Monday, 23 January 2017

Project 365 // Summary 2016

I love putting these posts together! This is my 3rd photo project post and the 2nd that makes me choose only 2 photos to represent a whole month of daily photos. If you had somehow missed my monthly Project 365 updates here I have been taking daily photos since January 1st 2013 (except 2014 where I did weekly photos) and at the start of the next year I like to summarize my year of photos. Oh, I post my daily photos every week, by the way, over on 2nd blog dedicated to my Project 365's. Check it out ;)

I was pretty happy with my very first photo of 2016, just look at that sunrise! We kicked the year off doing plenty, including a cinema trip to see The Good Dinosaur, lots of bird watching, some nice dog walks and to mimic last year, a trip to the panto with Mam. We also had a lot of ice and a little snow. The very last day of the month was RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2016 which we love to take part in. 

...was just as cold but with some very bright days, meaning I got my washing on the line for the first time in a couple months! (Always a day for celebration!) February is also Jake's birthday month so we had a day away to York. It was not long after the terrible floods and rained badly so most of our plans were scarpered but we had an awesome time at the Railway Museum. 
I have a couple blog posts of photos from the museum that you can see here -

So much sun and beautiful skies this month getting us properly ready for spring! We love to celebrate the first day of Spring and so decorate for the occasion as well as Easter. That includes lots of Spring themed (non-chocolatey, because I took part in the De-Chox for British Heart Foundation) treats :P Talking of treats, Baker was very lucky to be sent a package from Pooch and Mutt to review. We already used and loved their treats but he enjoyed getting to try out their food too.

...was a big month for me as I traveled completely alone up to Edinburgh and went to the cinema by myself. Not a big deal for many but it is for me, who rarely leaves the house alone. It was scary and stressful but I really like to see certain Disney releases on opening weekend and my usual cinema buddy (Mam) was on holiday so I'm glad I decided to go myself to see The Jungle Book. [Read my review here!] Luckily my boys came to meet me from the train station so we could walk home together.
At the end of the month Mam and I were back up in Edinburgh to see the Mary Poppins Musical at the Festival Theatre. Yes, there is a review of that too :P

The month of friendship! haha I had so many birdy friends this month including a gorgeous Black Swan and a wonderful Muscovy Duck. Not only that but my long time online buddy, Kerri, visited Berwick so that we could meet in person before our Disney adventure at the end of the year. We had a lovely couple days exploring and taking photos, we even visited the Barracks

More birds and more explorations! At the very beginning of the month I left for work in the morning and saw a tiny fledgling sitting scared in the middle of my gravel. I slowly approached to see if it could fly and it couldn't :( Thankfully he ran into the flower bed and awaited my arrival home a couple hours later. Usually I wouldn't intervene (and urge people not to unless it is the last option) but there are many cats that come into my garden and already chase the birds on my feeder, there was no sign of a parent and he could not fly at all. I managed to bring him in, fed, 'raise' and successfully re-release a week later.
June was also the month of Dad and I's 30+ mile charity walk around Kielder water in aid of Parkinson's UK and Alzheimer's Society, in which we raised around £360. Not only was it a great moment to raise money for causes close to our family, but it was a wonderful thing to experience with my Dad.

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in my 6th annual Race for Life with Mam this month! Other than that it was a month of wildlife watching and animal friends. I got up close with a seal who was showing off his breakfast, saved a drowning butterfly from Baker's swimming pool (but then it sadly got eaten by a Sparrow and I was gutted, despite being petrified of butterflies) and spent time with many of the gorgeous water birds we've had visit this year.
Laura came to visit too and we went to see The BFG!

...was a rather quiet month apart from it being the month Baker turned 4 years old! We had a little BBQ/tea party type thing, he got some lovely gifts and we made him doggy banana cake but he hated it haha.
Mam and I took a trip up to Edinburgh to see Pete's Dragon, which I have a review for here and I won Fiona's Finding Dory giveaway!! 

