Friday, 9 September 2016

Countdown to Disney 2016 // The Bucket List

6,998,400 seconds
116,640 minutes
1944 hours
81 days
11 weeks and 4 days

With only two more Countdown to Disney posts left to come, I couldn't wait any longer to post my bucket list. I wasn't originally going to do one of these as you may have seen I have already written about the rides I hope to go on and the characters I hope to meet, however thinking about it I did have a couple other things I would really like to do throughout this trip. So here are 10 things I want to achieve at Disneyland Paris in 2016!

Take a nice photo of myself in front of the castle.
Long story short, I am not confident in my appearance and I don't have a photo of myself in front of the castle that I like. Obviously, I was a child in '96, in 2010 my hair was bright orange and in 2014 I hate how I look. I aim to take a photo every morning in front of the castle in the hopes I'll get at least 1 where I look okay.

See Mickey and the Magician.
I am gutted that Animagique has gone, don't know if I've mentioned that before ;) but as Mickey and the Magician has taken over and been running quite a few months now, I'm looking forward to experiencing it in person. No spoilers at all please, as I've avoided them so far.

Do the grand circle tour.
Come on, you know I love trains! I also love the Disneyland Railroad and haven't done the full grand circle tour with Mam before. Maybe we'll do this on our 2nd to last day. Hop on at Main Street and enjoy the views until were back. If we're lucky the geysers in Frontierland will be up and running and we'll get a look at them even if the Riverboat isn't open. (It's due to open 2 weeks after we leave)

Get a funny photo on Tower of Terror with Kerri and Kris.
As I've explained, I haven't been on Tower of Terror yet and this time plan to do it with Kerri and Kris. It's inevitable that I'll scream anyway, but I'd love a really funny photo of us all screaming or whatever haha.

Eat at a different place every night.
I'm terrible at getting comfortable, finding somewhere I like and just sticking with it. I'm not the best eater, extremely fussy, but we've worked out a list of places and back up places were going to try. I'll make reservations on our first day for the whole week so I can't back out and just withdraw to my hotel buffet like last time.

Go up on the Panoramagique.
My last two trips have both been in down season. One October, the other end of Feb/start of March. Panoramagique is apparently open weather dependant but I've found that even in good weather it's been closed, so perhaps it's a peak season attraction. Anyway, fingers are crossed for it to be open this year so I can finally get those awesome views...even if I have to go alone!

Explore & photograph our hotel more.
When it came to doing my review on Hotel Cheyenne after my previous trip I was rather disappointed to find I hadn't taken the photos I wanted to. Not just for the sake of a review of course, but for me and the memories. This is my first time staying at Sequoia Lodge and it's so beautiful, especially at Christmas, I need to photograph it all!

Try to pull the sword from the stone.
I know it's 'impossible' (nothing is really impossible hence the quotes) but it's fun and as we were that at Halloween last time, Maleficent's Briar had taken over the area!

Wear my hair down every day.
This probably sounds super weird and nothing to do with Disney but ties in with the first point. I have extremely thin hair and can look like I have big bald patches when my hair is up. I noticed that this is one of the reasons I don't like many of the photos of me from my last trip of myself and the way to combat that is to wear it down. 

Sit & listen to a band/musician.
To be fair I usually do this, but I really want to sit and listen to a good few songs. All of the bands and musicians are insanely talented and the style of music is something I really enjoy. I like to make sure I show how much I appreciate them.

I think the majority of these are super achievable and so maybe I'll do a follow up upon my return to see how I did. It's the first time I've made a mini bucket list specific to a particular event which seems a bit weird...technically it's not even a bucket list (a list of things to do before you die) but yeah.
If you have any Disney bucket lists you'd like to share, you're welcome as always to pop the link in the comments or let me know what 3 things you'd most like to do on a Disneyland Paris trip.

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  1. 11 weeks is going to fly by!! You must be super excited :) This really makes me want to visit Disney World again! Maybe when Lux is a little older.

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. I've been counting the days since it was just under 500 to go and it has gone so fast!
      Oh how fab it will be to take Lux for the first time!!


  2. This is a great bucket list, I am with you with on eating at different places. Disney have so many great places to try. I hope you managed to tick them all off!

    1. Thank you! Obviously there are wayyy less places in DLP but there are still some fab ones. I'm hoping I will get all these done easily :)


  3. This is a really awesome list! You can totally get through everything on it. I can't wait to see more posts about this exciting trip of yours :)
    Steph x.

    1. Thank you! I think I can :)
      If you want to see photos I have a whole load of them from my 2014 trip ;) haha


  4. Love this Bucket List for your upcoming Disney trip and I especially love the one about trying to pull the sword from the stone, I would definitely try that too! I always like to try and have as much fun as possible, even if that means some odd looks from other holiday-makers along the way. Love the one about eating at different places too and sitting and listening to the bands - they're the small things that make a holiday fun. - Tasha

    1. I haven't had a go at that since 2010 and who knows, maybe I'm stronger now ;) haha


  5. I think these are amazing goals to have and it's such a good idea to have goals for your trip. I hope you have a really great trip :D xx

  6. Oh, I like the sound of the railroad tour, I'm totally up for that. I'll have to tell Kris about that, he'll enjoy it. Obviously, we can go separately, I'm just stealing all your ideas...

    Ahh, those photos they take when you're on the ride... I look awful in all of them, so I'm sure that goal will be easy to reach! I usually look like I'm having the worst time of my life where as Kris is always prepared with his hands up looking cool as a cucumber!

    These are totally achievable! You'll have to jot them down and bring the list with you!

    1. We can do it together or alone it's up to you guys! It might be romantic for you two ;) haha I love it. Good way to relax and see everything from another view!

      I always look awful too haha. So you and I will look funny and Kris will be all photogenic ha.

      Definitely! They'll be in my little notebook with the restaurant renovations etc ;)