Friday, 28 April 2017

Disneyland Paris 2016 // Day 3, Part 2

Make sure to catch up with part 1 here before reading on!

As I said in that post, although there was nothing 'extra' in particular on day 3, it seems that I took a heck load of photos! haha Therefore rather than 2 posts day three will actually be split over 3 parts.
After we left Discoveryland (see previous post) we just so happened to be in the right place at the right time as Anna and Elsa were coming past. Now I like Frozen as much as the next Disney-nut, but I'm the type who gets more excited to meet Pluto than Cinderella if you get me. Taking that into account I burst out crying - nothing new at DLP, I cry at least 5 times a day. I think it was more so at how absolutely stunning the horses were, but Anna saw me having a breakdown and blew me a kiss haha. They were cute too obviously...but..horses.
While waiting for our Buzz fast past time we hopped on Casey Jr. A ride I have wanted to go on for YEARS. Literally. Every time I've been since 2010 it's been closed and I was expecting it to be closed this trip too due to it being in the height of Winter, so I was super glad it was open and had a minuscule queue. I loved it.

We had a bit more of a wander around Fantasyland before heading back to Discoveryland for Buzz when we spotted the Christmas Parade coming so nabbed a spot right by the Fantasyland turrets to watch. This is the one thing in my whole trip I am so gutted and frustrated with myself about because I didn't photograph it at all. I wanted to take it all in and just enjoy it, as we'd planned to watch it another time and this was just a chance happening, but in the end we didn't get time to see it again and so I have 0 photos :( Of course, I cried from start to finish again because it was just as stunning, talent-packed and magical as every other parade. However, after the end arrived it had made us late for our Buzz fast pass! It was cool and we got let in anyway.
Next port of call was our planned Grand Circle Tour! Walking through the Arcades is always my favorite, especially when they are super quiet of course, I just wish every building ever had to be in that style or architecture. Nothing beats it. Plus it's the quickest way to Main Street Station to bypass any crowds.
The train was, unfortunately, a tiny let down, more so due to the cast members and fellow guests who were all pretty rude than the train and surroundings itself but nevermind, it was a nice trip all the same.

At this point I'm gonna say goodbye until next time! Come back on the 5th of May for part 3!

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  1. Awww, the horses are so gorgeous! I would have been the same Danielle, I love horses, they're my favourite animal and along with the carriage and Anna and Elsa, it's just perfect. Love that final shot of the huge Christmas tree too, so beautiful! I love seeing all of your photos from DLP and reading about your adventures, they always make me smile. - Tasha

    1. They are stunning! I looked all into the background of the horses back in like 2010 as I was concerned about welfare etc but apparently they have a lot of horses who only work a couple hours a day and only a day or two a week each and have great living conditions. They all look imacculate and I just love them! I still refuse to go on any of the horse drawn buggys and stuff though out of principle.

      Thanks so much lovely. Your comments always make my day!


  2. GOsh, the horses really are stunning - and sweet of Anna to notice you!
    I'd have been the same though, that parade always makes me bawl like a baby!

    1. Beautiful creatures. It seems to be a requirment to work there for everyone lol. It was kind of her!
      Haha yep. I've just done the same with the new one this week. It was bad. The crying I mean haha.


  3. Gorgeous horses! And that Christmas tree - wow. It must be a wonderful atmosphere at Disneyland Paris over Christmas! x x

    1. Right?! Oh the tree is insane. The decorations on it are my fave. It is okay...if you are really into Xmas..but I'm not and it was verrrry cold so I wouldn't do it again. Worth doing at least once though.