Friday, 1 April 2016

YouTube Videos You Need To See #26

It's that time of the month yet again! No, not that awful one you are thinking of - the one where I share with you all the amazing, inspirational, cute videos I have favorited recently. Enjoy!!

Tim is closing his 'Place'...but it's for an awesome reason!

Happy, Diving Bruiser Bear!

This is excellent! So nice to hear all those languages instead of American <3 (Theres a pt2 too!)

Could there be a sweeter way of showing appreciation?

The cutest and most life-loving German Shepard, you ever did see!

I've shared this before, but have to again. If you're not familar with Peter Hollens, Bryan Lanning or their amazing talents - you should be!

More caring children on Earth, like this girl, could turn the world around.

A very different, but very touching and eye opening mothers day video.

This is super interesting - Key Figures of DLP for 2015

The 'dancing' barista meets a dancing queen!


  1. These always put a smile on my face, loved the ones of the original languages with the Disney songs - I loved hearing them and a few of them sent shivers down my spine they were so good! The Four Paws videos is adorable too. Horses are my favourite animal so this was lovely to see. - Tasha