Monday, 9 January 2017

My Non-Resolutions, Resolutions // Take 4!

Wow, out of over 5 years writing on this blog, this is my 4th annual non-resolutions, resolutions! Let's  get right into it, sum up 2016 and get pumped for 2017.
Feel free to check out my 3 previous year's posts of the same name here > 201420152016.


My Proudest Moment in 2016.
I couldn't remember if it was actually 2016 until I compiled the favorite posts list below, but my proudest moment definitely needs to be Dad and I's charity walk around Kielder. Being 'proud' of yourself seems a weird thing to say but the walk was something I glad to have done and chuffed I managed to complete - proudness wise, I was proud of my Dad. We had a lovely couple of days together while raising money for two charities that are close to us, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. It was pretty hard too... Have you walked upwards of 32 miles, in around 10 hours, over two days, in rough terrain, with spondylitis, arthritis or asthma? ;)

I also am proud I managed to hand rear a lost baby black bird, successfully re-release it and have it return to my garden months later fully grown.

A Time When I Disappointed Myself in 2016.
Not keeping my 'mouth shut'. I use quotations because it was actually something I typed not said. Some of you may know that I have a bad time with my neighbours, and one of them is particularly..not nice. I struggle to be out in public as it is and there is only one way in and out of my street so it makes it easy for them to antagonize of course they do because I'm hated by all of them for no apparent reason. Anyway, I put something on the dreaded Facebook literally only saying something like 'it's a bad job when you can't even come home from work without getting called a b****'. I named no names or said anything bad at all but an hour or so later, said neighbour had been shown this by another neighbour and turned up at my door shouting and screaming. So we had to phone the police. Now it's even harder to get in and out of my street and it's a task in itself just to get Baker out for a wee in the garden :(
Longgggg story short, I am disappointed that I got upset and wrote online because although they would still be bullying me, it wouldn't have caused all that stress.

General Happy Highlights from 2016.
There were quite a few!! I know it was a bit of a sad year for many and there was a lot of global bad news but we have to focus on the little things. I was very lucky to do so much this year and spend time with most of my favorite people those things include -
* Seeing so many new movies at the cinema!
(The Good Dinosaur, Jungle Book, Alice Through the Looking Glass, The BFG, Pete's Dragon, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them)
* Visiting the Railway Museum in York for Jake's birthday.
* Completing a 32 day de-chox. No chocolate anything for a full month.
* Doing a train/cinema trip all alone! Big deal for me.
* Seeing the Mary Poppins musical with Mam.
* Meeting Kerri for the first time when she visited.
* A lot of birdy friends - Black Swan, Muscovy Duck, Baby B (my blackbird rescue), migrating Geese, and much more wildlife like the wild otters and seals in our town.
* Kielder charity walk with Dad.
* Mam and I's 6th annual Race for Life.
* Our Dynamic Earth trip with Laura.
* Disneyland Paris with Mam, Kerri and Kris!

What I Am Most Thankful for Last Year.
Everything I have. I have a small family and circle of friends but though small in numbers, they are great in quality. With questions like this, I will never not say my parents as they are my best friends, best supports, best everything and I am so extremely lucky to have them not only as such amazing supports but also have them together.
I may not have much money but I have a roof over my head, a job, the best dog ever (who wants for nothing) and can still occasionally enjoy the odd day out, cinema visit or new DVD which is lovely.

Favorite Blog Posts from Each Month, Last Year.
A Frosty Morning Wildlife Watching
The Lion King Musical, Lyceum Theatre London


Looking forward to this year.
A new start. No, unfortunately, I'm not moving as of yet but a new year is a new start none the less. We have also talked about some cool days out and mini day trip type things that should be fun, especially getting to see Kerri again. Hopefully, if all goes well, Kris will meet Jake and Baker will meet his new best friend to be :P

Am going to do differently.
The way I treat my body. At 26 I am now the largest I have ever been and I feel the worse for it. I need to crack down on my terrible relationship with food, get back into yoga and my other home exercise as well as mental exercise in the form of the meditation that I used to do. Overall I just really need to start looking after my body more because the ailments I do have won't get better and if I can do stuff to help the rest of me, I had best get cracking with it.

Strive to achieve.
More charity work! Mam and I like to do a care package type thing so I look forward to putting together our next one. I hope to take part in my 7th annual Race for Life later in the year as well as try to find a Memory Walk in my area to join and fingers crossed another event of my own planning...although maybe not 30+ miles because that hurt! haha

Other goals.
Literally every single goal from last year! I know, how bad is that? I'll list them again and explain a bit more.
- Start saving for a bloomin' house deposit!  // We rarely have any spare money at the end of the month and if we do there's always something that we need (like a replacement for Jake's holey shoes)! I need to try harder to make more money to save away.
- Hopefully find a 2nd part time job. // Relates to the above point because we need to move.
- Try to reach 1000 followers before the blog turns 5 6 years old. // Fail! I knew it wouldn't happen because I'm not one of those super likable people with a blog that people adore, but I still would like to eventually make it to that number in the next year.
- Read more. // I did better in 2016 than the year before, but still not well enough. I'm going to set myself the challenge of 1 book a month in 2017. (Not many for some but it is for me!)
- Fill in the scrapbooks I bought for 2013, 14 & 15 which are still sitting empty... // Yeah. Still empty :O I just can't find the time/motivation.

