Friday, 21 July 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 // Disney Stars on Parade pt.1

I'm not usually a big fan of change. I think there are a lot of fellow Disney fans who feel the same. However, it's not the new I fear but losing the old and this was a huge deal for me when saying goodbye to Disney Magic on Parade in preparation for the new and improved 25th anniversary parade. Little did I know December 2016 would be the last time I'd have the chance to see MoP in person and I didn't get the time to. Absolutely gutted to say the least but was ever so thankful for it's very last route ever to be live streamed so I could cry until my heart was content from the comfort of my own home.
Anyways, this is about it's predecessor! Originally Mam and I had said we were going to visit in May/June of 2017 also, but after our December '16 trip expenses and travel hiccups we sadly decided to wait until 2018. In January I realized I couldn't do that. I needed (yes, needed) to visit as close to my favorite place on Earth's actual anniversary as possible, while knowing I am not well off, an annual pass holder nor Southerner with closer/cheaper travel connections. Spur of the moment I asked my good friend Laura and we booked a coach trip to Disneyland Paris for the first days of May.
I'll talk more about that later (19 hours on a coach is an interesting experience) but what I am trying to say is I worked so hard to get myself there so I could experience the amazing celebrations, including Disney Stars on Parade!
I avoided as much as I could online so didn't know what to expect at all - well minus the Dragon - and I'm so incredibly glad I did it that way because... was seriously, surprisingly, one of the most emotional experiences I've ever had at DLP. I properly sobbed my heart out from the moment I laid eyes on the first float to well after it was all over. That's one reason my photos are so awful and so few - I could barely see for tears! It did mean that people around me were whispering to each other, one saying ''I think she's hurt herself!'' ahahah but it also meant I got some fab interaction from the characters.
I wish, wish, wish someone had been there to catch it on camera because after that 2nd photo with Aladdin and Genie in, the one and only Mary Poppins ran over to me and pulled me into the biggest hug ever telling me to 'Have a Jolly Holiday'. Ahhh, I almost fainted and obviously sobbed harder, bringing Pinocchio over who blew me a kiss.
I've only included half of the photos here, as despite not taking as many as I'd have liked to, I still took quite a few haha. I hope you enjoy my view of things and can't wait to show you the rest in a couple of weeks time, along with my full opinions.

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  1. Oh it looks amazing! We need to make some time to really watch the parade next year. I can see you know, sobbing away! I'll pack plenty of tissues for our trip haha! The colours in this parade are so bright and cheerful.

    1. I think you'll really enjoy it too! Especially the Dragon. Like, I was expecting that part but I still went, 'Wow!!!' out loud. So good!
      We'll have to make a rough schedule and slot this in for one day.


  2. Awww Danielle, I love that Mary Poppins and Pinocchio came over to you to interact and make you smile. I just love that the actors always pull out all of the stops to make everyone feel so at home there, and I while I imagine it was sad to say goodbye to the old parade, but these photos are, as always, stunning - despite you writing you didn't think these were very good - I think they're ace and you manage to pick out the best parts each time. - Tasha

    1. Way more happened too but that's for part 2. I felt so special haha. They obviously thought there was something properly wrong with me...I swear I was crying that much. lol Full on ugly crying!!
      Ah thank you. Fingers crossed next time I see it, you'll be there too.



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