Wednesday, 3 August 2016

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #30

I have been doing these posts for 30 months now?! Whaaat! I hope you get at least one smile out of these, I know I do and that's why I share them. It's particularly important for me as of late and so I highly suggest anyone struggling with anything take out 20mins of their day to appreciate the good in the world.
Let me know which of the below is your favorite and feel free to link a video you have enjoyed recently in the comments :) 

Every Natural World Photographers Dream! 

Dick Van Dyke at 90, Forever Bringing Tears to my Eyes. Beautiful.

Extremely Poignant, a Must Watch to See Just What These Families Are Going Through.

Goats and Dogs Playing? So Cute!

True Sportsmanship From a Child, Putting Adult Hooligans to Shame.

A Guide Dog Celebration at Disneyland Paris! <3 

Look Up From Your Phone and Play This Game on Amsterdam Trams!

Julia and Walter Were Meant to Be. A Touching Tale.

BTS are Awesome, But This is Extra Insane! (Also nice to see how the horse work was done safely, as I found it hard to watch)

I'm Obsessed with These Japanese Personality Tests! Are They Accurate for You?!


  1. The video with the dogs and the goats is so cute, I loved it. Now I'm going on youtube to search for more video with dogs&goats.

    1. Isn't it?! Have a look at more on that channel Maymo is lush!


  2. I always love these posts...
    Oh gosh. I needed the cute goats & dogs after the video of all the loss in the families. The daughter killed on her wedding day - or the man sitting all by himself with the chairs all around him. HORRIBLE!!!!!
    I loved the night time animal one too - I loved seeing how he got those amazing shots.

    1. Ah thank you, I'm glad you like them :)
      It was sad to see the family they have lost wasn't it? I cried so much.