Friday, 2 June 2017

Disneyland Paris 2016 // Day 4, Part 2

Following on from my previous Disneyland Paris 2016 post (which you can check out here ;P) is part two, naturally. Slightly confusingly however, I'm jumping back to before the Skull Rock etc photos for the start of this post. I don't know how or why I edited photos backward but our first port of call in Adventureland was La Cabane des Robinson! I don't know how many times I've explored the Swiss Family Robinson tree house now but I never tire of it. I guess many people find it boring as they just rush up and rush down without really looking at anything or taking in the amazing views, but when you are a fan of the film (minus animal abuse obviously :/) you can appreciate it a lot more.
Anyway, Mam, who is terrified of heights, decided she wanted to do it but half way up realized she couldn't so had to go back down. That left me with Kerri and Kris and some not amazing weather for views but it was a nice explore never the less. After we met back with Mam we headed to Adventure Isle and the caves, though not before Kris and I ran and jumped across the bridge right after the scaredy cats had just posed smiling...they weren't after we followed doing that haha.

From Adventureland it was on to Fantasyland and our first shot on Dumbo of the trip. Another attraction that is best enjoyed when the weather is amazing. It's still lots of fun of course but the photos are incomparable to ones like these > click here.
After that I think the others got hungry and so popped back to where we had tried the first day, Pizzeria Bella Note, for something to eat. As for me I took the opportunity to do something I have never done - go on a ride all alone. A huge step for me and something I really enjoyed...despite the funny looks and points while I went round and round on Le Carrousel de Lancelot!

This was the night Kerri and Kris were leaving and Mam and I had plans so we left the park pretty early to get back to the hotel and change. On the way we had a look in a few more boutiques, more so to oggle the details of the decor than the actual products for sale! Overall it seems like day 4 was the most relaxing of unusual for a Danielle Disney holiday haha. Extremely enjoyable though. It was just sad to be parting ways with our friends. Again soon please Kerri? ;)

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  1. Love these posts Danielle, they make me smile so much! I really like that photo with the Sword in the Stone quote too, and I love how you always sneak in some nature shots as well in each of these posts. The photo of Kerri and your Mum on the bridge is brilliant too! The final photo has to be one of my favourites too, I just love all of the effort that goes into making the park look so real! - Tasha

    1. Glad to hear it :)
      Its a cool quote eh? I've never been too bothered about that store as it's all crystals and glass stuff but the decor of the store itself is reason enough to go in!
      Oh and I have a full post worth of birding photos to share still :P


  2. Ohhhh I loved Swiss Family Robinson! I don't know how people don't enjoy it! In fact I just love that part of the park in general. I'm not sure what it's like in the summer but I loved how it was a nice break away from the hoards of people and I could just wander at my own pace and take in the sights xxx

    1. I know! That, the river boat and the steam train are my faves.


  3. I think so many people are in such a rush to cram everything in that they don't stop and really take in all the details. I'd much rather take my time, and take everything in though! x x

    1. Exactly! My last trip in May was only 2 days and I was so sad not to get to explore all my favorite little places. Though, I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to go more than once.