Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What I Watched in April

Sooo. I guess I'll start off by saying I set no real goals this month. As you might know by now I'm (while you read this) currently in Disneyland Paris, therefore have spent the past few weeks getting 'sorted' for that and didn't push myself to watch more than what was easy...if that makes sense. I did, however, start watching all of my Disney animated classics in backward order last month once I was at 55 days'll see that that mean this month is extremely Disney oriented and even very animation heavy for a change! Here's how April went >

❤️ Loved
⭐️ Liked
☁️ Indifferent
⚡️ Disliked
💔 Hated

April 1st.
Aladdin [1992] ❤️

April 2nd.
Night at the Museum [2006] ❤️

April 3rd.
Moana [2016] ❤️

April 4th.
Wild [2014] ☁️

April 5th.
Beauty and the Beast [1991] ❤️
The Rescuers Down Under [1990] ❤️
The Little Mermaid [1989] ❤️

April 6th.
Oliver & Company [1988] ❤️

April 7th.
Basil the Great Mouse Detective [1987] ❤️
The Black Cauldron [1985] ☁️

April 9th.
The Fox and the Hound [1981] ❤️

April 10th.
The Rescuers [1977] ❤️
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [1977] ⭐️

April 11th.
Robin Hood [1973] ⭐️
The Aristocats [1970] ❤️

April 12th.
The Jungle Book [1967] ❤️
 Ratatouille [2007] ❤️

April 13th.
Little Black Book [2004] ⭐️
Pete's Dragon [2016] ❤️
Moana [2016] ❤️

April 14th.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks [1971] ❤️

April 16th.
The Sword in the Stone [1963] ❤️
One Hundred and One Dalmatians [1961] ❤️

April 18th.
Lady and the Tramp [1955] ❤️

April 19th.
Peter Pan [1953] ❤️

April 20th.
Alice in Wonderland [1951] ❤️
Cinderella [1950] ❤️
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad [1949] ⭐️
Melody Time [1948] ⭐️

April 21st.
Air Bud: Golden Reciever [1998] ❤️
Brave [2012] ❤️

April 22nd.
Fun and Fancy Free [1947] ❤️
Pete's Dragon [1977] ❤️

April 23rd.
Make Mine Music [1946] ⭐️
The Three Caballeros [1944] ❤️
Saludos Amigos [1942] ☁️
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - S4E15 - 24 [1999] ❤️
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - S5E1 - 5 [2000] ❤️

April 24th.
Summer Magic [1963] ❤️

April 25th.
Bambi [1942] ❤️

April 26th.
Dumbo [1941] ❤️
Fantasia [1940] ⭐️

April 27th.
Pinocchio [1940] ❤️
Child Frozen In Time (Documentary) [2009] ⭐️

April 29th.
Snow White [1937] ❤️
Sabrina the Teenage Witch - S5E5  - 15 [2000] ❤️

April 30th.
Bend it Like Beckham [2000] ⭐️

Overall Movie total - 46
Previously Unseen total - 4
Cinema total - 0
Disney total - 42
TV Series total - 2

Yearly total so far - 170

Top 5 Fave Movies of the Month
- Ratatouille
- Bedknobs and Broomsticks
- Air Bud: Golden Reciever
- Fun and Fancy Free
- Summer Magic

At 170, if I watch the same amount over the next 8 months I will reach my 500 annual goal...though my 'new to me' goal is really slacking at 76. Oops! I'd better get on that this month. Let's set the goal at 30 unseen for May!

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  1. Someone at work told me to play Disney music and so I found this Disney playlist on Spotify and it's freakkkkking amazing!!!! I'm in love with so many songs that I now want to watch all the films! I watched Tangled last week which I thought was great! Love the songs too and I listened to the entire Moana soundtrack but I haven't watched the film yet haha!

    John :)

    1. Ahaha! It does make you want to watch everything doesn't it?!
      Oh you have to see Moana, the animation is insane!


  2. Wooh! I love how many hearts there are here in this months list. I adored Moana, I just saw it a short while back, and it was so magical. Definitely a new favourite of mine! - Tasha

    1. Me too!! Ahh I'm glad you got to see it. How amazing is the animation?! So surreal.


  3. What a great excuse for a Disney-heavy month!
    We've all been obsessed with Moana recently, such a beautiful film, and awesome soundtrack!

    1. I know right?
      It seems everyone is right now haha!!



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