Friday, 19 August 2016

20+ Disney Movies That Are NOT For Kids!

One huge thing about Disney movies that annoys me is not people saying 'Disney movies are just for kids', but more so the people who are Disney fans and say 'I'm such a kid haha' or even worse 'You're never too old for a Disney movie'...because, well, duh!
It may be a surprise to you but despite Walt Disney Pictures being so well known for it's animated productions, it's live action catalog outweighs the animations by about 2 thirds (and that's not including the 18 or so hybrid movies).
Of those 250+ live action movies many are not and were not made for children. Ooohh! I know how hard that is to believe because Disney isn't for adults right? Whether they are not suitable due to the subject, language or themes such as violence etc or just not something that would interest or be understood by a child there are many, many films that fall into the 'Disney Movies NOT for Kids' category.
Below is a list I have compiled of such releases from the 1990s to present day.

White Fang (1991) Rating PG - 
Death, violence (including that of animal mistreatment/cruelty/killing) as well as general harsh living conditions in the mountains make this a very serious and unsuitable watch for anyone younger than teen-age. 

The Rocketeer (1991) Rating PG -
Action-style violence such as car chases, gun fights and explosions are part of the Rocketeer. Mild bad language and slight sexual content can also be seen. Suggested teenage viewing at least.

Newsies (1992) Rating PG -
Rough, tough, gang theming. Violence such as fist fights, threatening scenes and smoking is seen too. Another to leave for the teen years.

The Mighty Ducks (1992) Rating PG - 
A well known and loved series of movies about a hockey team may seem harmless enough but this movie does indeed include many things little ears and eyes shouldn't witness. Slightly worse than mild language is included (some of which may be less strong in the US but are quite bad in the UK). There is also some 'more for adults' humor and sexual innuendos.

A Far Off Place (1993) Rating PG -
The first warning I have here may apply to some adults too as an animal is killed in a poaching incident, this whole scene inparticular is very upsetting. . There is also murder of people and occasional bad language.

The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993) Rating PG -
As with the time it's set in it features things that would be the norm then, such as drinking alcohol, smoking and being drunk. Again there is violence in the form of fighting, threatening with knives and  more as well as the killing of an animal (however that scene is not too over the top gory). Lots of mild bad language also.

Iron Will (1994) Rating PG -
Dangerous/harsh living scenes, death and graphic violence involving dogs. Mild bad language and sad scenes. More rewarding for adults to enjoy the story line however, pre-teens may be able to watch if they give it time and pay attention to the story if they are not upset seeing dogs being hurt.

Tall Tale (1995) Rating PG -
Tall Tale is set in the Old West and therefore has such themes including violent fights, shooting, a possible rail accident and drinking etc. More for teens and adults.

Operation Dumbo Drop (1995) Rating PG -
Set in war-torn Vietnam, as you can imagine, shooting and violence feature heavily. An animal is killed, though nothing is seen it is still upsetting. I also noticed the odd racial slur. It is classed as an adventure comedy but the comedy is not that of which kids would split their sides at.
(Based on a true story)

Tom and Huck (1995) Rating PG -
Like 'The Adventures of Huck Finn', issues of the time setting are featured. An alcoholic, drunks, threats to kill and lots of other violence/danger, as well as references to kids sneaking away from home, make this another one for the older kids.

The Straight Story (1999) Rating U -
The first of it's type in this list it shows nothing throughout the movie that is likely to upset, offend or scare children but it is a serious tale and would not be of any interest to anyone younger than mid to late teens.
(Based on a true story)

Remember the Titans (2000) Rating PG -
Remember the Titans deals heavily with racism. There are racial slurs and mild bad language as well as a lot of threats, segregation and actual violence in the form of fist fights. A serious plot for young adult and over to appreciate.
(Based on a true story)

National Treasure (2004) Rating PG & National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (2007) Rating PG -
A conspiracy theory treasure hunt featuring violent action such as explosions, hostage situations, gun fire, car crashes and, in the sequel, some slight sexual references. Neither appropriate or interesting to viewers under the late teen range.

Prince of Persian: The Sands of Time (2010) Rating 12 -
Violence is the predominant issue in this video game turned movie. The rating is more reliable although I would even say 14+ due to the sheer amount of violence and not great role models. 

Alice in Wonderland (2010) Rating PG -
Of course, Tim Burton's twist on the classic Carroll story is always gonna be a little more intense than other versions. The violence and threat level warrant the PG rating but I still think certain scenes nearer the end of the movie, in particular, are a little brutal for under 12s.

Pirates of the Caribbean Series (2003, 2006, 2007, 2011) Rating 12 -
I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain why these movies are 100% for adults... If you are among those haven't seen any of the Pirates movies these include alcohol consumption, sexual references and prostitutes, bad language, violence, intense and somewhat scary atmospheres and lots more.

