Monday, 31 October 2016

Our Halloween 2016

''Boys and girls of every age Wouldn't you like to see something strange? 
Come with us and you will see This, our town of Halloween!!''

Happy Halloween everyone :) This is my favorite holiday, so, like every other year, I am going to share my Halloween decor and more from this year with you. Before we get into it I just want to share some of the posts I have done from previous years as there are some cool ones (if I do say so myself haha).

Halloween Celebrations for Non-Party People - with movie suggestions, DIY Halloween themed food & more.
How To: Cute, Easy Halloween Decorations! - where to buy budget decor + some fun and easy DIY decor.
The Origins of All Hallows Eve - a basic and quick history lesson.
The Scariest Thing Tag - I tag you all in this tag about all things scary!

As for this year, it's another quiet year with my pup. I always like to decorate despite never having people around, so to mix it up a bit I've done a few more DIYs. My 'theme' or whatever this year was more traditional haunted house, with black and white being the main colours. I've created my own Nightmare Before Christmas lights, potions and more which you can see below.

Due to having no Weekly Reflections posts at the moment for you to see what I've been watching, I wanted to include a list of all the Halloween-y/Spooky things that have been on my scream. I mean screen (ahahaha) for the season. I hate gore and instead prefer family friendly options and more phycological thrillers etc so if you're looking for something to frighten the socks off you, none of these are for you.
Others that I haven't watched in the past few weeks but have seen multiple times and recommend are - 

As I said, just like every other year, I'm doing nothing today! Work early in the morning, a few errands, then home to work on the laptop, probably watch a couple more movies - I'm so close to my goal of watching 365 - and sitting in the dark hoping that no one knocks at the door, before heading to bed nice and early again for work.
Of course, I can't forget the fact that All Hollows Eve is so much more than kids begging for sweets and drunken people staggering home, it's about remembering lost loved ones, so light a candle for those who have passed and let them know you are thinking of them tonight.

I hope you like my Halloween decor for this year. The whole month of October is Halloween for me so they have been up all for weeks and I will be sad to see them go. I'd love to leave them up all the time haha. Send me photos/links to blog posts of your decor and let me know in the comments what you got up to this spooky season.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Things I Will Never Do at Disneyland Paris

As much as I love Disneyland Paris and try to fit in as much as possible during each holiday, there are still things that are not for me and I will never, ever do! Some people may be scared of heights, others not like counter service fast food. I have a compiled a small list of things that I'll most likely never do at DLP!

Ride Space Mountain
Nope. Just nope. Fast, dark, dangerous. Nope. I don't do rollercoaster, thrill ride type of deals. That goes for the Rock N Roller Coaster and Indiana Jones too.

Taste a Casey's Hot Dog
I don't eat meat! Even before I didn't eat meat I had never had a hot dog. I don't care if it's a staple Disney treat or not, hot dogs seem/look gross!

Go in the Princess Pavilion
I'm not a one for meeting face characters, but particularly Princesses. It just makes me feel extra awkward, stressed and even more inadequate in the looks department when I see the photos.

Stay Offsite
With only getting to go to Disneyland once in a blue moon I like the magic to stay alive as long as possible, so that means after a day in the park getting to return to a Disney hotel is brilliant. I have done quotes on many of the partner hotels and have been shocked at the prices when people insist that they are much cheaper and 'more reasonable' which I disagree with fully. You just have to know how and when to book to get the best for your buck with the Dis-hotels.

Have a 'Glowtini'
I don't drink. I don't understand why alcohol needs to exist at all but especially at Disney parks. (See this post for extra ranting on the subject).

Eat at Auberge de Cendrillon
See the Princess point above and add in an extremely fussy, meat free, eater and you can see why eating here would be a huge waste of money and not fun at all for me.

Take a 'Selfie'
Hate the word, hate the action. I don't think I have taken a photo of myself without the use of a tripod and timer on the DSLR since I was like maybe 13/14 haha. It's such a weird practice (that I know is very normal and popular so I mean no offence) and I can't imagine how people can do it in public without being completely mortified haha.

That's it! For now at least...if there comes a time that Star Wars takes over even more than it already has, you can add whatever attraction that is to the list. I know there is already going to be some 'Season of the Force' taking over for a couple months next year and I am so glad I won't be there haha. As I've said in previous posts, I have nothing against Star Wars - I'm just not a fan. But I also think that with it not being originally Disney (Lucasfilm was only bought out in 2012) and it being such a huge fandom on it's own, it seems weird for it to take over Disneyland instead of just having it's own park somewhere.
Annnddd, that was an unnecessary, un-predicted tangent. On that note...what is one thing that you would never do at Disneyland Paris?!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Project 365 2016 // September

My Top 3 photo from this month are -

The best moments from this month were -
Our 5 year Anniversary.
Getting to the bottom of my health issues.
Catching up with Claire.
All the Tilly and Brook moments
Having my luggage all sorted for Disneyland.
Fort fun with Baker.
Feeling slightly better.
Surpassing 300 movies watched!
Baker and Mammy's successful mini adventure.
A lovely early Birthday weekend with Laura.

Check out this month in previous years here -

Monday, 24 October 2016

Baker and the Snow Dogs

The North East was recently invaded by dogs. Snow Dogs in fact. From 19th September until 29th of November these beautifully designed art sculptures will be posing in different places, from Newcastle city centre, to Tynemouth, Gateshead and beyond. There are 61 'big' dogs and 97 'puppies' who can be found in litters together and although I'd seen a couple in passing, I knew I wanted to dedicate a day to following the trail.
Many of you will know now that I struggle to take my stunning best friend and dog, Baker, many places due to his and my social anxiety, but for some reason I really wanted to see how he'd get on back in his home city. Sooo, we took the train down to Newcastle on the 10th of October and started dog spotting...!

