Friday, 23 June 2017

Disneyland Paris 2016 // Day 5, Part 2

This is it. The very last part of the very last day of our December 2016 Disneyland Paris trip. At this point in my trip posts I usually get a little sad, this time though, I have to look forward to many more DLP posts! Not only extras from the 2016 trip like certain rides in detail as well as birdwatching at Disney and more, but there are obviously a couple to come from my May 2017 trip! Yay!

Day 5 was sadly not a full day as our Eurostar was in the evening and us being us, preferring to be early rather than late, meant we left the park around 4. In part 1, you saw we spent the morning in the Disneyland park but by around 11.30 we hopped on over to the Walt Disney Studios to squeeze in some important things that we hadn't been able to until then...

Something that was a little sad was that Ratatouille had been closed for all of our trip only opening on Saturday. That meant we didn't get to do it with Kris and Kerri!! Boo :( As that was the case and the normal line was over 2 hours long we decided to try out the single rider queue (my first time about my bad experience here) which although it says 50mins on the sign ended up being a less than 25 minute wait.
After that we had a little walk through Playland, arriving at another attraction that had just reopened on Saturday too - Studio Tram Tour! I hear a lot of people complain about this saying it's boring and outdated but this was about my 5th time going on it and I still enjoy it just as much every time. As you can see once we left STT we ended up at Art of Animation, probably my most favorite part of the WDS park. This was where we spent the last of our time, along with a quick snack in Restaurant en Coulisse. The expression on Mam's face says it all.

It's always hard leaving Disneyland but this time was a little different. The cold really affected our trip and when you suffer from pains etc as it is, it takes so much more out of you than usual. I can easily say that I will not return to DLP for the Christmas season again. It doesn't bother me anyways wth not being a fan of Christmas on a whole, but it's really nice to have been fortunate enough to experience it at least once. Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed these posts. If you have missed any the full list is below. All are very photo heavy and have taken hours upon hours to put together so you checking them out means a lot! See you soon with more Disneyland Paris posts and photos :)

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  1. I've loved this series! I feel like I've been living vicariously through you - haha. Looks like you had a lovely last day in DLP! x x

    1. Aw thank you - that is very nice to hear! There are many more yet to come thankfully as I'd be lost without editing Disney photos haha. We did thank you.


  2. I've absolutely loved this series Danielle and while it's a shame you didn't get to see Ratatouille with Kris and Kerri hopefully there'll be other opportunities in the future with them and these photos are stunning, as always. The shot of the robin is gorgeous too. - tasha

    1. Thank you so much! Indeed...sooner than we think I bet :) Isn't the robin just perfect?!


  3. We always liked the Studio Tram Tour too - remember my lil lady being terrified on it !

    1. It's good isn't it?! Nice relaxing one for the whole family to enjoy. Oh no!! I bet there are a couple jumpy moments for smaller ones haha.