Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Inked & Awesome // Michael

Name: Michael
Age: 31
Occupation: Virtual assistant and legal admin

Tell me about your very first tattoo.
I got my first when I was 20, and I'm glad I waited. They're song lyrics to This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage. It says "Even through the darkest days this fire burns always". I was going through a rough point and that line really resonated with me. It still does.

Do your tattoos effect your job, have they in the past?
Fortunately, no. Most of mine are covered during the day but the ones that aren't have never been an issue.

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed?
I'm lucky to say that I've never been treated differently for having tattoos.

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours?
There's an unspoken competition between my mom and I about who has the most. Currently, I'm leading by 1 but plan to make it 2 by year end.

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it.
I think my Scrabble tiles are my favorite because it's completely up to interpretation. Some people look at it and only see one thing. And then I have to look at them and say, "or...?" Only recently did I have someone see the double meaning without me saying anything. I should have hugged him.

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it? Do you think all tattoos should have meaning?
I do think they should have some personal meaning since they're permanent, although two of mine are "meaningless". The one with the most meaning... It's hard to choose. I got a purple ribbon on my hip after my sister passed away, Simba on my ankle is for my mother (it's her favorite movie), and my lyrics were my first tattoo, which is my life mantra.

Are you planning any more?
I'm always planning more. I have 3 small ones in the works and one large thigh piece that I need to start planning.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?' ?
Does life hurt?

Leave us with some words of wisdom regarding body modification.
It may sound ridiculous, but think before you ink. You don't want to have to spend triple the amount I have it removed. Do your homework - if you love Japanese art, find someone who only does that. Always walk away from a pushy artist. And for the love of God, no names!

A huge thank you, Michael,  for telling us all about your tattoos! If you'd like to get to know Michael pop on over to! I wanna hear about your tattoos too, so make sure to send an email with the subject heading 'INKED & AWESOME' to!!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Project 365 2016 // October

My Top 3 photo from this month are -

The best moments from this month were -
- Visiting Our Dynamic Earth with Laura
- Alice Through the Looking Glass DVD release
- Getting the Halloween decs up!
- Baker's amazing trip to see the Snow Dogs
- My 3rd annual calendars arriving
- A lovely photoshoot with Chase the Cocker Spaniel
- All of the fab wildlife coming out for Autumn
- Being sent a beautiful copy of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' book.
- Spending time with Laura in Newcastle
- My little Baker, the pumpkin bum.

Check out this month in previous years here - 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Five Years

Where to start?


Today is the five-year anniversary of this blog. In total, I have been blogging around 8/9 years. And it's just not the same anymore.

I know it's frowned upon by the blogging mafia to talk ill of the 'community' or whatever but I have found many others who agree with me that it is not the same. Most people see it more as a career opportunity, not a hobby. Talk of stats, DA, followers and 'opportunities' outshine the general passion for documenting our lives...which is what started it all really.

My first ever blog was a Project 365 one. I took, edited and posted a photo every ended up failing and fizzled out. My next blog was in early 2010 and documented my first adult trip to Disneyland Paris. I actually paid to use the computers in our hotel and updated it each night so my Mam could keep up with me, then I carried it on upon our arrival home.
Then came a bad time in life and so it had to be deleted.
Underland to Wonderland then followed, when I moved into my first flat in late 2011.

Long story short my blogs have always been passion fueled, fun filled and to document my life. That being said it doesn't mean I am disregarding or undermining those who do blog for money or those who don't enjoy it and feel it a chore. I personally just think this kind of world isn't for me.

I don't think (and hadn't expected) people to notice, but I haven't used Twitter since the 20th and can't say I've missed it. Obviously, I had planned on getting a break from it while on holiday but I began my break early and can't see the end of it to be honest. Twitter is one of the main parts of the 'community' that I feel has taken a decline in recent years and I'm too old to spend my time on something that makes me feel so awful. You never know what you're gonna experience when you go on there and unless you're in with the in crowd, cool enough to have a following who hang off your every word, or are someone with super thick skin who can just tell people where to go when they get arsey with you, you don't seem to have a voice on there. Seriously, some of us have hard enough times in our daily lives without the stress of social media.

For too long I have tried to do something with this blog, gain more followers, make more friends but it's impossible. I guess I'm just an unlikable person like I have been my whole life, and so I'm stopping. 2017, my 6th year of Underland to Wonderland is gonna be just for me.
I love taking and editing photos. I love researching and writing up posts. I love my little blog and I'm not letting a so-called 'community' and it's judgemental, high school bullies make me want to stop.

