Friday, 9 June 2017

Disneyland Paris 2016 // Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

In my Day 4, Part 2 post, I mentioned that that evening we had plans. Well our plans were the Buffalo Bills Wild West Show!! It was Mam's first time going and my second, after having been in early 2010. Both times we have gone for first category seating as I feel for the tiny bit extra you may as well (better view and 'interaction' - ie. eye contact, gestures and shouts from performers) and both times I have gone for the show not the meal due to being a fussy non meat eater! For those who are vegetarian and fancy going make sure to let them know as they can arrange an adjustment to your meal.
I know others who know what the show entails may be questioning why I enjoy it and support it while being an advocate for fair animal treatment/against cruelty etc, however both times I did a lot of delving online to find out more about the animals and their treatment. I therefore, obviously, personally felt comfortable with the methods put in place to keep all of the animals safe, healthy and happy.

And now all that waffle is out of the way I am going to leave the rest of this post as photo only. Plus hopefully that won't spoil much of the show for anyone who plans to go.

[Ooh, also, it's pretty dark at parts meaning I needed a high ISO to get a lot of the shots, hence their grainy-ness]

A Couple of Points -
* It is said that many of the performers are real 'cowboys' and really Native American...I have no idea to the truth behind this but I would love to believe it.
* They suggest asthmatics do not go/be very careful because of the dust kicked up from all the hooves. However, I have bad asthma and have been completely fine sitting in the front row and 2nd row.
* The Cattle and Buffalo are out for very short amounts of time and have nothing done to them. In other words they pretty much have free roam and then return to their clean and comfortable boarding (images of these can be found online).
* Moments in the dark, 'gunshots' and audience participation in the form of making lots of noise etc takes places throughout the show, if this will make you or your kiddies uncomfortable it is worth missing. A couple of people are also taken from the audience to take part in the show so beware of that.
* Apparently, each performer has his or her own horse who they always work with. This is stated online however is quite evident in the way each person interacts with the horse they ride.
* Please show your enjoyment and appreciation for all of the staff and performers by saying thank you, applauding and cheering. Don't leave early without proper need, it's rude.
* Personally, I have always dressed the part in a themed outfit which I assumed many would do. Both times I have been the only one but it was fun at least!

Let me know if you have ever been to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show! What did you think? I have only heard good things but I know how picky many people online seem to be and agreed, it isn't for everyone. I LOVE it and would go every Disney trip if I had the time and money. If you haven't been, would you like to? If not, why not? I still have a couple photos from the foyer/bar area which I find to be pretty cool so may share them in a second little post. See you then!

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  1. Beautiful photos as always, love that the cattle are only out for a short amount of time and are allowed to free roam before going back to rest, that's great and all of the animals looked in great condition too, and the horses are gorgeous! Great to hear the riders have a connection with them too and work with their horse too. Love the photos! - Tasha

    1. Thank you! Yes! All of the animals were sooo beautiful and in such amazing condition. The cattle stood watching some of the show too while they were out which was so funny. I gather the cattle were all very tame too as the men were going over to them and stroking them etc. The buffalo are out for the shortest amount of time. Literally come out, run around the ring, stand around for a minute or two then run back in. They really take your breath away with how amazing they are in person.
      As for the horses - you can see how well cared for they are and they look to be having so much fun running around and cantering and stuff. I wouldn't be able to sit through it if the animals weren't well treat and if I hadn't seen where they live. The stables are immaculate, they have outdoor enclosures too and only work a couple shows a week.


  2. I would love to go to this! It looks like a fantastic and enjoyable show, and as long as the animals are looked after well (which it sounds like they are) I'm a-ok with it! The horses are just gorgeous <3 x x

    1. It really is awesome and the meal is good for people into that kind of stuff. Sure it's free refills of beer, coke and water too ha.
      Oh they are. I think I said 'how beautiful is...' about all the animals multiple times. lol


  3. What beautiful animals!
    I've never actually seen this show in DLP but its top of my list if we get to go back!

    1. They are all stunning and in such good shape. It's an amazing show, well worth the money (especially if you like the food lol). Great one for all of the family too.