Monday, 19 September 2016

Inked and Awesome // Siobhan Salter

Siobhan Salter
Age: 29
Occupation: Sales Administrator

Tell me about your very first tattoo.

I actually had two tattoos done at the same time; one on each wrist.  My heart on my left wrist and the anchor on my right wrist were my first ever tattoos, and I suppose a way for me to see how I coped with being tattooed.  I must have been ok with it because I've had another 4 since then!

Do your tattoos effect your job, have they in the past?
I have been in two separate jobs since getting my tattoos, and they haven't affected either of them. In fact they haven't even been brought up. I do think work places are starting to become more accepting of tattoos these days.I think people are starting to realise that a tattoo doesn't affect people's abilities to do their jobs as well!

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed?
I haven't encountered any bullying or discrimination luckily. If anything I have received mainly complements.

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours?
My friends love my tattoos as do some of my family.  There are some of my family who aren't a fan though. They have never outright said it to me, but my Dad once said to me "I will never tell you what to do with your body, but I would advise against tattoos".My Dad is actually tattooed himself, which is why he would never tell me what to do, but from what I've been told he had his done after one too many drinks, and has lived to regret them, whereas mine have all been thought out, and I was very much sober when I had them done!

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it. 

My favourite has to be my teapot tattoo on my left shoulder blade. It's my most recent tattoo, and the one that actually wasn't planned at all. I went to the Liverpool tattoo convention in May this year, and fell in love with one of the tattooists work. I saw the teapot and it was love at first sight, but I was reluctant to just go for it as I'd never had a tattoo I'd never planned before. I walked away and then was worrying the entire time because if somebody else had the tattoo I wouldn't have been able to get it, so I went back and booked my slot to get it done. It has no meaning, it just holds a lovely memory of a day out for my partner's birthday, and I have an incredible piece of art on my body!

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it? Do you think all tattoos should have meaning? 
The one that has the most meaning is my anchor on my right wrist. I had it in memory of my Grandad. He was in the navy in World War II, and for that reason I hold him fully accountable for my love of all things nautical. He was one of my favourite people in the entire World, and even now, 20 years on since losing him I miss him every day, so it's nice to have something that helps me to feel like I'm carrying a little part of him around with me all of the time.

Are you planning any more? 
I'm a huge fan of Disney and would love a Disney related tattoo, but something really subtle. I'm thinking just a little hint towards Disney, like a mini silhouette of Minnie and Micky on the back of each of my ankles.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?' ?

I would say that some hurt more than others, but it's a pain you can deal with because you know something good is coming from it. Although I do think I have a pretty high pain threshold so I could just be speaking for myself there!

Leave us with some words of wisdom regarding body modification. 
Your body is yours to decorate as you wish.  Don't let anybody tell you what you can and can't do with your body. As long as you're sensible, go to legitimate tattoo studios, and whatever you do don't let somebody tattoo you just because they're giving you a cheap rate. None of my tattoos have been less than £35.00, even the tiny ones because I was paying for somebody's skill and expertise. I know far too many people who have paid for somebody to do a tattoo for them because they're only going to charge them £10.00, for it to turn out absolutely rubbish! Remember this is going to be with you for the rest of your life.  It's worth the extra cost.

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  1. Love the teapot tattoo and the meaning behind the anchor! xx

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Super cute isn't it?! I love a good story behind a tattoo too.


  2. Awww, that teapot tattoo is adorable, I love the colours and it's so nice to know it came with a happy memory of a lovely day out as well. The anchor tattoo is really nice too and it's good to know that more and more workplaces are becoming more tolerant - that's always good to hear! Love this series Danielle, always interesting. - Tasha