So it's goodbye Twitter and goodbye sassy, sarcastic, stuck up, opinionated people who don't let others have an opinion if they differ to theirs.
If you are still reading and want to keep in contact more than just through blog comments I have a little group on facebook for like-minded, respectful bloggers who want to genuinely share their blog posts and give each other company and support. It's likely to be a very small group haha.

Yeah. In conclusion, this post was pointless. Just an update of sorts I guess...should have probably done something a little better to celebrate five years of Underland to Wonderland, but then again I'm not the giant helium balloon type.

Couldn't afford one even if I was.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Disney and Me

After all the posts I do talking about Disneyland Paris, Disney movies and items included in collective hauls, collections or outfit posts, I've realized I have never really spoken about how I came to be a Disney lover or what it all means to me. This post is in dedication to all that, a bit of fun and something for myself to look back on!

First Disney toy.
A 'baby' Minnie Mouse which I received as a gift before I was even born. I still have her. (In the photo above)

First Disney movie I saw.
From my own memory, I think it was the Little Mermaid...though of course, I was a bairn so I can't remember. I did have a nice little collection of VHS tapes including some of the 'Ariel's Underwater Adventures' short movies.

First Disney Park trip.
This was in October 1996 for my 6th birthday. I went with both my Mam and my Dad and were there for 2.5 days after traveling over on the coach/ferry all the way from Berwick. That's a long time on a coach! Below you can see a little of the home video that I re-edited together and I hope to share some more of the photos from that trip in a blog post in the near future.

First favorite character.
Judging by my clothing back then it would be safe to say Minnie Mouse, however, I did also have a soft spot for most animal characters. So much so when choosing a soft toy at Disneyland I picked Scamp from Lady and the Tramp... At around age 4 I was given a Simba soft toy from the Disney Store and for the next 10 or so years of my life he went on every outing, trip and holiday that I did.

First favorite movie.
Surprise, surprise it was The Lion King. And for many years! I was also a huge fan of Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks as I got older. My Mam says 101 Dalmatians rings a bell as a fave because I was rather obsessed with dogs and even had a few soft toys that I had a 'ritual' of sorts with every night when I'd kiss each one and tuck them in before bed haha.

Current favorite Disney merch.
Probably my DVDs as I take great pride in my little collection. It may not be as big as some but I work hard to track down what I don't have and I do so all while keeping to a tight budget. I could very easily add to it all a lot faster if I were well off but I prefer how I do it. It's a lot more satisfying and so fun to have a nice selection of movies to watch.

Latest Disney movie you saw.
As in new releases, that'd probably be Pete's Dragon way back in August (read my review here) because our nearest cinema is over 60miles away so I haven't been able to see Queen of Katwe yet :( I'm a bit gutted as it looks so good! Moana also comes out while we're in Disneyland so I've no idea when I'll get to see that...
Other than new releases I have also watched and/or rewatched many Disney movies, the last 5 being -
The BFG (with Baker when we got the DVD on release day)
Around the World in 80 Days
Get a Clue
The Island at the Top of the World

Next Disney Trip.
Is in 4 days! :O This is my 4th Disney trip and Mam's 3rd. We are going to Disneyland Paris and will be staying at the Sequoia Lodge for the first time! We're also meeting Kerri and Kris there on their first Disney trip which is very exciting.

Current favorite Disney character.
Probably the main guy, Mr Mickey Mouse! Baker and I also really like the new Elliot from this years Pete's Dragon as he is very dog-like and shares some of Baker's characteristics. I'm hoping to be able to get an Elliot or an Arlo (we love The Good Dinosaur too) soft toy for him from Disneyland.

Current favorite movie.
That has to be one of the most difficult questions anyone could ever ask me. I'm gonna have to say a few...hmm. From this year, all 5 of the live action releases have been completely epic and I adore every single one. I am also still totally hung up on Tomorrowland from 2015. I think it is way underrated and people don't seem to get the really important message it conveyed. Older, classic wise, I have to mention So Dear to my Heart. I could watch that every week, it's so sweet.

