Sunday, 16 October 2016

3rd Annual Underland to Wonderland Calendars

For the 3rd year in a row, I present to you the Underland to Wonderland nature and wildlife photography calendar! 

For those who don't know, my passion in photography lies in nature and wildlife, particularly birding.
You probably can't tell from this blog and it's photos that I actually have an A Level, National Diploma and 11 years of experience (including working in a studio under someone else and being self-employed), but I do haha!
A couple years ago I decided to put a calendar together for myself containing some of my fave wildlife snaps I'd taken. Then my Mam wanted one, and my Nana, and after tweeting about it I had other inquiries! It led to me producing a photography calendar to sell and try raise a little money with when I wasn't working - it was crazy to think I could make some money from my photos again after having given up doing weddings/portraiture due to stress.
The calendar went down pretty well I guess, though after costs (including shipping) overall I ended with a slight loss and I decided it was a one off and let it go at that.

Then I had a couple messages later in the year asking if I was doing another for 2016! So, last minute I put one together, got them printed and sold them again, just breaking even or making a small amount. I knew this year I wanted to do them again because although it wasn't a major money making scheme, it was nice for me to have a memento of my photography to keep as well as remind me that my photos can't be that terrible if people want to buy them again and again.

So this post is for two purposes. To thank those who have supported me with this tiny annual venture each year without fail and to let you (those may not see on social media) know that I have this year's calendars here and ready for sale!

The hanging wall calendars are ring bound and contain 12 photographs taken by me in and around the North East of England including Kielder and Berwick Upon Tweed. They cost £10 each plus shipping for those who cannot collect, payable via Paypal, bank transfer or cash. The shipping is yet to be confirmed but will only cost you, exactly what it costs me.
Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email - - to purchase.

[Ps. Usually. Sunday's were reserved for Weekly Reflections posts, but as that series has ended and the next is yet to start, I hope you don't mind me squeezing this random post in!]


  1. Your photos look awesome and If I actually used a calendar I'd buy one from you. Hayley - A Teal Soul

  2. I'm looking forward to my calendar :) Also my Aunt says she'll have another one for next year too, and Kris still has to ask him mum, but I'll let you know!

    1. I hope you like it! Oh that's cool, she mustn't have minded my photos then haha!


  3. These are so so beautiful! I've made a note of this to remind me when I'm paid! xx