Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Things I HATE About Nature

Did the title shock you as much as my last 'hate' post haha?! Indeed I adore all (well, almost) things wildlife and nature and would more than content to live out the rest of my life in a little log cabin in the middle of nowhere with only the birds and trees to talk to. Actually, I need that. Who can make it happen?
However, there are the odd things related to my Goddess, Mother Nature, that do get me down in the dumps or a little irked at times...

Sporadic Weather
Weather reports, pft! What are they? Why do we even bother trying to predict it anymore as it's never right. Even if it is, our town's weather changes hourly meaning it could start out a beautiful sunny morning, perfect for hanging the washing on the line but next minute it's snowing and the washing has icicles!
It makes getting dressed a little awkward too when you expect torrential rain but are greeted by a heat wave while you sweat yourself to death walking home from work in a massive waterproof coat and scarf.

Cold Causing Colds
Ah I know it's technically another weather related thing but I just can't handle Winter. It makes me less happy, I always get ill and it plays havoc with my asthma.

Sneaky blighters that just randomly stick their leg out to trip you up, is what they are! 'Enjoying your little stroll? A bit too much I walk home with this red raw stinging ankle!'

Bully Birds
This one upsets me daily and quite effects me. The amount of times strangers passing by have gawped at me as I stand shouting at a group of gulls swooping on a Heron or try to shoo Jackdaws away from a Starling nest is unbelievable...but I can't just stand by and watch, so people will just have to stare!
The worst is when there is the whole massive river with more than enough room for everyone, but Sally Seagull decides that Susan Seagull is in the exact spot she wants so proceeds to dive on Sally and try to rip her wing off! I'd love to know what she'd do if her cat pooped in her garden or her husband park in the wrong space! Goodness me!

Hay Fever/Allergies
For those who don't suffer from these, you are truly blessed! Haha Itchy eyes, runny nose, bad head and way more. They kind of take away the fun of enjoying the sun when he actually decides to put his hat on.

Flies in My Eyes
I swear I'm sure my eyeballs are some exotic delicacy to harvest flies and green flies. No matter how hard I try to evade them, one will always succeed to momentarily blind me and make me stick my finger in my eye and question anyone within view, 'Did I get it?? Is it gone??'. Blurgh!

Not Being Loved By All Creatures Great & Small
The majority of wildlife I come into contact with seems to appreciate my company almost as much as I do theirs. But there's always one who wants nothing to do with me :(

Aragog's Children
What purpose do they even serve?! If there is a God I want to know why spiders were invented and what their meaning of life is. They just cause bother half the dog is even petrified of them.

Overpopulation & Industrialism Destroying it
I suppose this isn't nature's fault and would be more at home on this 'HATE' list, it is related though so is going here.
Overpopulation, as in people are living longer, others having more children and younger meaning there is a greater world population than ever causing more and more of our gorgeous natural world to be destroyed in the name of housing and all that jazz.
One day kids will grow up and only know a forest from a movie, a lake from a school book. We need to put restrictions on human breeding - ala China's two-child-policy - helping reduce not just damage to our natural world but helping to combat the poverty and stuff thousands of children already live in.

Fluttering Demons
I can't believe I almost forgot some of my worst fears of all - not just naturewise - if you read my recent 'facts about me' post, you will know that this to refers to Butterflies and Moths and I do not wish to discuss those monsters futher!
(Thanks for giving my brain a nudge, Aimee!)

So yep, I think that's it! Fellow planet lovers, tree huggers, and bird whisperers tell me in the comments one thing that you dislike about our favorite thing! Anything at all. 
Thanks for reading :) 


  1. Replies
    1. haha Yes! A bit like moths in the fact they have no real purpose too!


  2. I am so with you on the Nettles and Spiders!! I've had three massive spiders in my room this last week and I'm loosing the will to live! I hate them! The nettles have also taken over my drive so when I park my car there is always a 50% chance I get stung!!

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. Spiders indoors over the warmer months annoy me ever more! Why are you in my house?!
      Oh no! It's a horrible feeling isn't it?! So annoying.


  3. I don't like bully birds either. I would stop and tell them off too. But, this is nature, we humans aren't the only bullies in the animal kingdom. At least that is a little reassuring. :)

    1. I had to shout at a couple this morning having a row on the road! They almost got hit by a car and I was shouting 'get off the road!' haha.


  4. The title did shock me I have to say, but there is definitely something on this list that I can hand on heart say I wish I could eradicate, and that's hayfever. I had it terribly as child, and while it's gotten better as I've grown up, I still have it, and wandering through a nice field of flowers turns into a sneezing fit with streaming eyes, so I feel your pain Danielle! The other one I would add is one I'm dealing with at the moment, and that's bird mites! I love birds, but they're tiny counterparts have gotten into my room, causing itching, bites and generally wandering over all of my things, so we had to call pest control out, and we're hoping that gets rid of it, but there are still quite a few milling about, so if only we could have the lovely birds, without the mites! This post did give me a giggle though, sometimes you need to vent. :D - Tasha

    1. Ahaha!
      Oh it's awful isn't it? It just ruins fun days out a bit, especially when you're younger and can't take any medication. I could really have shares in Piriton I take so much of it haha.
      Oh no! That is a shame. It's flour mites that we occasionally get because Jake brings them home from work :@ argh. So annoying when you have to get pest control involved...I hope it all sorts itself out soon.


  5. I can't believe you missed off butterflies, and moths. They are the worst. Also wasps :( Basically, I don't like anything that flies, even birds although to a much lesser extent! Nettles, also, are the worst. I remember I was 6 or 7 and I was out in the garden with my grandma - who was spray a patch of nettles with some weed killer stuff. I, in my shorts and t-shirts, somehow fell straight back into the patch of nettles. I was in so much pain - awful! x x

    1. I know! I could have sworn I had them on there...though I wrote this post in the bath so I guess I was slightly distracted haha. I've had to go back and add it in because I don't know why it wouldn't be.
      Oh I have heard a few people be scared of birds. I'm glad it's only moths and butterflies for me lol.
      :O That must have been traumatic as a kid!! Ouch!! Poor you :(


  6. Oh Hayfever - I hate it!
    I actually don't get it as bad now as I did when I was a bit younger (not many benefits of getting old so I'll take what I can get!) when I think of the summers of my teenage years the first thing I remember is the bleary eyes and itchy nose!

    1. Horrible isn't it?! Even Baker has it and I feel for him as he can't exactly just take piriton!