Why I watch Disney movies.
When people say they are going to watch Disney films they are 90% of the time referring to the animated classics. As much as I truly love all of them and completely appreciate all of the advances in animation technology that they show, I find that the live action movies are very much underrated and misconstrued as just being a handful such as Mary Poppins and the more popular ones. Everything from So Dear to my Heart to The Finest Hours, those in-between such as the Herbie movies, Hayley Mills starring productions right up to Pirates of the Caribbean and more all have provided me with entertainment, enjoyment and a world to escape to. I love movies in general (if you didn't know I have watched over 350 this year so far haha), the storylines, filming locations, filming styles, animatronics, CGI, acting. Everything. I would adore to have the pleasure of working on a production, especially a Disney one.

Why I visit Disney parks.
I only visit Disneyland Paris. Only have and only will. If the opportunity arose, of course I would like to step foot in the original Disneyland Resort California just so I could say I'd walked in the footsteps of my idol, but I have no want or need to visit any of the other parks. DLP is my home park and I visit for my holidays, which these days (with a home to run/pay for) are rare. It is a place to relax and have a break from the troubles of everyday life while being surrounded by pretty buildings, lovely staff and my favorite movie worlds.

Why Disney means so much to me.
It may be sad to say but it means so much to me because it is such a gigantic part of my life. Every single day in my life involves Disney in some way, shape or form. Every room of my house has something somewhere, at least one item of my clothing is Disney, daily, and I am either listening to, watching, reading or singing Disney all the time. I love it because it is all that is good with the world. Pureness, kindness, good morals, happiness, no worries, appreciating the little things and way, way more. It is impossible to put into words.

Well this post ended up a lot longer than expected haha, but it was fun to write. I hope you enjoyed reading it too, it'll be fab for me to look back on in a few years. Let me know in the comments what Disney means to you! Also let me know if you are looking forward to Disneyland Paris 2016 blog posts starting next month!!

[You can check out all of my main Disney posts in one place by clicking here. Including Disneyland Paris 2014 full series, DLP tips and tricks posts, movie reviews and more!]

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Q&A Winter 2016

Time for another little question and answer session. You can check out the previous one, from April, by clicking here. Thank you to those who sent questions, your twitter handles are included alongside your questions below :)

Barks & Bunnies @BarksBunnies
If you could be any Disney character who would it be and why? 
I found this really hard to answer as I always think I'd rather just be myself but slotted into a movie haha. If I had to choose though I think it could be cool to be Miss Price from Bedknobs and Broomsticks purely because of the magic side of it all and living alone haha. The cat would need to be a dog instead, though.
And if I were an animated character I think I'd most likely be an animal like, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh  rather than a Princess or anything. I suppose we're rather alike in our characteristics such as being easily annoyed, compulsive and fussy haha.

Natasha @tashajhill
What is your favourite nature / wildlife to spot come wintertime?
I think everyone loves to see a Robin and I'm no exception. I can't think of anything else to say in particular because I always love to see all wildlife, obviously haha! Birds, especially water birds, in general, are fab to see as winter is usually when their plumage is at it's brightest!

Rachel Stinson@Peach3067
What do you love most about blogging? 
It gives me something to do. I don't work full time like a lot of people so apart from work, housework and looking after Baker, the majority of my time is spent on anything and everything to do with my blog. People always ask how on Earth I can be scheduled for so many months ahead, but it's because I spend so much time doing it.
I also love that I have everything I have done, seen, been etc documented here. Things that maybe before the blog that would end up being taken for granted. There are so many memories and so many photos over the past 5 years to look back on and enjoy.

What made you choose Baker? 
Well actually, now you ask! My Granda (Mam's Dad) was a shepherd and so I grew up surrounded by beautiful border collies at his house.  However, he also had one other dog - a lurcher named Honey and she was wonderful. Well although I've always wanted a dog and am the type to constantly look on animal rescue sites at the poor mites that are up for adoption, we weren't specifically aiming to add a pup to the family when we did. We saw a litter of Border Collie, Lurcher cross babies and saw it as a little sign.
As for Baker in particular, he chose us. We were looking at another and the man said it was the only bitch and she was taken. So while we stood talking and looking at all the brothers climbing over each other in the bed, Jake felt one by his foot. I picked him up and decided that he would be my son forever :) I really wish I could have taken all his siblings too as the conditions weren't great but I hope they found nice homes in the end.

What did you want to be when you were younger? 
It rotated between a Vet and a Marine Biologist and then when I was a little older, an Interior Designer. I've always been really into animals and watched things like Animal Hospital with Rolf Harris, played with Puppy in my Pocket's and looked after all my teddies but when the reality hit what veterinary care entailed I knew I couldn't stomach it.

