Friday, 25 November 2016

Disney and Me

After all the posts I do talking about Disneyland Paris, Disney movies and items included in collective hauls, collections or outfit posts, I've realized I have never really spoken about how I came to be a Disney lover or what it all means to me. This post is in dedication to all that, a bit of fun and something for myself to look back on!

First Disney toy.
A 'baby' Minnie Mouse which I received as a gift before I was even born. I still have her. (In the photo above)

First Disney movie I saw.
From my own memory, I think it was the Little Mermaid...though of course, I was a bairn so I can't remember. I did have a nice little collection of VHS tapes including some of the 'Ariel's Underwater Adventures' short movies.

First Disney Park trip.
This was in October 1996 for my 6th birthday. I went with both my Mam and my Dad and were there for 2.5 days after traveling over on the coach/ferry all the way from Berwick. That's a long time on a coach! Below you can see a little of the home video that I re-edited together and I hope to share some more of the photos from that trip in a blog post in the near future.

First favorite character.
Judging by my clothing back then it would be safe to say Minnie Mouse, however, I did also have a soft spot for most animal characters. So much so when choosing a soft toy at Disneyland I picked Scamp from Lady and the Tramp... At around age 4 I was given a Simba soft toy from the Disney Store and for the next 10 or so years of my life he went on every outing, trip and holiday that I did.

First favorite movie.
Surprise, surprise it was The Lion King. And for many years! I was also a huge fan of Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks as I got older. My Mam says 101 Dalmatians rings a bell as a fave because I was rather obsessed with dogs and even had a few soft toys that I had a 'ritual' of sorts with every night when I'd kiss each one and tuck them in before bed haha.

Current favorite Disney merch.
Probably my DVDs as I take great pride in my little collection. It may not be as big as some but I work hard to track down what I don't have and I do so all while keeping to a tight budget. I could very easily add to it all a lot faster if I were well off but I prefer how I do it. It's a lot more satisfying and so fun to have a nice selection of movies to watch.

Latest Disney movie you saw.
As in new releases, that'd probably be Pete's Dragon way back in August (read my review here) because our nearest cinema is over 60miles away so I haven't been able to see Queen of Katwe yet :( I'm a bit gutted as it looks so good! Moana also comes out while we're in Disneyland so I've no idea when I'll get to see that...
Other than new releases I have also watched and/or rewatched many Disney movies, the last 5 being -
The BFG (with Baker when we got the DVD on release day)
Around the World in 80 Days
Get a Clue
The Island at the Top of the World

Next Disney Trip.
Is in 4 days! :O This is my 4th Disney trip and Mam's 3rd. We are going to Disneyland Paris and will be staying at the Sequoia Lodge for the first time! We're also meeting Kerri and Kris there on their first Disney trip which is very exciting.

Current favorite Disney character.
Probably the main guy, Mr Mickey Mouse! Baker and I also really like the new Elliot from this years Pete's Dragon as he is very dog-like and shares some of Baker's characteristics. I'm hoping to be able to get an Elliot or an Arlo (we love The Good Dinosaur too) soft toy for him from Disneyland.

Current favorite movie.
That has to be one of the most difficult questions anyone could ever ask me. I'm gonna have to say a few...hmm. From this year, all 5 of the live action releases have been completely epic and I adore every single one. I am also still totally hung up on Tomorrowland from 2015. I think it is way underrated and people don't seem to get the really important message it conveyed. Older, classic wise, I have to mention So Dear to my Heart. I could watch that every week, it's so sweet.

Why I watch Disney movies.
When people say they are going to watch Disney films they are 90% of the time referring to the animated classics. As much as I truly love all of them and completely appreciate all of the advances in animation technology that they show, I find that the live action movies are very much underrated and misconstrued as just being a handful such as Mary Poppins and the more popular ones. Everything from So Dear to my Heart to The Finest Hours, those in-between such as the Herbie movies, Hayley Mills starring productions right up to Pirates of the Caribbean and more all have provided me with entertainment, enjoyment and a world to escape to. I love movies in general (if you didn't know I have watched over 350 this year so far haha), the storylines, filming locations, filming styles, animatronics, CGI, acting. Everything. I would adore to have the pleasure of working on a production, especially a Disney one.

Why I visit Disney parks.
I only visit Disneyland Paris. Only have and only will. If the opportunity arose, of course I would like to step foot in the original Disneyland Resort California just so I could say I'd walked in the footsteps of my idol, but I have no want or need to visit any of the other parks. DLP is my home park and I visit for my holidays, which these days (with a home to run/pay for) are rare. It is a place to relax and have a break from the troubles of everyday life while being surrounded by pretty buildings, lovely staff and my favorite movie worlds.

Why Disney means so much to me.
It may be sad to say but it means so much to me because it is such a gigantic part of my life. Every single day in my life involves Disney in some way, shape or form. Every room of my house has something somewhere, at least one item of my clothing is Disney, daily, and I am either listening to, watching, reading or singing Disney all the time. I love it because it is all that is good with the world. Pureness, kindness, good morals, happiness, no worries, appreciating the little things and way, way more. It is impossible to put into words.

Well this post ended up a lot longer than expected haha, but it was fun to write. I hope you enjoyed reading it too, it'll be fab for me to look back on in a few years. Let me know in the comments what Disney means to you! Also let me know if you are looking forward to Disneyland Paris 2016 blog posts starting next month!!

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  1. 90'S Disney is awesome!

    Eeeeek! It's so close to our trip!!

    1. Isn't it? I wish I could revisit 1996 Disney at this age...if that makes sense.
      Literally 3 days then we'll see each other the next again morning haha. Crazy how it's come around.


  2. It's great reading about how you came to love Disney. I hope you have an amazing time in 4 days! - Amy x

  3. Loved your 6th birthday video!! What a special memory to be able to look back on! xx

    Renee | Life After Lux

  4. This was such a lovely and heart-warming post Danielle, I loved it. The Little Mermaid was the first Disney animated film I saw too, and I remember having the VHS cassettes of the animated shorts they did too, so I smiled when I saw you mention them here. I love seeing your most treasured and oldest Disney toys too, so cute! Also, the final paragraph about what Disney meant to you really made me smile, and tear up a bit too. Your passion for it is infectious. Love it! - Tasha

    1. Ah thank you so much. What with us being the same age-ish, it's cool to compare our Disney childhoods❤


  5. Aww I loved reading this - getting to know your favourites as a child, and why Disney means so much to you. Things I often wondered, actually. Before I was born, my Aunty bought me a Pluto soft toy and he's still in a black bag at my mum's house - well worn and well loved! x x

    1. Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) It was fun to do just for my own memories sake. Aww I love Pluto, you'll have to hunt him out and send me a pic!