Sunday, 11 June 2017

Weekly Wondering // Week 23

Helloooo! For the explanation of what is going on here, please do click here and have a quick read.
Other than that, in short, I am answering 7 of these 365 thought provoking questions each week until I complete the year. I already did this in 2013 and am revisiting them to compare my answers.

How will today* matter in five years from now?
It won't. There is nothing significant happening today...or so far at least haha.
But that's exactly why it matters. I often think to myself or say to others who are worried about things, ''will this matter in 5 years time'' and if the answer is no then you should worry less about it!

How have you helped someone else recently?
I've helped my planet by picking up rubbish off the ground and putting it in bins. I've helped a couple of the residents at work by helping them sit somewhere or get things for them. I dunno, I'm not really around other people much at all to be honest.

What is your greatest skill?
The phrase 'jack of all trades, master of none' describes me pretty well. Though I am not a 'jack' of many things either, there isn't one thing that I am good enough to say it is my greatest skill.

Do you see to believe or believe to see?
''Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing.'' - Judy the Elf, The Santa Clause. That is one of the best quotes to describe my feelings. I've spoken about it before, but I do actually believe in a few things that many believe to be fictional or mythical but how do you know they don't exist? Just because you haven't seen a million pounds in person doesn't mean it doesn't exist ;)

How are you pursuing your dreams right now?
I don't think I have any dreams in particular. Well buying a house but there isn't much more I can do right now.

What's the next big step you need to take?
Just keep saving money to buy a house so I can escape.

If today* was the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?
Well after I finish this post I am going to go get read for work, walk to work, work for 2 hours, walk home from work then come home to do some more work! So probably not...

* When they say 'today', I  am taking it as the day I am typing this...not the day it is posted.

Make sure to look back on this same post from 2013/14 here, and see the differences in my answers! (I completed writing this before checking back to my old answers by the way). You can also see the series in whole from last time here and of course last week's Weekly Wondering here.


  1. I really hope you get some good house/moving related news soon lovely. My Mum and I are on the same path at the moment so I know how stressful it can be, especially when you're trying to get away from a place that's causing problems. Loved reading that you've been picking up rubbish too, it may seem small but it's not, it's huge and helps the environment so much! I need to take some bags down to the beach as I always spot things there that need to come off of the beach, and I always pick up what I see, but I want to do a proper clean. - Tasha

    1. Ah bless you guys, you too lovely!
      I always do but it feels like a losing battle :( It's so sad that people just don't care or don't think before they drop.
      Good for you! You're awesome.