 If you had to pick one favourite thing about Disney what would it be?
If you mean the company in general, I'd say the live action film catalogue. There are so many movies, many of which I own, that you could watch them over and over and never get bored. There is a vast range in genre from the 40s until present day which takes you on a journey not only through all of the different worlds but through the history of cinematography, which I adore.

Chloe @itsagirlthingb1
What's your favourite thing to do over the Christmas period?🎅🏽🎄
Sleep and eat chocolate. :P Unfortunately, we don't have a big family nor do we do much to celebrate so those two things are probably my best bet haha.

Aloha Lola Cards @AlohaLolaCards
How to incorporate your love of Disney into your winter clothes?
If you haven't seen my OOTD posts, I literally wear something Disney, every single day of my life. I have everything from shoes, socks and T-shirts to  hoodies, jewellery and hair bows. It isn't just incorporating it into my style, it is my style, no matter the time of year. Ooh! I have Disney gloves and earmuffs too haha

What winter films do you love?
I actually have a full post of  'The Best Disney Christmas Movies' coming up on the 16th of December ;) I also love a good Hallmark movie!

Emily  @EverythngEmily
What is your favourite Winter memory? 
Eeek. Well, I don't like Winter on a whole haha but I suppose I'll go back to when I was a kid.  Just having my Granda around, as Christmases have been pretty poop since we lost him - it's just not the same.

What has surprised you about blogging? 
How big it has gotten and that so many people make money from it these days. It's been over 8 years since I started (I had another blog or 2 before this one) and I only knew a handful of other bloggers who commented on my blog back then. Non-bloggers didn't understand what it was either whereas now it's talked about on tv and in magazines too, it's crazy.

Monday, 21 November 2016

The Making of Harry Potter // Part 11

Guess who cried again?! Yep, it was another pivotal moment in the tour as we stepped out onto the actual Diagon Alley. After the initial shock of how small it was, we began to stand with our mouths wide open taking it all in. Now that we're at the penultimate post of the series you have probably heard this a zillllion times but, there was SO much detail! Ever sign, every brick, behind every window - nothing was a miss. 
However. Indeed, there is another 'however'. I wish so much that this portion, in particular, had some method of crowd control. Perhaps having a member of staff or two at either end limiting the amount of people to be in the area at one time as it really was extremely tight at times with a lot of pushing and not much space to take photos. This also cements my thoughts that school trips need to be on certain days and be declared to the public so we can avoid them where possible!!
Anyway, to paraphrase everyone's favorite half-giant, 'Welcome, everyone, to Diagon Alley'!!

Isn't it all just...magical...?! I wish there were a better word to describe it but there isn't. I wish all streets looked like this, maybe not so much the type of stores but the architecture at least. No one can deny that a street of medieval architecture ala the Shambles of York is way more appealing than bright and brash streets we have today of bargain shops and high street fashion retail logos.
I know it isn't the Wizarding World attraction from the US and not big enough, but it would have been super amazing to be able to explore inside the stores. Maybe in the future they'll add something like that.

To end this post, although it may not be of interest to many people (alot of people were filing past this section without paying much attention), I wanted to share the few photos I have from the concept art etc. It's all awesome. I wish I was that talented!

I can't believe that now this post is over that leaves us with only one more post. It also means it's been almost 1 whole year since the trip. I'm sure you can guess the only thing that is left to show and therefore is our post next month. See you then!

The rest of 'The Making of Harry Potter' series can be found below -

Friday, 18 November 2016

My Least Favorite Animated Disney Characters

We all like a list post, even more so a Disney list post. But most of the time they are usually lists of our favorite things, so today I wanna talk about some of my least favorite Disney animated characters, and not necessarily just villains!

Charlotte LaBouff
When I sat down to first draft this list, Charlotte was the first that came to mind haha! She's the type of in your face, stereotypical, self-obsessed, selfish 'princess' that just make's me think 'Urgh, shut uppp!'. The Princess and the Frog seems to be pretty underrated as a movie and Tiana is such a fantastically inspirational Princess but her 'friend' is the worst part of the movie. I guess in comparison she only makes Tiana look that much extra sweet.

Governor Ratcliffe
Okay so yes, he is a villain but blurgh. Greed is one of the worst traits a person can possess in my opinion and along with his extra racist view of the world (I say extra as in the time period Pocahontas is set, obviously having an obtuse view of 'foreign' people was more common) I just want to smack him in the face. He constantly has his nose in the air and is a sassy, sarcastic pig.

