Friday, 8 July 2016

OOTD // Off Your Head

At the beginning of the year in my non-resolutions, resolutions blog post, I made the goal of spending more time with Jake. Obviously, we live together and see each other every day but because he works shifts and I go to bed early for work there isn't a lot of time to just go out for a walk or something like we used to. Not just that but with having Baker (who is timid/anxious and causes my anxiety to go through the roof) we can't really go many places within walking distance with him.
It went quite well spending 1 quality day together per month, for the first few months of 2016 but it's gone pear-shaped recently. So now that B-man has his own cage at his Granny's house too, he had a sleepover and we got to watch a movie where we could both fit on the sofa then go for a walk the next morning.
We took a wander along the pier as the dolphins had been seen the previous day but of course with my luck, we didn't get to see them. I have lived here all my life (minus my 4 years in Newcastle) and I feel like the only person here who has still not seen them! Ahhhh!

What I Wore
Cardigan - Thin teal & black stripe cardi, H&M
T-shirt - You're Mad Tee, Primark
Tank Top - Plain black spaghetti strap tank, Next 
Trousers - Plum skinny jeans, Next
Shoes - Mickey & Minnie grey slip ons, Primark
Backpack - Koolertron green canvas camera bag/backpack, Amazon
Sunglasses - Black waferers, Rollersnakes

Luckily it just so happened to be a beautiful morning and so mild that I left the house without a coat! Yes. All I had were the clothes you see. :O Not that it lasted, of course, it rained the next day but that's cool. The birds got a drink and I didn't have to water my plants. 
As for the outfit - I know it isn't particularly summery and my cardigan clashes with my bag (I did realize once I left the house and it bugged me all day) but I don't play by fashion rules! Well, except not wearing pink and red together, that annoys me, it hurts my eyes. I wore a black tank under the t-shirt too as it's slightly cropped and I don't do midriff skin ;)
I'm hopefully going to do a separate post all about my special new bag so keep an eye out for that!

Maybe next outfit I'll aim to be a bit brighter, eh?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love them but because they are just cheap shoes I try not to wear them too much encase they get ruined :P


  2. I love your HP socks peeking out over your shoes, so cool and you got some beautifully sunny shots here too Danielle. Never play by the fashion rules, you look ace! :D I hope you spot the dolphins soon too! - Tasha

    1. Haha!! I didn't mean them to be like that but it was too late to change socks when I put on my shoes lol. I wanted to catch them before I do my calendars this such luck just yet.


  3. omg your shoes rocks!

  4. Ahh those shoes are so cute!! I love them!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  5. I love the bag! It's just like by canvas one that I had when I came up to see you. It's so handy having it open in the middle. My only problem is that it's not so easy on the bike but perfect for wandering around - I'm still looking for the perfect bag...

    Haha, midriff skin... I'm too old for that. OK, maybe on the weekend when it's was 28 degrees and I was cycling up hill, I did roll my tee up and get the belly out, but as a rule, I'm too old and prude-y.

  6. I can't believe I didn't notice yours did that! I wish I'd known sooner because it's SO practical!
    Yeah, I can see how it can be a little different for the bike.

    I think everyone is too old for midriff skin unless it's like on a holiday or something...I get too see too much of random people just walking down the street, it's gross haha.
    Prudes unite!! I don't care - modesty ftw. :P