Jake and I had our 5th anniversary and took a trip to Alnwick Castle for the occasion. He also surprised me with a beautiful Simba Disney Couture necklace which I didn't expect as we rarely do gifts. I got to spend plenty time with my girls, Tilly and Brook, who I go to let out/play with while their Mammy is at work, as well as with my boy Baker in our little fort!

My favorite month of the year was full of fun. Laura visited again and we took a trip to Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh as an early birthday celebration for me. After that weekend we got our Halloween decor all up and I like everything way better that way haha. Not that I'm a big birthday person, but I turned 26 (blurgh) on the 12th. Other cool things were Baker, Mam and I's day in Newcastle to see the Snowdogs, which was wonderful and Baker was SO amazing, I did a photoshoot for the handsome Chase and I got sent a copy of the amazing The Nightmare Before Christmas book.

November? Well November was home to the big event I'd counted down to for over 450 days - Disneyland! Due to that, the rest of the month building up to our trip was reasonably quiet. We had some beautiful skies, lots of rain and many wildlife experiences including a couple Sparrows falling down my chimney! (I helped them back outside, don't worry).
I missed a lot of days photos this month unfortunately, but as I said I was preoccupied and focused on my upcoming trip. We left for Disneyland Paris on the 28th, had not the best outward journey, arrived on the 29th and spent the next few days leading into December with 2 fabulous people having lots of fun.

Of course the last month of the year started off amazingly seeing as we were in DLP, but on the evening of the 3rd we traveled back to the UK and rolled into London with a crash back to reality. Coming home on the Sunday was the best part as we hate London so much and it was great to see my boy again.
Christmas is quiet for us, I'm not a fan of the season so was glad to see it pass quickly and the rest of the month passed fast and without much fuss. As you will see in the photo above we were treated to a show by our local wild otters to end the year which was a definite highlight of the whole year!

Yay! Another year of (almost) daily photos done. I was pretty bad and missed a heck load of days over all 18 :O That means it was a project 348 technically haha. It's better than nothing though and I love having so many photos to look back on and see my previous years and what I was doing on certain days. I'll for sure be carrying on next year because after 4 years, how could I stop now?!
If you did a project 365 last year I'd love to hear how it turned out. Feel free to share links to where I can have a nose at it in the comments too.

Oooh! Check out 2015's Project 365 Summary post here!!


  1. When you add it all up it sounds like you did LOADS with your year! Some great pics too, as always! xx

    1. I know eh?? I was very, very lucky to see and do so many amazing things last year.
      Thank you very much :D


  2. I always love reading these summary posts as I get to take in all of your gorgeous photos again! I love the way the seasons change in your photos, and starting off your January with that stunning sunset set it up beautifully for the year ahead too. I think your wildlife photos will always be my favourites, but I love the ones of Kerri, Baker, you and your Dad, Tilly and Brook (adorable!) and of course plenty of Disney too! Here's to 2017 lovely and many more of your gorgeous photos! - Tasha

    1. Thank you so much Tasha!
      I always step back and look at each month's photos as a group to see what the 'main colour' for the month which is pretty cool.
      I wonder what month this year's project will feature you ;)


  3. I think it's great that you do Project 365. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can do it, even if you miss a few. I started Project 365 last January, and managed about three days before I gave up! I love all of your photos, and it sounds like 2016 had some fantastic highlights (like DLP?! ;)) x x

    1. Thank you so much! Once you get past the first month it usually becomes habit! If you can try again I really recommend it, it's great to be able to look back on years past. :)


  4. Absolutely love your pictures! Next time you're bringing out a calendar I will order it. Unfortunately I was moving around too much. So keep me updated when you bring out another one :)

    xoxo Anne

    1. Anne, that is so kind! Thank you - it means a lot to me!!! <3


  5. What a year! I love this idea of a recap... I should have thought of it myself! But I might be a little too late now. That's definitely the good thing about the daily photo project.

    1. It's fun isn't it? Really helps to appreciate how much I actually got to do. Hope this year's is just as awesome. I don't think it's too late and I'd love to see your version!