Friday, 30 June 2017

9 Disney Songs That Shouldn't, But Do, Make Me Cry

Well, that's my Disneyland Paris Winter 2016 blog posts finally over and done with and so before getting into my DLP May 2017 posts, I thought I'd break them up with a quick and easy little non-Disneyland Paris post!
I am an emotional wreck 90% of the time. I cry at anything and everything and I've noticed recently that there are actually a few 'weird' Disney songs that make me cry. Not weird as in the song is weird, but weird as it isn't the emotional type of song to usually turn on the water works! Here are 9 such songs from Disney Classics and Pixar only...otherwise we could be here forever.

Touch the Sky
So this one may or may not be weird...perhaps it's more so people with ties to Scotland or it could just be me. I dunno, it just gets me choked up.

Almost There
Another from a more modern movie, Almost There is meant to be a hopeful, positive, up-tempo tune to bop along to. But me? I'm so invested in Tiana's future I can't hold it in!

Magic Everywhere
If you know. You know! :'(

Let's Go Fly a Kite
This one got worse after having seen 'Saving Mr Banks' because it just makes me feel for P.L Travers 

You Got a Friend in Me
The lyrics man. To almost friend-less people those lyrics mean a lot!

I'll Make a Man Out of You
My hype song! I listened to this so much during the recent election and I changed the lyrics in my head to make it relate to our terrible world leaders and governments on the planet right now.

We Know the Way
Verging on cheating here because I am sure I can't be the only one who gets emotional listing to this one. Moana, on a whole, is a pretty intensely emotional movie so I could really include the majority of it's soundtrack but this song is just so, so beautiful.

Prince Ali
One of my favorite Disney songs of all time and something that is often stuck in my head is another tear jerker if I let myself listen to it too intently. Robin Williams <3 Need I say more?

Try Everything
I didn't expect this one, but one day on my way to work it came on as I was listening to music and listening to it properly just had tears rolling down my cheeks. Luckily I had sunglasses on. 

 ''Birds don't just fly, they fall down and get up''

So what do you think I a strange one? Or do you well up at some of these too? After sitting down and actually going through them I realize there are so many more haha. A list of 9 is enough to get across the point of how much of a crybaby I am though so I'm not mentioning any more. I wanna hear your picks though! What songs that aren't meant to tug on the heart strings make your eyes water??


  1. Once Upon a Time in New York City from Oliver and Company gets me every time, but that might be because of poor abandoned Oliver struggling on the New York streets!


    1. Completely me too! I thought that one was one that more than just me would get upset by lol!


  2. Haha Im a BIG Disney crier - I'm sure most of these have got me at some point or another!

    1. Aww well I don't feel as silly now anyway ;)


  3. Oh I'm so glad Touch The Sky and Try Everything were on here because both of those get me, they're both so uplifting yet they always get me crying too, especially Try Everything, because it always reminds me to keep pushing on despite everything. Also, Let's Go Fly a Kite - oh, right in the feels for PL Travers, that film made me bawl my eyes out, it was so good but so sad too! - Tasha

    1. Aww really?! I don't feel they are as weird now then haha.