Monday, 10 April 2017

Quarterly Collective Haul // January - March 2017

I am so bad at this! Seriously, I need to get more into a routine. It's not like I shop often or spend a lot compared to most people but over the duration of 3 months, I lose track of what I have bought - the whole point I do this so that I don't forget each individual purchase and how thankful I am for every single item.
If you follow these posts each quarter you'll know I said I was going to try harder to keep up with it all but I dunno what to say. I'm a failure ;)
Anyway, I've done my best at hunting everything out and here it all is. In no particular order of course.

I'll start off with the DVDs eh?  I actually focused a little more on books this quarter (which you'll see below) as I'm at the point in my Disney movie collecting that the ones I need are rarer ones, therefore cost more - some only £5.00, but many as much as £20 or even a couple I've seen for nearer £100. That's crazy when I'm used to paying between 1p and £2.50 haha. Yeah so those who don't know the majority of DVDs I buy are preowned and out of those above that are Disney 10 of them were just that and 4 brand new, though they still only cost £4 each. Obviously, Miss Peregrine's and Fantastic Beasts are new releases so were £10 each.

Next, the books! I am a bit of a book collector, but not to the extent as I am with my DVDs. I buy them, the go on my shelf and I never read them but this time it's changing. I have read 13 books this year so far (check out my What I Read This Quarter post) which is insane for me compared to my 4 for the whole of last year. I'm pretty proud and so allowed myself to buy a couple of extra books I'd been looking at. Again, the majority of these are 2nd hand. The best way to buy if you ask me. And the two brand new ones were only £3.50 each :D

And ending with the clothing, homeware and other miscellaneous stuff. The photos are enough to explain I think. Yet again all of the above items were bought on a budget, the canvases and treasure chest bought on 3 separate occasions and the rest over 2 trips (one to Newcastle mid-Jan and the other Edinburgh in mid-March). In fact, everything above came to less than £60 altogether. That seems a big number to me but considering some people spend £60 on just one item of clothing, I'm pretty happy with that.
Oh, and the last photo is my Xmas gifts from Laura that didn't get included last time as we only managed to meet up in mid-January!
As with last quarter, which included Birthday and Christmas gifts, this is a slightly larger haul but I have worked hard to make extra money for the few bits I wanted and the couple I 'needed' for an upcoming event. Plus this is over 3 full months, remember.Not that I need to justify it...but you know what people online are like ;)

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  1. You put me to shame - I do practically monthly hauls. I'm such a spendaholic :( What did you think of Miss Peregrine's? I'm tempted to watch that one! Would love to know what you think of The Book Thief too, when you get around to reading it. I hated it (but don't let that sway you - most everyone else loved it!) x x

    1. Oh not at all! If you can afford it, why not!!
      I love it. I saw it in the cinema and then had to get the DVD on realse day to show Mam it. I haven't read the books though and hear most people who had read them didn't enjoy the movie.
      And same with the Book Thief haha. I've seen/loved the movie but haven't read that yet...goodness knows when I'll get round to it. I'll let you know though!


  2. I love those Alice books they are so so gorgeous. Also the Children's Classic of Around The World... I used to have loads of those books as a kid, but I can't remember if they came with me when I left my Mum and Dad's. I will have to look next time I am back in the UK (I think I might have some bits you'd like... although, don't hold me to that because I might be thinking too far back in the past haha!).

    I know I have old stuff lying about in places, and I think since we'll be driving home at Christmas, I might just pick it all up and bring it back with me to sell in Belgium (OK, totally got sidetracked with that though...).

    Your book just reminded me.

    Oh, I loved the book thief. I think you'll like that one. It's slow, but the characters are great. I actually really love how it is narrated by death. That's what kept me reading it.

    1. Aren't they beautiful?! I'd gotten a couple other 'book of the film' books and they were some of my fave movies from recent years so searched to see if they'd realesed those as books too and found them absolute stunners. Chuffed with how much I scored them for too considering they are hard to find.

      That was a bit of a tangent haha! Good plan though. You seem to have had quite good luck selling stuff over there so far.

      I haven't read it, but I did see the movie a month or two back and really enjoyed that so hopefully I like to book too!