From the moment we got onto the train, Baker was an absolute star!! We usually sit in the passageway despite having seats booked as 1. Baker is scared of strangers and 2. not everyone likes dogs and get annoyed if you have them in the carriage. As the train pulled in I scouted out the quietest coach and as we went to settle in the vestibule, we noticed the priority seat was complete deserted and not reserved until York. It was the best train journey ever with Baker! We got to sit down and be comfortable, with no stress or anyone else around. Then we got to town and saw the first Snow Dog of the day straight away. We excitedly got his photo quickly (with it being in a busy place) and it was nice to see people and the police smiling at my brilliant boy.
As you can see we had a lovely sunny walk along the quayside, up Grey Street, past Monument and up Northumberland Street - taking snaps with all the pretty dogs along the way - before stopping for Baker's lunch time at Civic Centre. Hearing people compliment how well behaved Baker was made me so proud. He really is extremely intelligent and well behaved, he just gets scared. So when you hear him bark, please don't assume he's going to ravage your family...he's just telling you he is frightened and anxious of the situation after what he has been through in the past.
Anyway, he had his picnic dinner in the park and then we hopped on the metro to Cullercoats!

As we were living in Blyth when we first got Baker, Cullercoats was actually the beach we favored when training him. It's enclosed, clean and was usually pretty quiet. So we couldn't not let him have a play in the sand, where he played as a baby. Look how chuffed he was!
Just a short walk and we were at the next couple of Snow Dogs - these two were a couple that I loved most. All of them are SO well designed and painted and if you haven't seen any of them yet but do live nearby, you should check some out! Sadly, at this point we realized we weren't gonna get the chance to see the other 3 sculptures out in Tynemouth due to timing for our train, so back on the metro we went, with a pretty sleepy pup!
On the last leg of our journey we had to pay a visit to St James (we LOVED the Snow Dog there too!) and see the new Shearer statue..for some reason Baker was super excited about it haha, it was nice to get his photo with Sir Bobby's footprints too <3
On the way back to the station we saw the dog at the Cathedral and the 2nd one at the station before getting the train home again!

We had a brilliant day and as I said, Baker could not have been a bigger credit to me - I was insanely proud. It was a bit of a shame we didn't see more on the trail but we are going back to Newcastle shortly and are hoping to get few more photos (without Baker, boo :( ) which I'll post at a later date because this post is hella long haha.

If you'd like to learn more about the Great North Snow Dogs make sure to visit the website here. Not only are they pretty but they are helping to raise money for St Oswald's Children’s Hospice <3

Friday, 21 October 2016

When in Agrabah ~ Tag

Back in July (July!! :O) I posted a tag I'd had sitting in drafts for quite a while, The 'Alice 1951' TAG. A few people ended up enjoying it, so I then started work on a little Aladdin tag!! There are plenty Disney tags floating around and many dedicated to Princesses, but none specific to some of our favorite animated classics...expect more to come ;) I hope you enjoy!

Are you more a Street Rat or a Princess/Sultan?
Pft, for sure a street rat! Though (of course) I do not steal, I am definitely not well off and my wardrobe can probably be described as street rat chic haha. I think after all is said and done I would rather be one than a Royal anyway, more freedom and the ability to be invisible.

Would you rather have a pet Tiger, Parrot or Monkey?
None because they are all species that should not be kept as pets and belong in the wild ;)
But talking hypothetically, I'll say a Capuchin, like Abu. They're super clever and if trained right they can be extremely useful. Apparently, there is even a charity somewhere training them in the same way that assistance dogs are used which (although I don't agree with per say) is crazy!  I think they'd be better company than the others too. That's my long-winded way of saying Monkey.

You have 3 wishes from the Genie himself, choose wisely...
Taking the rules into consideration, my wishes would be -
- People to never be able to ever take advantage of any of our planet's creatures or natural world ever again.
- My family and I to live healthily, safely and comfortably for the rest of our lives.
- For the genie to be free and never have to serve anyone again.

Where would you go if you could go on a one-night magic carpet ride?
To fly on a carpet and see anywhere in the world from above? I think I'd choose somewhere that didn't include water as, although I can swim, I have a fear of wide open bodies of water. It would have to be a wonder of the world, because I'd never see them otherwise but something that incorporates amazing natural beauty too. I'm gonna say Macchu Picchu I think!

How would you deal with Jafar?
I would love to say that I'd knock him out and lock him in a prison without his Staf, but knowing me I'd more than likely run away as far as possible and hide haha. I hate confrontation!

Who would be your perfect Prince/Princess?
I have to say Jake don't I? ;) If I wasn't with Jake I'd say anyone who was protective and able to protect us physically. Tall, dark haired and bearded. Oh and a lover of animals.

Arabian nights or Arabian days?
Oooh. Well, I am an early bird, not a night owl at all and haven't seen later than about 10.30pm in the past year or so...usually I'm in bed by 8.30. However! Arabian days sound far too hot with far too many people bustling about so I'm gonna say a nice quiet (little bit cooler than day time) Arabian night!

That's it. The 'When in Agrabah' tag! I can't wait to see what you guys all come up with as your answers so please do make sure to come back to this post and link your completed tags in the comments. Below is a list of everyone I specifically tag but as always, please, anyone feel free to join in on the fun!

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