Oooh! You know how people feel about that poor Go Compare tenor? That's how I feel about Elsa. She's overly self-assured and like Charlotte, self-obsessed. She treats her sister - the only family member she has left - like rubbish until the end, as well as anyone else who tries to help. Her songs definitely play a part in her place on this list too.

I hate Edgar. Some on this list I just dislike or am annoyed by, but I hate Edgar from The Aristocats. Surely he's one of the most evil of all Disney characters?! It can't just be me who thinks that. How can anyone, even fictionally, treat such helpless, innocent beings so nastily. Like jog on Edgar and get a life instead of picking on little kitties man!

Buzz Lightyear
You know when you just don't take to someone and you can't think why? Me with Buzz! I've always been more for Cowboys than Astronauts but there's something else about him that makes me want to roll my eyes every time he speaks, and no it's not Tim Allen because I'm a big fan of him haha.

And they are my all time, least favorite, animated, Disney characters. Do you agree with any? Or at least see where I'm coming from?! I'd love to hear who you don't like and why (especially if you agree with me ;) haha ) so tell me in the comments! Okay bye.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Life in Photos // October

Welcome to Tuesday 18th of October. This was my second day back at work after a week off and man are the cold and dark mornings no fun! Autumn/Winter is not my fave and my health doesn't like these seasons either but we've gotta crack on and get stuff done, eh? So come see what I got up to on the 18th.

1 // No better sight in at 6am than alllll of the birds! <3
2 // I am not loving these dark mornings, but Mam meeting me from work for a quick breakfast together makes up for it.
3 // After breakfast Mam helped me get a few outfit shots for another OOTD post and I snapped some of the pretty leaves.
4 // Mammy is home and Baker is up. Time for breakfast! 

5 // At this point Baker and I decided it was nap time. Being back to work after a week off has ruined me fatigue wise and I can never turn down doggy hugs.
6 // Now I'd better get back to work and of couse I'm multitasking by watching a movie while editing some photos for a customer!
7 // I spent most of the day editing photos and watching movies/videos, so now it's almost 6pm and I haven't eaten yet. A quick bowl of pasta, so I can get my tablets taken, will have to do.

8 // Bedtime!! Cosy winter sleepwear and hot water bottles are my friends. It takes my pain away!! (It doesn't really help that much to be honest, but name that band ;P)

A little bit of a shorter 'day in photos' this month but it's literally all I did haha. I woke at 5.30am, got home about 8.30am, napped from 10-12 and then edited for a few hours. My life is super glamorous ;) Make sure to check out the rest of the series if you'd prefer to see some more exciting days haha. And as always, link me to your posts like this in the comments!!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Things I Hate About Blogging

Here we are after two, seemingly, well enjoyed  'Things I Hate About...' posts and this one could go only two ways. It is a little harsh, very close to home and will probably offend many people seeing as we seem to live in a world where everyone takes everything personally and can't take a joke ;)
I'd make my usual disclaimer about the word 'hate' and that this should all be taken with a pinch of salt but we all know you aren't reading this anyway, so let's talk about the things I hate about blogging...

White Everything
Where is the colour?! The life, the brightness, the individuality. In 2008 blogs all looked different, with layouts we coded ourselves, reminiscent of the MySpace days. Now so many blogs are all white with black text and you can't tell who is who. I love to see the bright headers, pops of colour in the sidebars and even the odd different coloured background!
Not only that but the houses behind the blogs are all white too?! White carpets and furniture, white bedding and accessories. They must be either forever cleaning or tip toeing around their own house so as not to ruin anything.

Afternoon Tea
I feel like the only person who has never had/ has no interest in / doesn't understand the hype around afternoon tea. And I hate that. haha Oh and proccesso. I dunno what it is, I dunno how to pronounce it and I dunno where it has come from all of a sudden for everyone to always be talking about it.

Everyone is a Photographer
I went to school for photography. I've worked in studios, worked as a freelance and have sold my work. But then 15-year-old Betty knows better and is trying to tell me how I should be taking photos in a blog post. There have to be other trained photographers out there that get a chuckle at those types of posts? I'm not saying I'm amazing and know it all - far from - and the vast majority of photos I share here are just snaps and not worthy of the title photography but, seriously the fact that every other blogger calls themselves a 'photographer' is getting crazy.

That's exactly what it is when you downright copy someone's blog post. Stealing the idea of series, with no credit that it is inspired by another blogger, using a photo (that you didn't take) as your own or being so bold as to copy and paste a full post only altering the odd word is copying and copying is not cool.