John Carter (2012) Rating 12 -
Despite having this in my DVD collection I am personally yet to watch it, purely down to the fact I have heard to compared to Star Wars a lot and I am not a fan of that genre. However, I have looked into it and war, gore, strong violence, torture and bad language are all present. I feel it should, by the descriptions, be rated 15.

The Lone Ranger (2013) Rating 12 -
100% should be an 18, The Lone Ranger is extremely violent and includes scenes that could be distressing to some. Rape, cannibalism, many deaths, mild language and other slight sexual references are some of the themes included.

Tomorrowland (2015) Rating 12 -
Limited in it's content that would cause any issues, my main reason for mentioning this is that it takes an older audience to understand and appreciate it's message. There are some risky situations, a little violence/shooting and a tiny amount of mild bad language.

McFarland USA (2015) Rating PG -
Another inspiring sports movie similar to 'Remember the Titans', McFarland USA deals with race, class and privilege issues. There are some fights and mild language but on a whole, it is probably okay for mid teens to see, though they may not hold interest.
(Based on a true story)

The Finest Hours (2016) Rating 12 -
Intense, perilous and about a natural disaster. This movie is a little too dramatic and scary for anyone other than adults to focus on and appreciate to it's fullest.
(Based on a true story)

Before I say any more I have to state, these are my opinions and I do not expect you to agree so please keep the comments amicable.
I find that these days in particular ratings are far too lax. Children are subjected to, or should I say, allowed to see and experience things that can cause a negative impact on their character and choices in life...why can't children just be children and enjoy innocence?
A website that may be of use to any parents out there that don't have time to fully watch a movie before letting their child see it is, . As you can see it seems ratings aren't always that helpful, so please don't assume a PG label means it is okay for your child to see.

Enough of the 'too much too soon' talk, I hope this more than proves my point that DISNEY IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS and it doesn't need to be stated as it's obvious! There will actually be a part 2 coming at some point because as you can see I only went as far back as 1990 ;)
Let me know your thoughts (without getting too angry at me) in the comments below.


  1. Why would people get angry about this post? :( I think it's great! I haven't heard of most of these films so it's cool to get some recommendations!

    Amber Love Blog

    1. Ah I've mentioned movies I didn't think were for kids before and had parents kick off that 'their kid will watch whatever they want'! Blah, blah haha. I recommend 99% of them! Hope you watch some of them.


  2. Iron Will is what caused me to want to name a son that. I LOVED that movie... & I HATE HATE HATE movies with animals because I get way too emotionally invested.
    I forgot about Prince of Persia. I really enjoyed that one.

    1. Aww really?! I love it too! I got super emotional though, dogs, animals don't hurt them! haha

  3. Yes, so true! Even many of the Disney originals themselves have much darker undertones, such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, for example and it is bad when people say they're just for kids as many of the stories transcend the children's genre and are loved by families of all ages. Ooh, I loved John Carter, though I'm quite a fan of sci-fi, it's very different to Star Wars in terms of storyline, setting etc. so it is well worth a watch, but then if you aren't too keen on sci-fi it does have the classic Disney elements that others like POTC had so it can still be enjoyed. Loved this post! - Tasha

    1. Yeah I still find some of the animations pretty dark and wouldnt let a child of mine see them until they were a little older. I wish there was a rating between PG and 12 as I think that is quite a jump.
      I'll give it a watch some day haha but it's just a bit out there for me just now.


  4. LOVE this post.
    Snow White used to scare me as a kid, but I still loved it.
    My 2 year old loves it though, and doesn't seem slightly scared.
    I watched the first Pirates of the Caribbean at the cinema, and I was..terrified. So NOT for children!xx

    1. Ah thank you! I'm glad. Some of the older animations can be really scary too yeah!
      I don't think kids would sit and watch POTC even if it wasn't scary, it has nothing that would hold their interest or anything!


  5. Is it strange that I haven't even heard of a lot of these? After reading the little descriptions though there sounds like quite a few here that I'd like so I'm definitely going to get onto watching them.

    1. Yes! There is some absolute classics on there! haha Hope you watch a few and enjoy.


  6. I found this to be such an interesting read Danielle! The Pirates movies and the National Treasure movies too were firm childhood favourites of mine (and I still love them now!) but I can definitely see where you are coming from. Did you see any of these films as a kid? :)

    1. I didn't see any as a kid! I was already 13 when the first POTC came out so was old enough to handle it haha. It was (and still is) a fave series from my teen years. I guess kids are older than their age these days though and allowed to see whatever they want.