Monday, 16 January 2017

My Life in Photos // December

Dec 29th, my very last day in photos of 2016! It was just another regular, working day for me with one or two special highlights you'll see below ;) Make sure to click here and see what the rest of my year in photos has looked like and I hope you enjoy this one.

1 // It's been a long time since there has been a peek of sunrise while walking home from work. Does that mean the mornings are going to start getting lighter? Or did I just go into work later? Maybe a bit of both.
2 // More than ready to get the decs down now. I wasn't even bothered about putting them up but you know, keeping up appearances and all that.
3 // Has Jake ever been in a 'day in my life' post?! I rarely post photos of him at all after a scary identity theft situation a couple years back. But there's the side of his face as we walked back over to Berwick.
4 // Check us out going for a 'coffee date' haha. I don't think we have ever, in our 5+ years, went and had a hot drink together.
5 // I still can't believe we got lucky enough to see this guy. Jake has never seen the wild otter family in our town and I haven't seen them for months. They are his fave animals so I was dead excited that he was with me, and that I had my camera, when he quickly popped up to say hello!
6 // Plenty birds have been coming for their Christmas week snacks so I had to top up! This tub was my best purchase of the past few months.

7 // Back home in the warm and a quick snack while watching some YouTube before cracking on with the housework.
8 // Hoovering, laundry and all that jazz!
9 // With my anemia and stuff I'm extra tired after all that housework, so a nap with a hot water bottle and my boyo happened :P
10 // Back to the grind and emptying the dishwasher as I cooked and ate tea simultaneously. #EpicMultiTasker
11 // I ended my evening by doing some blog work and catching up on more YouTube. No movies today surprisingly. 
12 // Late into bed tonight but setting the alarm early for work. Cuddled with my fox friends <3

That's it for another year. Shall I keep doing this series in 2017?? Leave links to your similar posts in the comments!! Thanks for being here :)


  1. Aww otters are SO adorable! I love them. Identity theft!? That would be terrifying! Some people are crazy.

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. Love the top photo of the sunrise! It almost looks like a painting! So pretty :)
    Also love a good trip to cafe nero for a hot drink. I can't believe you have otters near where you live, I was literally watching country file yesterday where it said they appear more locally than you think. I had no idea! But they are so adorable :D great snap!



    1. Thank you :)
      Yeah I hadn't seen them in a few months but this guy was catching fish when we saw him. We also have a lot of seals, one was there today as I passed actually. Its brilliant. My Mam was telling me about Countryfile!


  3. Oh gosh, sorry to hear about the identity theft. That can't have been pleasant! :( Some nasty people about, unfortunately. Love the sunrise photo, it's so nice to have lighter evenings (I don't get up early enough to see a Winter sunrise, I'm ashamed to say!) And hey there, Mr Otter, how lovely to see you! x x

    1. It was a few years back now but it wasn't nice at all! We assume it was done by someone we knew because of what they were doing. But never mind, that's all over with.
      Haha bless you, I don't blame you, it doesn't seem to get light until about 8!! I hate walking to and from work in the dark - roll on summer mornings!


  4. Oh I do love this series and the shot of the otter is just the most gorgeous, I'm glad that Jake got to see them too! I'm the same as you, I can lose hours on YouTube, there's just so much on there - I'm obsessed with all of the DIY videos at the moment, and people's Room Tours, haha - I love seeing how other people decorate! I felt a bit lacklustre with the decorations this year too, but I ended up taking a lot of photos for Project 365 - this Christmas was a bit strange, so I want to have more fun next year with it. Lovely shots here Danielle, as always, would love to see you continue it this year too! - Tasha

    1. Thanks as always Tasha <3
      I follow a lot of family vloggers so watch them! Other than that I like to watch urbexing videos and stuff. Yeah, fingers crossed next Christmas is different for us both! I'd love to just go away for Christmas but I only get 1 day off work.