Now that this post is up, it is sure that 2017 is underway. I'm weird with things like this, but I don't like odd numbers except 5 so 2017 is strange to type haha but never the less that is the year and we've still 51 more weeks of it to make the most of, enjoy and try not to waste. As I get older, the years go by so much faster and, unless I find a Philosopher's Stone somewhere, I'd much rather it slow down...or more so I sped up to keep up! Fingers crossed I can live up to my hopes and same goes for all of you. Have a happy 2017!


  1. All your non-resolutions resolutions sound great, especially the one of taking care of you, do yoga and watch what you are eating. x

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it feels weird saying 'me, me, me' but my heath has gotten worse the last few years and I need to help myself haha.


  2. What a lovely post!
    I'm right with you on the scrapbooking, last time I put anythng organised together was 2011.. I dont know if I'll ever get that gap filled in!

    1. Aw thanks so much Kelly!
      Uh, it's hard to get the motivation to sit down and do it. Especially with so much to catch up on haha!


  3. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about all the trouble you've had with your neighbours. That sounds awful :( I consider us very lucky to get on with all our neighbours, and we often go out with our direct neighbours, or have them over for movie nights etc. It saddens me to think of neighbours not getting along, and it makes me angry to think of them being bullying!! That's so not on. But, on to the good stuff, it sounds like there's lots to look forward to in 2017, and you achieved so much in 2016 I just know you'll fit so much in this year, too! Good luck with your goals <3 x x

    1. Yeah it's not fun and it's literally my whole street vs me but I get on with it :) I'd prefer just to have no neighbours haha so when we can finally buy, it'll be detached! So cool to have good ones though. I grew up with our neighbours being like family which was nice.

      I'm making sure there is lots to look forward too haha ...not started off too great but it's what we make it eh?! Thanks so much <3


  4. Your Kielder Charity walk was so inspirational this year Danielle, and I loved seeing all of your posts from the walk too, you should be proud of yourself. You've achieved a lot this year, and I'm sorry to hear that your neighbour was so rude and aggressive too - I've had some similar problems with some anti-social neighbours on our street and some odd things happening, and while it's very different to what you've had, I know how stressful that can be. I really hope that it calms down soon or that there can be some kind of solution so you can have some peace. I've got the same goal as you with health and happiness this year too, I need to take better care of myself, so here's to a happy and healthy 2017! - Tasha

    1. Oh stop it!! Thank you so much Tasha.
      Well it's apparently a 'nice area', however my whole street hate me and that was just the tip of the iceberg. I get on with it though...nothing I can really do. I think they already had a preconceived idea about what type of people we are before we moved in because we're 'young'. Ah well.
      Good goal! I hope (know you will) do great this year! <3


  5. Wow, congrats on doing the Kielder walk! There's no way I'd be able to walk 32 miles! That's an amazing achievement :)
    You have some great goals for 2017, so I really hope you achieve them! :)

    1. Thanks so much! I thought it would be easier than it was lol At the end of the first day I could barely get up the stairs to the hotel room. Thank you! :D All the best to you for 2017.


  6. You'll have to let me know if you find a Memory Walk nearby. I think I'm going to take a year off this year to concentrate on other things. I'd like to arrange a charity event to raise money for people who suffer from brain injuries like my Mum did, but I would be more than happy to donate to your page if you do. I'm all for supporting the Alzheimer's Society. Good luck with your goals for the year lovely, especially getting closer to finding a new home. It certainly sounds like you need to get out of there! xx

    1. There are none unfortunately. However, I've signed up to a mailing list as they might be doing a couple dates in the borders. Fingers crossed.
      Thanks so much lovely! I hope 2017 is good to you <3


  7. I can't wait for this year :) I think it's going to be a good one! I must say, my life has definitely improved since we have been chatting more and also meeting up occasionally. It really is nice to have another (or rather, a) friend again. I like having someone to chit chat to throughout the week.

    Good luck with your reading goal! Before last year, I can't remember the last time I managed to finish a book in a month!

    1. I hope so haha. It has to be with a new member to the gang and hopefully a couple more meetings, definitely one anyway!! Oh 100% likewise. I can't wait for hangouts with puppies!

      Lol, thanks...I'll need it :P Though to be fair I didn't finish a book until July last year and am half way through one this month...Oooh.