Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My Current Favorite YouTube Channels

I have been a subscriber and watcher of YouTube for slightly more than 7-8 years now and it's been well over 3 years since I last did a post on the favorite YouTube channels of mine. What with new creators popping up every day and people's personalities & creativity styles evolving constantly, my viewing habits have also changed.
I've never been huge into the beauty community, despite watching many of such channels (as you can see from my extensive subscription list) and always favored family vloggers and the like. You'll see a couple of those in the list below among some more specialized channels.

Daily family vloggers, Cullen and Katie, are from Alabama USA and share their life with their daughter Gaines, son Brooks and pets. Having followed them since around 2014, they have been one of the rare channels that I watch every video published. They are real, down to earth and super funny.

Being one of the most subscribed to channels on the platform, I'll be shocked if you don't know Roman Atwood. Originally a prank video maker, he now focuses on his vlog channel with partner Brittney, sons Noah and Kane and has a baby on the way! He is a very inspirational and positive person.

I don't even paint/do anything with my nails. Neither do half the people watching Cristine's videos if you read the comments. She's just super fun, sarcastic and silly.

The Cub House is another family vlog channel with an awesome young Canadian couple and their three super sweet kiddies. They have only just hit 30k subscribers but you'd be surprised they didn't have hundreds of thousands from the quality which has always been spot on. They deserve many more followers!

A world traveling explorer, Josh makes beautiful videos of his urbexing adventures in amazing abandoned places and beyond.

Can you guess...yes, another family vlogging channel. But, again these guys are unique and interesting. Living in Alaska, Cory, wife Kristen and daughter Chell, they are also a pretty positive and encouraging adventuring trio.

Maybe one of the most arty, true and interesting channels ever. Though it's not a surprise because Titanic Sinclair (who directs her videos) is a very intelligent and creative guy.

Oh I just love Kelsey and Corbin (and Paris the dog)! They also just welcomed a brand new little human into the world and I love to see the ethical/natural way of parenting. Really love how these guys see the world.

Jess has a husband and a house full of kids! Her videos are jam packed with fun and childhood frolics and she is such a fantastic example of a young mother.

This channel is for sure the one I am most addicted to and you may be surprised when you see what it is all about. Woodworking was something I really enjoyed in school and didn't continue as I was going to be the only girl taking it further haha. However, I looovvve to watch Peter doing all his projects. So mesmerizing to me.

I've just noticed that The Ingham Family are the only British people on this list :O I actually only found this Leeds based family the week after Christmas when I stumbled upon their Xmas morning video. My first thought, like many, was that the amount of gifts was insane but after watching many more videos I fell in love with them. A very genuine, sweet and hard working family.

If you enjoy conspiracy theories, space and astrology talk, unsolved crimes and investigations, Kendall is the girl for you. She puts so much into it and it shows with how well researched things are, as well as the fact that she is a great talker and at explaining things in general.

[Edit - I wrote this a few weeks back, but today Kendall uploaded this and it sucks that actual interesting and important content is dying while talking about the 7000 lipsticks you bought makes you a millionaire. Please check this video out. Well, her whole channel to be fair. It really is one of my favorites ever]

That's it! After watching for so long, many of my previous favorites have changed a lot, grown as people or even stopped posting altogether so these are just the channels I never miss a video from right now, not all time die-hard faves.
Let me know if you have heard of any of these guys, if you like them, are followers or whether you'd now like to check them out. I'd love to know who some of your faves to watch are too!


  1. I love seeing who other people watch on Youtube! I've heard of quite a few of these channels but not all. Going to check them out now! :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Me too! If you have any other recomendations let me know!


  2. I do love posts like these as I feel like YouTube has become a bit of a second home for me, I can lose hours on there just watching things. I love Exploring With Josh, all of those types of videos I always watch, and SimplyNailogical is great, and I've just subscribed to Kendall as it's the kind of channel I enjoy. I know some of the more controversial channels are being hit by this at the moment, or at least they were in the beginning, but now it's affecting everyone. I just watched H3H3's latest video yesterday, where they were talking about this, and they said they'll hopefully be OK because of their subscriber count and views, but I worry for all of the smaller channels and I do worry that the ad boycott is just blacklisting anything that veers into territory they're uncomfortable with, even if it's educational - just like what the Wall Street Journal did with PewDiePie, which got so out of control. It's frustrating, but hopefully they can get traffic to their Patreon and it will calm down! Some of my favourites on YouTube at the moment are Emma Blackery, Boogie2988, KickThePJ and Beckie Jane Brown.