Word Trends
First it was penchant and 4 out of 5 blogs had that word in their about me. There's been 'on point' - gag. Now it's the aesthetic crowd throwing it around in all sorts of different ways, some of which don't even make sense. Calm down and just say you think Jean's top looks nice not that it is sooo your aesthetic! The word has been ruined for me.
[Not limited to blogging but other words that make me gag are: lit, fam, shook, slay, fleek, goals, etc etc etc]

Fake Kindness
When you know of a person in real life, from your town, city or have even just met them be it at a blogging event or known them from college or something and then you randomly see them online and they act completely differently. That's what I'm talking about. The girl who sniggers at how others are dressed or talks to their family like rubbish but online brands themselves an advocate for positivity, kindness and equality. Make up your mind and be one or the other - don't have two separate personalities on and offline.

I asked you all on twitter what things YOU hate about the blog world and here are some of the things you said!
- ''Arguments between bloggers and copying.''
- ''the competitiveness and the whole idea that you're not a good blogger if you don't have 'this many' followers''
- ''when some bloggers get massive they forget where they came from.''
- ''the bitchiness and subtweeting. Always the worst. And the jealousy of people''
- ''expectations! Because everyone's getting noticed by brands and such there is this feeling that you're expected to want to be the next Zoella or whatever. People expect you to want to be big & want to go full time but sometimes you just want to blog!''
- ''The drama certain bloggers bring, and the two facedness is so childish''

In no particular order, thanks to CharlotteAJShonaRosie, Emma , Alisha Valerie for their opinions above!

So yeah, that's some of what I hate about blogging! Tell me what annoys you about all things blog in the comments below and feel free to check out the previous post in this little series - Things I Hate About Disney &  Things I Hate About People !

Friday, 11 November 2016

Countdown to Disney // What's in My Luggage

1,555,200 seconds
25,920 minutes
432 hours
18 days
2 weeks and 4 days

It's Disney month! Yup, a mere 18 days and we'll be back in the homeland. I probably won't believe it until I'm actually there as I've counted down for over 400 days now haha. Last time I shared what was in my suitcase , so I wanted to do the same this year too. I still only have that pink suitcase from my 2014 post and it's pretty wrecked now but I couldn't really afford to buy a new suitcase. That lead to my luggage for this trip being a Primark holdall haha!
We're (thankfully) going Eurostar style as opposed to the hellish plane journey so what would usually be spoken about as 'hand luggage' is technically just another bag for me. My backpack with built-in camera bag which will double as my park bag. I'll do a separate 'what's in my park bag' when we get back so for now, here is what I have packed in my main luggage!

If you don't know of my organization obsession by now you mustn't come here often haha. This bag has been pretty much fully packed since early to mid-September (though I did unpack, re-wash, iron and pack again more recently)! I know we're going in November/December but I judging from the second half of October in 2014, we were 100% warm enough in just t-shirts with hoodies, that combined with the terrible global warming meaning our seasons have been coming late means I've been optimistic in my clothing choices. As you can see I have a T-shirt and Jumper with either a vest or a plain long sleeve top to go underneath each day. I will be travelling in a coat so if on the morning when we leave our hotel it's particularly nippy out I can always grab that, otherwise I will only have an extra hoodie and waterproof mac in my park bag.
I have decided to only take 2 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of shoes for our 5 days in the park, as well as the bottoms I'll be travelling in and a separate outfit to change into the evening we go to see Buffalo Bills!

My toiletry bag is pretty straight forward and make-up minimal so that I can shower quickly before bed each evening and get ready quickly before early breakfast each morning. I like to make the most of my time at Disneyland and be in the park as much as I can so early starts are a must (who sleeps until past 7 at DLP?!).
Lastly is a few random bits. We are taking bathers just on the off chance that we get the opportunity to take advantage of that fact our hotel has a pool. It was such a pain to find a swimming costume that actually covered a portion of my body, even this is more flesh-flaunted than I'd like. Of course, I have my scarf, gloves and Chip & Dale earmuffs too - though I'll be wearing them, not packing them..duh!

That's it. We're all ready and set to go. As always I have all of my posts scheduled for the next month or two anyways so everything will be going up as normal, however, I will not be online/social media at all for the duration of my time away, nor will I be approving or replying to comments. Stick by me though and I'll be back online around the 5th of December! :)