Monday, 27 June 2016

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #29

Inspiration, empathy, happiness, talent, cuteness and way more is what these posts are about. I share the amazing talents from people of all ages, around the world and appreciate them, as well as being in awe of those with such beautiful souls to go through the things they do and kind people making our world a better place. 
Please watch and appreciate the videos I have enjoyed over the past month or so. Feel free to share videos you have loved lately!

It's easy to see why this secured the animator a job with Disney. A heartwarming and stunningly produced animated short. 

If you haven't seen Claire's version of 'Part of your World' where have you been?! Now she's done this with her Dad and completely topped it! Magical memories of her Daddy for when she is older.
[You need to watch this 'behind the scenes' video too, to completely understand how much work went into making this astounding video]

Re-introductions are possible! And so sweet <3 

One of the most magical destinations for such a wonderful moment. Devin's videography is always top of the game too!

How one video can change your life. Such awesome experiences for the 'Chewbacca' Mom!

Tayt is the most perfect person to go explore the Pixar studios! So insanely cool!

Just another reason to adore Disneyland Paris!

A Tale as Old as Time...<3

I know it's an old video but if this doesn't inspire you, nothing will.

An Insane Artistic Talent!

This Guy is Our Aladdin in the West End Show. Yes, Dean! Dreams Come True <3


  1. Oh gosh - I love these posts - you always find the ones that make me smile & get all teary eyed.
    That little girl doing Tangle with her daddy... oh goodness!!!!
    & that Disney short. Yep - got me in the heart.