of the Genie, which could be pretty darn dangerous...
Scar - Schemer, pure evil but not magical.Out of this round.
Doctor Facilier - Magic as heck and super nasty.

That leaves us with Evil Queen, Maleficent, Ursula, Jafar and Doctor Facilier. Hmmm, I'm gonna say Jafar with the Genie for his powers. Meh. I dunno haha.

Florence Grace @flomatthews_
When did your love for Disney first start, did something trigger it or was it just always there?
I've been a Disney person as far back as I can remember. A Minnie Mouse and Simba soft toys were among my first as a baby and I still have my VHS's from being a small child. I went to Disneyland Paris for my 6th birthday in 1996 and minus a couple years of my early teens where I wasn't as big of a fan as I was as a child and now, it's always been there.

PRIYA✨TSC Ambassador @TSCPriyaKumar
Could we please get the background on your dog and how you train him so well?
Baker is a Border Collie Lurcher cross. His dad was a pedigree border collie and his mother a beautiful, tall, all black lurcher. Apparently the litter was accidental and the owner wasn't aware his dog was pregnant which I find highly unlikely. The conditions the puppies were in weren't the greatest and had we had any more money that we did have, we'd of taken all of his brothers too! We weren't actually looking for a dog but my Granda had passed the previous year and he always had collies (being a shepherd). However he also had a lurcher and this mixed litter made me think of him so we went for it. Baker helped us through pretty tough times and is 100% my child and best friend. As for the training aspect (thank you for complimenting it :D) we started as soon as we got him at 6 weeks old. The usual age to get a puppy is after 8 weeks but we were suggested to take him sooner as the mother had stopped feeding him and the afore mentioned conditions. Our method is positive reassurance and never scold or punish for getting something wrong as they don't know any better! There is a great piece I saw online that says, ''Can you go to a foreign country and understand the language? Can you grasp the rules of a game without instruction? Do you like everyone you meet? No? Don't expect your dog to either!''. Training takes patience, praise, and plenty of love <3

Lots of thanks again to everyone who sent questions for me. Make sure you pop on over and follow them all on twitter. If anyone else has any questions - just keep them coming! I'll make a note of them and be sure to answer them next time I have enough built up to do another post. <3


  1. I love these types of posts, it's always interesting to find out more about the person behind the blog and also so cool to hear the stories behind different things like blog names etc. Love how you stay grounded and your attitude to blogging is brilliant and infectious - love the advice you gave too. The question about Baker was lovely too, it's always a joy to see new photos of him and hear more about his history as well. I must remember to get a question to you for the next time you do this! - Tasha

    1. Thank you very much :)
      Yes! If you have any questions shoot them over and I'll make note for next time.


  2. This is a great way to let us get to know you better :) Cabin in the woods in New Zealand sounds like my cup of tea! As is South Africa (for the same reasons as yours) and America <3 :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Sounds like you'd be the perfect travel partner! :P


  3. Loved reading this and getting to know you a bit better! Thank you for using my questions, and answering them :-) I love your answer to my question about infinite money, you've clearly put a lot of thought in and I love your answer. x x

    1. Thank you for giving me questions!
      Glad you enjoyed it :)


  4. The picture at the beginning of the post is beautiful! I've said this before, but your pictures never fail to impress me :)

    Regarding Yosemite, I've heard that the Canadian side is much more impressive. Crossing from the US to Canada as a tourist should be no problem, though, so a visit to both sides is definitely possible.

    And that comparison about understanding a foreign language/game without instruction is SUCH a good analogy for how dogs must feel in the human world! Sometimes I think human society is way too complicated and that we should be more like dogs, lol!

    -Danielle |

    1. Thats so kind of you - thank you!

      I had no idea it stretched into Canada...terrible me! ha Canada seems to be a stunning place in general.

      Isn't it good?! When I saw it online I was like YES!! Exactly!


  5. My favorite part of this post is you explaining the thought behind your name! I think it's perfect especially because of what it means to you, your life!
    Jade x

  6. Ah, I totally missed the opportunity to ask a question, but that's my own fault for being so anti-twitter. I do love question posts :)

    I'm in the process of sorting out my Niagara falls post so I can take you there a little bit, I think you'll like the photos... there's many of them though. Maybe I should just bring my laptop to yours and show you them instead haha.

    An owl is a good choice. I think I'd like to be an owl.

    1. I should of asked you via message whether you had anything to ask! I never thought!

      CAN NOT WAIT. As I've said haha. would be a good idea! We could link it to the tv and see them all big and stuff.

      Owls ftw.